An Open Letter To The POTUS

To: The President of the United States of America — Donald J. Trump.

Dear Mr. President,

The following is my personal contribution to making America TRULY GREAT:

We know that numerous criminal indictments (including high treason, human trafficking, pedophilia, murder and the theft of trillions) done at the very highest levels of our government sewer – swamp in Washington DC are right now being kept sealed and will be opened in a timely manner. When they are . . . genuine justice must be done and must be made 100% transparent to the American people.

Genuine justice, as you already know and are well aware, is not simply “punishment.” It must contain the element of . . . mercy . . . in order to be true justice.

You are a follower of our way-shower, Jesus Christ, that’s why I am sharing this with you.

When America is truly “Great” it will demonstrate to the rest of the world, not anger and revenge . . . but the uplifting blessing (not expected by those who mistakenly think everyone else is totally self-seeking just like them.)

That uplifting and unexpected blessing is . . . mercy. By this I do not mean ignore their heinous and inhuman crimes. I mean . . . do not torture them, continually debrief them, execute them, abuse them, mind-control them or try to “reeducate” them (leave their reeducation entirely up to them.) Here are my suggestions:

1. All those proven guilty of those heinous crimes must be totally isolated from general society permanently . . . for life. They are far too dangerous to ever be allowed to influence society again in any way whatsoever. They have totally betrayed all public trust.

2. Build a huge and uncrowded facility to house them. Let that facility have some of the elements of the finest of resorts. (Make Guantanamo only temporary.) Have this new facility boldly displayed to all.

3. Offer books, courses, the hobbies and/or crafts which they choose, complete computer access but with NO outgoing communication, only for their own research and learning and NO incoming magazines or TV whatsoever.

4. The finest exercise possibilities, food, indoor and outdoor recreation.

5. The best and most state-of-the-art medical and hospital services available.

And . . .

6. Put up a HUGE SIGN on display to all the world – right outside this facility – and advertise it WORLD WIDE . . . which says:


Thank you . . . for hearing me out dear President Trump – Robert Roy Smith

Another Point of View

March 12, 2018

Our precious country — America — is now barely recognizable as the nation which was founded upon appreciation for the liberty, sovereignty and basic God-given human rights of every human being.  We once had a truly inspired Divine constitution which declared that all human beings were born with the absolute individual right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Now . . . these high-minded natural principles are publicly nearly totally replaced with mass mind-control, continual lies and manipulative propaganda designed to further the agenda of insane but very wealthy psychotics whose only vision is of themselves dictating total control of all other beings, including their very right to draw breath and what they are compelled and allowed . . . to think.  These misguided bullies, thieves, extortioners, blackmailers and criminals think of themselves as . . . “well-born.”

There is an ongoing virulent disease and what I just wrote above are the symptoms.

The disease is called . . . EMPIRE.  It has a long, long history but it will suffice to remember the Roman Empire and its burning lust for World Hegemony.  Sound familiar?

Yes . . . that particular expression of EMPIRE (reportedly) came to an infamous end.

Or did it?

Do not forget Rome’s favorite child . . . the BRITISH empire with its Colony (the United States of America (INC) to obediently carry forward this disgusting barbaric and murderous tradition of human slaughter and enslavement in the name of “freedom” right along with that over-used (but effective) propaganda buzz word . . . “democracy.”  This miraculous sales technique has been very effective on behalf of tyranny . . . up until now.

It is over.

People who exercise their own critical thinking have known it for a long time.  Those who do not think for themselves still allow themselves to be duped by voices who with only a little personal investigation can be revealed as total liars supporting an evil hidden agenda.

It is now well proven that the people of the United States and all those burdened down by the totally corrupt financial system centered in The City of London are waking up to the fraud that has long been perpetrated upon them . . . and saying . . . NO!

Meanwhile, unannounced in the lying MSM, a new and vastly more advanced and more human financial system is ALREADY happening in the world and (almost unknown to the fake-news absorbing American people) now blossoms among the majority of the sovereign nations upon planet earth.  The British Empire and their obedient clones are the ONE exception.  But . . . not for long.

When the people of the United States finally begin to realize what is really happening in China and begin to learn about the history of China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” (now well underway) they will begin to understand why the vast majority of the sovereign nations are engaged and rapidly and whole-heartedly moving ahead enthusiastically with it.

Why is this?

For this reason:  It represents an entirely different way of thinking than the way of Empire.  Instead of a UNI-polar world where one culture (one set of values) predominates over all others, it envisions a MULTI-polar world where EVERY nation is considered to be sovereign and has the same human rights as ALL others.

hmmmm . . . think for just a moment.  Is this not very close to what the founding fathers of America truly envisioned?

In fact . . . where do you think Chinese President Xi Jingping and the those who originally developed this idea got it in the first place?  The Chinese people have always greatly appreciated America and the vision of our founding fathers.  Over the many centuries they have done nothing but contribute greatly to the development of this land.

Plus the fact (which very few in America have known) that Xi Jingping is a practicing student of Confucius.  There are many books and articles written about how the philosophy of Confucius dove-tails in many important aspects with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The American people have been stuffed with propaganda about how Xi Jinping is just like Mao in that he only wants to be a world dictator.  This, as anybody who knows what is really happening in China already knows, is an abominable lie.

So . . . for the sake of offering an opportunity for anyone who so desires to actually find out some important things about China’s President Xi Jingping.  I offer the following article:


There is another falsely maligned world leader who is constantly under assault by the lying propaganda of the MSM on behalf of WORLD EMPIRE.

Perhaps it would help anyone to further see a glimpse of the full BIG PICTURE to find out some details about who these oft maligned individuals really are . . . and that may better help anyone who is interested to start thinking for themselves and putting pieces of this lunatic world strategic puzzle, with all its engineered distorted elements, into a more real and valid perspective.


Balance Lightly

…nothing is as it seems…

Turmoil is upon us.  Never in all of history has such a synthesis of basic ideas and principles occurred.  Never has the very nature of what we have long called  “reality” been so vividly and starkly brought into question.  The very function of our minds cannot even begin to comprehend the vast shift in human perspective which is now rapidly unfolding before us and absorbing us into a higher and less dense set of oscillations.  

Here are a few perspectives on how Cosmic energy is effecting us:  CLICK HERE

And this transformation metamorphosis  is accelerating in these days.

On the one hand we  feel helpless and are terrified — but on the other — we sense an emerging truth which is unfolding from within and it is  undeniable and irrefutable.  

Our belief systems are being called into question and they have by necessity come under our own scrutiny because our long held “beliefs” no longer match up to our practical life experiences.

It is very difficult when we finally realize that for our entire life we have been lied to and deceived on a daily basis by authority figures mindlessly parroting their own programming — and that includes our own dear parents as well as the most trusted members of society — and we finally discover that all along we have actually been nothing more than a fully controlled slave who has been purposefully choreographed and mentally programmed by highly advanced but secret covert mind-control techniques which have been carried out by “scientific” social engineers to do the bidding of the murderous psychopathic criminals and despots (called “leaders”) who hire them and view themselves as “superior” human beings and view you and I as inferior and disposable subhuman garbage.


Much the same as the Negros, Indians and all Indigenous cultures all across the globe.  Sometimes it appears that we  were born onto a prison planet — with tyrannical wardens. 

But . . . we are NOT victims despite all outward appearances.


Because way back at the very beginning of our sojourn upon this very strange dualistic 3D world . . . we  chose and volunteered to incarnate here living many many short lives. 

It is an investigation — an inquiry on behalf of all other life-forms.  It is a practical mission  which is to discover from direct experience what is necessary to gather pertinent information about how to remember — even amidst the thick veil of forgetfulness (amnesia) who and what we truly are and why we are here.  

Every tiny bit of our experiences here and what is learned from them is instantly and forever recorded into the Grand Akashic Records of this world.  What we learn from this investigation will be fully accessible to the beings yet to come and an important further unfolding to those beings who already are .  This wisdom (whether of not we understand all of it) will help to smooth their path toward higher and higher consciousness.  In these days this will become the foundation and basis for an entirely  new Galactic Civilization.

We are destined to become Space-Faring explorers, healers, benefactors and uplifters of countless Life-Forms.  This aligns with the Eternal Purpose of Almighty God, the Source and Creator of all-that-is.  That alignment of purpose is unspeakable joy, happiness, fulfillment, unfolding and expansion of consciousness.

Such is the purpose of this simulated drama of “good guys” and “bad guys” for they are . . . each of us.

This mission has been an overwhelming success.   It is now terminated because the time alotted for this experiment (many millenia) has now expired.  It is onward to an entirely NEW paradigm.  Get ready.

The old paradigm is over.

The accelerating transition into full consciousness now begins.  We become Galactic Humans.

We will now be carefully escorted back into full consciousness by our long forgotten Galactic relatives and friends whose multidimensional living vehicles now increasingly fill our skies.

All of the forgotten  information has always been within us — and it is about to be fully unveiled and remembered.

To summarize what has been learned from this experiment:  We will seek the truth with all our heart, mind, body, spirit and soul—-and will not settle for anything less.

We should always remember that although we were born into abject slavery on this apparent prison planet — we all willingly volunteered for this very difficult task.

The Tyrants and Despots who act as Slave-Masters have also forgotten who and what they are and why they are here.  They have allowed themselves to become deluded into an erroneous belief system which teaches them that the powerful energies which sustain their own life must be taken from other life-forms. 

For this predatory feeding they are addicted to more and more power and control over the bodies, minds and souls of all others up to and including ritualistic human sacrifices to imaginary “superhuman gods.”

War and other forms of genocide are the methods commonly used.   With sadistic frenzy, they feast off vast human suffering, destruction and impoverishment.

These ones know nothing about the Source Field of infinite energy and intelligence which fully sustains all that is and does so continually and abundantly for all life.   Their anxiety and constant furious struggles to survive off the energy fields of other beings demonstrates their deep ignorance.  And . . . this clearly shows us the final suffering outcome to ourselves if we do not overcome these very tendencies within ourselves which are present to some degree in all of us.

The delusion of this criminal perversion is to assume all reality to be nothing but a continual struggle and desperate fight for survival — winner takes all.   They believe that reality is a dog eat dog Universe and only the strongest and most ruthless win their falsely assumed  Universal Competition to survive by clawing their way to the “top of the heap.”  In other words,  no idea about how and why the Universe operates nor who and what they themselves really are.  

Although such beings are stubborn, adamant and set in their criminal ways, they too will be given the merciful opportunity to rethink and reconsider their destructive, rigid and dogmatic beliefs of scarcity, force and violence, control and survival through trickery and predation.  

After all . . . this kind of complete delusion is nothing but meaningless and useless violent activity in a Universe of infinite energy and intelligence where unmitigated abundance is the modus operandi.

Many have well played the role of villain in this great melodrama — but now they have no choice but to stand down permanently. 

The destined unfolding of evolution demands it — so that the process of our transformation and ascension into full consciousness can smoothly proceed.

So . . .what is really going on? (June 2017)

Read and discover for yourself what many of us realize is very positive information.

With real wisdom . . . a few in the process of emerging out of the massive mind-control being foisted upon the public will do a little research and at last inform themselves about what our MM refuses to tell us.  HERE


And . . . as you read more and discover more . . . you will begin to understand why . . .

path to galaxy


War Versus Peace And the BIG LIE

:chococat_h4h:  In a pitch black room . . . the ignorant sit . . . lovers of war . . . lovers of killing . . . fearing their propagandized and projected manufactured “enemy” . . . when the real enemy is only the invented fictional nightmares within their own monkey-minds. 

This is impossible for them to see . . . and their response?  KILL, KILL, KILL, TORTURE, TORTURE, TORTURE, DESTROY, DESTROY, DESTROY.  They try to justify themselves by saying . . .”this is the way nature operates, get real!”  And the trillion dollar ARMAMENT MONEY MAKING MACHINE —  which has NO respect whatsoever for any human being’ life (nor ANY being for that matter) — the CEO bosses roll in their dough like Scrooge McDuck.  And they dare refer to this as “Necessary Defense” — as they count their cash.

And the Banksters revel in their own secret trickery.

EVERYTHING is SECRECY — “for the National Security, of course.”

LIES . . . they simply FEAR the masses finding out what is REALLY HAPPENING.

Their whore-media minions — well-trained by the almost unknown  Eddie Bernays and his believers in forced programmed consummerism (for their own “good” of course) — act as lying  ass-kissing stooges of tyranny.  And . . . their passive, hypnotized, TV guzzling  status-quo disciples of all the FEAR-PRODUCING LIES, stumble about like glassy-eyed zombies drunk with blood.  And they willingly encourage and send their sons and daughters into the grinding machine to become rotten hamburger for spiritually empty mind-less-ness.

Let them blow their trumpets, flash their phony “medals” and celebrate the DEATH OF ALL TRUTH because they willingly BOUGHT an incredible LIE which was FED TO THEM by sheer DESPOTISM . . . and . . . the LUST FOR POWER, POWER, POWER OVER OTHER BEINGS. :taz::bangin::bash:


These horrible MISTAKES DONE IN TOTAL IGNORANCE ARE NOW FULLY EXPOSED . . . and MANY are SEEING FOR THE FIRST TIME . . . THIS IS THE END OF TYRANNY . . . WHY??  Because an all consuming LIGHT has appeared and is rapidly GROWING IN INTENSITY — although all have not yet seen it . . .  yet . . . this light is DAZZLING AND OVERPOWERING . . . and EVERY LAST CORNER of that totally darkened room is laid bare.  TRUTH is shouted from the ROOF-TOPS, HEARTS BECOME SOFTENED and MINDS BECOME CLEAR OF FEAR, DOUBT and CONFUSION.  This is FAR beyond the power of ANY man or group of men to stop.

Many of those ignorant ones have tried . . . and some are still trying . . . but IN VAIN.


Peace be upon the earth . . . and . . . among all beings!