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The World Showdown Is Now Upon Us Bigtime

Get ready.  First you need to know and understand exactly what is happening and why.  The following video gives the clearest and most precise information to date.

I have been deeply involved in investigating this issue ever since the huge False-Flag operation of 911.

One point I wish to emphasize strongly before you watch this video — There Will Be NO Global Nuclear Holocaust, even though the criminals would (if they could) destroy all of mankind rather than answer for their years upon years of despotic criminality and lying fraud.  They well know that their arrests are now imminent.  Even the gentlemen presenting this important newscast know about the historical facts presented in the link above, but the general public, who has not looked into this issue, is completely unaware of it — and our criminal government still does not admit the existence of the presence of extraterrestrial intelligences.  That too is about to change.

So, LarouchPAC is not about to bring up that controversial issue at this critical point.  Instead, they are and have been offering creative and constructive ideas to accelerate and help solidify the vision for the rapidly emerging New Paradigm using current mainstream scientific knowledge.


Experience The Stargate

About Stargates


Small Stargate

The Stargate is an inter-dimensional doorway, entrusted to and created by Prageet in 1989. It is a conscious geometric form containing several layers of sacred geometry, which creates a strong, multi-dimensional energy field. This benevolent energy field works in a very unique way. Each individual in the Stargate’s presence is recognized and assisted in the most appropriate way for them in the moment.
This can include healing and balance for the physical body; clarity of understanding and major insight for the mental body; and deep relaxation and stress removal for the feeling (emotional) body. Personal karma can be removed, psychic and healing abilities can be activated, and past life recall can be triggered.

Many people experience their guides in a very tangible way, often for the first time, feeling, hearing or seeing them.  What is amazing for most participants is that these changes can occur simply by being in the Stargate’s energy field. There is nothing to ‘do’.

All these changes come about during guided meditations by the raising of the individual’s vibrational frequency. Dormant parts of the multi-dimensional DNA strands are stimulated into awakening, resulting in greater awareness and a growing spiritual presence within the self.

Very often various higher-dimensional beings are invited to bring their presence into the room. The Angelic Realms, Nature Spirits, Star Families such as the Pleiadians, Arcturians and Hathors, Gaia, Ascended Masters, the Divine Feminine, and the Galactic Command are some of those that join us.

These beings are felt in a very tangible way, seen by those whose inner vision is open, but felt by all. As we are touched by the energy of these visitors, our vibration starts to resonate with theirs and incredible awakenings are possible.stargate02_HR

These visitors have a very specific purpose. As our energy field begins to resonate with theirs, aspects of our DNA, which carry massive amounts of information and memories, as well as skills and abilities, held in a dormant state, are coaxed into awakening.  This creates the possibility of changes without effort that are in alignment with your higher self and your life purpose.

Many years of experience, hundreds of workshops and thousands of participants have demonstrated that change happens simply and easily, with intention rather than effort.

Physical healing does not have to take time, it can happen in moments. Old lifestyles can be replaced with ones of joy and higher purpose. Limiting relationships can be reinvigorated or drop away with ease, in honor and respect for the others contribution to your learning. The Stargate is designed to support people in accelerating beyond the slow pace of 3rd dimensional movement, to quickly rise into a higher octave of their own beingness.

Prageet and Alcazar, the Creator and Guardian of the Stargate Project

Prageet Harris

Prageet first started channeling in 1987 while living on Maui, Hawaii. After several years he realized that his guide, Alcazar was, in fact, a higher aspect of himself. Since that time Alcazar and Prageet have merged, creating a powerful team working with the Consciousness of the Stargate Structures.

Prageet and Alcazar bring energies of purification, upliftment, and activation through meditations with the Stargate, in service to humanity’s awakening. With soft background music, participants are invited to relax and experience subtle yet powerfully tangible energies that flow from the Stargate into the environment around it. These frequencies elevate the awareness of those in the energetic field and the ‘magic’ starts to happen.

For over twenty years Prageet has traveled throughout Europe, the United States, and Canada guiding workshops and giving private sessions. Part of his work with the Stargate also includes working with Gaia, activating and adjusting the Earth grid system in various locations around the planet.

Source of the Above

This is simply a guided group meditation which uses the powerful and highly inspired sacred geometry as a fulcrum on the physical plane.  It is a kind of spiritual training to focus and amplify  the participant’s most innermost intention and aspiration.  

It allows the participant an opportunity to just let go of their hindering baggage and quicken their vibrations by allowing the focused configured energies to powerfully oscillate their own personal energy field down to the DNA level.  Each person will have to decide its validity, and that will depend on many subjective factors.


Khusugtun Batzorig Chinggis khaan — Mongolian Throat Singing

Important Message From Sheldon Nidle: 2/17/2015

Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy

Our liaisons have given the cabal a number of special ultimatums. You are to witness how these scenarios are carried out, and how the dark is to finally fail.

from PAO ~ Planetary Activation Organization

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John Smallman — A Message From Jesus



by John Smallman ~ February 14, 2015

There are none among you who do not want peace.

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Unpacking Recent Economic Moves — Gold, Cashless Currencies, Brics And More

For more information and further discussion, go to the SOURCE.

I present here the sane alternative to war, poverty and tyranny.  It is already well into development.  The fact is, for centuries the entire Transatlantic Financial System, which is centered in The City of London and Wall Street has been nothing but a huge metastacising Organized Criminal Cartel.  

It has now been fully exposed and those involved will have to face the consequences of their many deceptions, swindles, robberies, murders and tragedies and there must be  imminent mass arrests which will bring them to true justice before the people whom they have assaulted.  

This criminal take-down is for the highest good of all mankind who has been yoked, tormented and fully enslaved by the sick and perverted agendas of these thugs who have been under the employ of merciless tyranny — some willingly and some by means of threat, terror and blackmail.

The time has now come for Financial Tyranny to end forever.

The Answer Is Already Here

The Universe Calls for the Readjustment of Our Intention

Flowering Life

Let us now become the loving caregivers of our Mother Earth and all her children.

This is to acknowlege our life’s purpose, happiness and fulfillment. This Core purpose and delight, which can be found even at the quantum and sub-quantum levels of space and time, is of an energetic quality and organic complicity which cannot be duplicated. It is the very thrust and purpose of the Universe. 

To align our highly limited bio-forms with this fundamental activation is not only joy beyond words but opens ones gills to the super-oxygenated flow of Living Water.

For the human bioforms who are presently here on this matrix of coordinates, this refocus of intention and motivation represents an entirely new way of thinking completely outside the present traditional social consensus reality.  And, what is even more astounding, such a refocus of our basic intention brings about an interface which is an entirely new way of preceiving and it is both non-local and simultaneous.

As it turns out, telepathy is not nearly as strange as we always assumed it to be — or it may be much stranger than we ever imagined.  It depends entirely upon our perspective.

We are completely interconnected beings who are suddenly and unexpectedly awakening to that fact. This represents nothing less than the shattering of our entire old world view.

And, of course, it even makes perfect logical sense to hold the highest respect for the entire Web of Life (and its process)  and to do whatever one can do to encourage and bless it.

And when these matters are seriously contemplated, ones very inner biological  processes present the inquirer with one huge affirmation after another.

It has now become obvious.

Human beings living on planet earth have now reached a point in their development which requires a totally different environment for their continued survival, happiness and progress.

Totalitarian Control cannot produce any such thing.

False science and dogmatic religions cannot do it either.  Both have proven themselves to be totally impotent and counterproductive.  They have actively contributed to our civilizations self-destructive behaviors.

A refocusing of ones most basic intention is now called for — and nothing less than this will do.

We are very fortunate in that some  have already known for a long time that, not only are we not alone in the Universe, but have been in regular contact with extraterrestrial intelligence of many varieties from our very conception and all the way on through our known and unknown histories.

The time has now come for this to become well known to us.

The ETs themselves have been carrying forth a disclosure movement now for many decades. Human beings discovered at the peak of their dark ignorance (and their suicidal reductionistic thinking) how to forcibly obliterate an atom in order to release vast amounts of destructive energy for the stated  immoral intention of murdering their fellow human beings.  

They did so to empower a few very wealthy raving psychotic bullies who were on their way to exercise political manipulation and totalitarian power over the lives of their fellow  human beings which, in their arrogance, they considered to be “subhuman” — while at the same time committing violent exploitation and brutal rape against our Mother Earth through the mindless Corporate clenched fist of I, Me, Mine self-gratification and the gradual systemic poisoning of all life on our Mother Earth.

It’s easy to point the finger of blame, but the fact still remains — in our dulled and hypnotized state of sleep we fully allowed this situation to perpetuate itself — but the natural fruit of its outcome was really obvious from the very beginning.  There was little attention paid to those who tried to sound the warning.

It is now becoming very clear to many that this mode of behavior will end forever — one way or the other.

The Government perspective on the UFO/ETI issue is now becoming known.  It has become obvious that the extraterrestrial beings do not look upon our government authority figures any differently than they look upon any other human being.

The off world beings are able to see the genuine intent of any individual human heart.  There are no more secrets. This is a nightmare of terror to those with something to hide.

And,  there are those who fear revenge after having led childishly selfish lifestyles which have been far less than genuine before the people — who they had sworn to serve, but instead deceived.

These criminals need to be behind bars because they are far too dangerous to be allowed to continue their destruction of the planet and their wanton murder of  life through their ignorance and utter stupidity.

This situation is now about to end forever.

It is happening right now.  Fear not — it is the end of tyranny.

The ETs now interacting with earthlings are present among us to gradually educate us and prepare us for new concepts which must be incrementally accessed in order for us to have any understanding of them. This is all about preparing us as we become Galactic Citizens who are more fully cognizant of our responsibilities and our innermost purpose for participating in this specific incarnation.

Since the new concepts are often so far outside the rapidly evolving social consensus realities — they have been presented to us through various media as fictions and speculations as well as controversial stories.

Thus, there now exists on planet earth a human culture where over half of the population believes fully in the possibility of advanced intelligent extraterrestrial visitors contacting and interacting with earthlings. And this is not only because of what earth societies have been told, or gleaned from ancient myths or popularize thought memes, but also from thousands of years of direct interfacing experiences between earth humans and extraterrestrial biominds who exist on many different levels.

The extraterrestrial visitors are not only extraterrestrial, but are trans-dimensional as well.

Right at this moment, we are on the cusp of the greatest event in human history.  It is the Apocalypse, the Revelation — and central to it is the understanding that the peoples of our world have already been interacting with off-world entities for millenia.

Why are people of other worlds interested in earthlings becoming Galactic Citizens and this planet becoming a fledgling space-faring civilization?

As interconnected links in the vast web of life we are you… and you are us. You assign evolution to linear time because you have not yet learned that time does not exist in the limited way you have assumed.

Energy Fluctuations And Mood Swings On Planet Earth

10359322 10205801278093399 8082407756056444997 n

We, the Sirian-Pleiadian Councils of Light, observe that many of you are emotionally unstable at this time, and we seek to assist and enlighten you through our communication. We wish to inform you that the energy fluctuations on your planet right now are a result not only of solar flares and polar shift – they are caused also by the CLEANSING PROCESS Gaia is going through on both a physical and energetic level. On a physical level, your Earth planet ripples her skin from time to time in order to shift the tectonic plates and realign the inner magnetic grids. On an energetic level, the Light workers on Gaia have been clearing ley lines, reigniting sacred sites and reconnecting the Crystal & Light grids of Gaia for many years now. And the dual effect of these physical and energetic shifts on the planet is that the remnants of ancient Atlantean sound experiments, a type of ETHERIC POLLUTION, is sometimes released into your fourth dimension. This is then available to your collective consciousness and can trigger even the most dedicated Light worker into emotions of insecurity, anger or fear.

Let us explain. At the time of the collapse of Atlantis intense sound experiments by the dark forces caused energy smog in the lower atmosphere of the planet, which compromised the people’s ability to connect with Source and their Higher Selves. This was achieved through the seeding of negative thought forms into the ethers; thought forms based on separation consciousness; thought forms based on FEAR. Fear-based thoughts will always result in a form of paranoia; a need to protect oneself against others; a false belief that others will harm you if you do not take measures to protect yourself. This manifests in competition and ego-based defensive behaviour, which is destructive to both individual beings and the society as a whole. It is not possible for a civilisation based on competition and defensive behaviour to thrive in the long-term. The destruction of Atlantis was not only because of Earth shifts which drowned the physical cities and civilisation – it began when the larger population lost their connection with Source, with the Light, through a shift into fear which was manipulated.

Now, your civilisation is faced with an unprecedented opportunity to reverse history, moving en-masse from a fear-based society into one of Love and Unity. A renaissance of Love-based consciousness is being birthed. But you must understand the energetic obstacles to this renaissance that you are dealing with right now. On the one hand you have the group we call the ‘manipulators’ on your planet who seek to trigger you into fear or dis-empowerment through the manipulation of the media and social institutions. This is old news, and we need not elaborate – those of you who are reading this communication are aware that all it takes to achieve autonomy in your society is for you to think for yourselves and choose your own reality and truth.

1688720 843525209022847 3168004602058339221 n

Our message here is that there is a secondary factor at play, which is that your emotional instability is sometimes triggered by the involuntary release of negative thought forms into your collective unconscious, as your planet expels all that is not of the Light from her body. This can be likened to a ‘healing crisis’ where things get worse before they get better. The good news is that it is temporary – it is a glitch that will be over soon – but for right now you must learn to deal with the instability and take responsibility for your own well-being. The first step is to look after yourselves on a physical level, for this is an important and often over-looked part of the equation.

When your physical energy is low, compromised by addictions, too much time on the internet, not enough time in nature, exercise and rest, or the wrong foods, your auric shields become weak and you are susceptible to intrusions in your energy fields of negative thought forms and emotions which are not yours. We repeat: the negative thoughts and emotions which cloud your consciousness are sometimes NOT YOUR OWN. Just as human consciousness was once compromised by the dark Atlantean experiments, so are your people once again vulnerable to those fear-based thoughts forms. The difference is that this time it is not part of an evil plan to contaminate and compromise you; it is a side-effect of the healing process that Gaia is undergoing. And this time, you are aware enough to TUNE IN and assess whether a feeling or thought form belongs to you or not.

Let us assist in this process, dear ones. When your mood dips and you feel possessed by negative thoughts, stop what you are doing, close your eyes and tune in. Ask your Higher Self: ‘Are these thoughts mine? Do they serve me and my highest purpose?’ It may be that the answer is ‘Yes’ because you are processing a situation which needs to come to clarity – in which case your Higher Self will assist you in bringing Light and heart into your thought processes so that you may come to peace without your ego-mind poisoning your consciousness.

10245474 688185544553530 3381054396785337319 n

However, if the answer is ‘NO’, then you are advised to go through the following process. Say out loud ‘I transmute all fear-based thoughts into LIGHT’. Visualise these thought forms flying out of your brain, your chakras and your aura and becoming flashes of LIGHT which explode like stars or fireworks in the ethers.

Now affirm ‘I am LIGHT and LOVE embodied.’
‘I serve the Light by embodying loving kindness.’
‘I choose to love myself unconditionally so that I become an instrument of Light.’

It matters not whether you use our words or speak your own words, from your heart. It matters only that your intention is clear and that you catch yourself before a negative spiral is initiated which progressively takes you down the rabbit hole into the darkness of despair. You are not victims – you are able to control your emotional fields through your crystal clear intentions to live joy-ful, heart-ful lives. You can always self-correct! In fact if you do not learn to self-correct and stabilize your emotions, you are missing the most important part of your evolution, which is to become masters of your emotions.

Know that we are with you throughout this time of instability. The many Star Beings, Ascended Masters and Angelic Light Beings who observe and assist through your transition are available to you 24 hours a day. Call to us for assistance when your energies are compromised and you feel despondent. Know that this is a TEMPORARY situation of instability and that your work to keep yourselves emotionally balanced is of the utmost importance.

When enough of you are awake, aware and able to stabilize your emotions, a quantum shift is initiated which shifts all of you past the influence of the 4th dimension into energetic integrity. Rather than waiting for the shift to HAPPEN TO YOU, practice being in this state of joy and integrity every minute of the day. Look after yourselves as if you were your own beloved children, and monitor your emotional state meticulously. Learn to readjust your moods before they descend into darkness – to catch a shift away from the Light in your mood quickly, before the damage is done. You are in control of your own thoughts and emotions, dear ones. When you allow yourselves to be triggered into negativity, over and over again, you become victims and are unable to serve yourselves, your human tribe or Gaia. Each one of you who succeeds in staying positive and embodying this way of being for others to emulate shifts your world into the Light.

And so it is. Namaste.

Love love love
Solara An-Ra, Magic Weaver for Gaia

Strong Proof: 911 Was A Nuclear Attack



Friends, here is the central issue of our times and it must now be directly addressed by all Americans, like it or not.  Have courage.

It is now (at last) becoming clearer and clearer to the public awareness of Americans that 911 was not in any way what we were told over and over again by our traitorous lying government.  911 was an inside job and at least 3 other governments were directly involved.  We know now exactly who.

The facts are all in.  The proof of what happened and exactly who was involved is presented in the articles below.

The time has come, and is long past due, for genuine Justice to be carried out in this very important and devastating matter. Thousands upon thousands of people have been murdered, our basic human rights have been almost completely subverted, our country has experienced extreme moral degeneration in every way.  Torture of other human beings has not only been tolerated but officially promoted and the great human spiritual vision for liberty and freedom of the founders of our Republic has been slowly and methodically relegated to the sewer of human degradation and depravity by those who dare call themselves “leaders of the people.”  Nothing could be further from the Truth.

An entirely new epoch is now dawning.  I and others have long been sharing this, each from their own perspective.  This kind of post on this particular blog is a rarity but the time has now come for me to break that precedent.  

This issue has been the very manipulating force for our entire civilization for the past 14 years and many many years building up to it.  It is not a democrat and Republican issue and never has been.  It is much more basic that that.  It represents two entirely different views of what human beings are.  

The tyranny that produced this abomination comes from the false perspective that human beings are nothing but brute animals, mind-less cattle who need to be herded, controlled and micro-managed at every moment.  This is a lie which does not recognize that human beings have a quality which no other known species has.  

That quality in one word is . . . creativity.  

This natural quality has been long systematically suppressed by social engineers employed by Tyranny.  Human beings can co-create a powerful positive, win-win vision where all are uplifted and continually improved — and then fully materialize it.

And that is exactly what we will now do.  

We will all be motivated by a fresh vision and together we will create and build a world of peace and goodwill toward men — the fulfillment of all spiritual prophecy — and we will  join with our cosmic neighbors to build a Galactic Civilization upon our beautiful world.  

Galactic Civilization 101    Galactic Civilzation:  Let Us Begin (Parts 1,2,3 and 4)

The first step is for us to reestablish the genuine Natural Law upon our beautiful planet and begin to resonate in tune with the natural order of the Great Creation.  

This is the Divine purpose of every human being, the Cosmic Intention of our fundamental Source Field, Almighty God’s will and the very basis of all truly spiritual teaching found in all ages upon our world.

Here below are a few very pertinent links about what is really going on with the revealing of the truth of our situation.

Many of you who are reading this know very well that you are continually being lied to by your Prestitute Main-Stream Media.  It is fully owned and operated by the Tyrannical Organized Criminal Cabal which has for some time now completely hijacked our beloved country, America.  

Yes, both political parties.  

We no longer have a Republic nor a Democracy but an Oligarchy of hideous right, left, right, left Corporate Fascists ever expanding their brutal police state.

What must we do?

Educate yourself, consider, use discernment, contemplate and do your own research as others who actually care about knowing the truth have already done.

911,  and its aftermath of endless wars of aggression, assault upon God-given human rights, lies, torture and death was by far the most abominable mass organized and systematic criminal operation to have ever taken place on our planet.

Now, evidence has emerged (and is continuing to emerge) which proves beyond any reasonable doubt that 911 was a carefully planned and executed nuclear attack upon America — and upon all human decency — carried out by several governments including our own.  

The “official” story propagandized so loudly and strongly by our government (over and over again) was a complete lie designed to cover-up this horror by using Osama bin Laden — a proven CIA operative who was made into the patsy.  

This gave the propagandized public a “villian” to focus their revenge on and a phony reason to sell the public on supporting war after war after war of looting, assaults upon civilians and aggression.  

Unfortunately, it worked.  But — in spite of this — the American people are now waking up.  

Denial about the truth of 911 is no longer possible.  So – show some guts,  stand up and be counted  and do NOT allow yourself to be swindled and duped by despots and liars any longer.



















Important Light Work

Light -- Love -- and Power       Now Unfolds

Light — Love — and Power Now Unfolds

An Opportunity to Add to the Light of the World

by Patricia Cota-Robles

February 8, 2015 Read the rest of this entry

Sheldon Nidle Update of 2/03/2015

Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy

This is to be a time when you are to be exposed to freedom and a new and much fairer monetary system.

from PAO ~ Planetary Activation Organization

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Effects Of New Incoming Cosmic Energetics

Core Structural Changes

by Lisa Renee ~ Energic Synthesis


These new cosmic frequencies are forcing everything hidden to be revealed in so that core structural changes can be developed in order to survive or progress forward. The operating system of organizations and entities must change in value from a closed (exclusive) system to an open (inclusive) operating system, in order to evolve and survive ongoing in these new frequencies. We may be required now to build a new platform for our life, or make small or big changes to how we function in our day to day life.

The higher frequency you are working within that is inside any of these old organized structures will reflect the sudden onset of collapse, immediate chaotic changes or economic flatline. As an example, people that are working within jobs of creative, artistic or spiritual interest will have an immense pressure to change their attitudes, values and rules of engagement to reflect a matched higher vibration. The matched vibration is open and inclusive – not hidden or exclusive. The more dense control structures take more time to dismantle fully, and although not impervious to radical chaotic change, will be slower because of the bureaucratic red tape of the governmental and societal systems that are very slow to make progressive changes. These systems are collapsing, but are meeting a critical mass of its “collaborative collapse” as so many of the World Pillar control systems are interdependent and falsely propped up on each other. These are completely unsustainable systems built upon competition and divide and conquer.

During this period, when challenged by the 3D structure, practice states of engaged detachment to such scenarios as accusations, betrayals, legal and financial compliance issues, losing material objects, etc. The entire base foundation of one’s primary support structure is changing now. YOU may be pulled out of places or organizations that you were previously working, living or removed from people that you were collaborating with. Meditate and rest a lot, as dealing with these types of issues can be quite physically draining and stressful. Many of us must withdraw continually to our inner sanctum to gather inner strength and energy for the next round of changes.

10007015 385862391563410 8423490485292025939 n

The old control matrix and the hidden entities manipulating and using it are barking, biting and scratching in every way they can to gain some momentum. The control matrix is an intrinsic part of all of our banking/money, legal, educational, medical/drugs, compliance structures and job systems, so these areas have been slapping us silly with all they got. The closed control system model is deranged and broken. It has been revealing its mad psychosis to us more and more with every passing day. The desperation of these entities behind the control of these systems is desperate when it is realized that they cannot function in the same way anymore. As a result to this desperation, more mind controlled automatons appear with a standard boiler plate to wield more bi-polar attempts to force mass compliance to their generated fear and terrorist mechanism. Unfortunately, the unconscious masses are being mostly preyed upon to be the enforcer of these negative agendas, in fear of a paycheck or security for their families.

We are observing a necessary part of the integration process into the new frequency structures that change the governance directing consciousness energy. We have accelerated in a huge burst forward and it’s changed what level of the frequency structure we can connect into now. It generates temporary energetic schisms of huge discordance in the opposing polarities of the external field. Needless to say it creates a lot of chaos, confusion and disruption to gather the inner strength to transcend. Those on the ascending path should be getting used to this now. You may see undisciplined people acting out their nasty stuff on the stage, as well as human compassion and philanthropic beauty being displayed all in the same moment to moment. Sometimes, it will feel like a chafing of building abrasive energies that can feel unbearable as they integrate inside your personal vessel, as our auric field is designed to work its consciousness magic to harmonize the environment and help resolve conflicts between our being and others. Have you noticed another flux of people from the past, or family, co- workers and all those relationships from multiple identities seeking healing, resolution or guidance? As we are being accelerated forward, at the same time, unresolved conflicts from the past seem to also be pushing these scenarios into the surface for some mad rush for closure.

Most of us recognize this consciousness elevating process (initiation into new fields of frequency) as the “integration of polarities”. One cannot be a true knower without having had the direct experience of becoming it through the embodiment process. Every Mystery School emphasizes this as a critical initiation (state of consciousness elevation) to be able to transcend the illusion of form as being real. This has been especially emphasized with the Starseed, as many of us were not intrinsically 3D human, nor did we share the same Archontic value system of enslaved humanity. We had to learn how to become a 3D human in order to transcend that limitation in service to help the rest of humanity to ascend and find freedom. As most of us have experienced a high level of physical discomfort with the forces of resistance, counter-energies. NAA or a plethora of confused and adversarial forces placing obstacles in our spiritual mission pathway. Many times, the intensity between the polarization of opposing forces is the necessary catalyst to slingshot our way past levels of low density or decrepit energy structures to elevate us quickly to a new consciousness. That is exactly what is happening during this phase and you may be feeling it as such a core rattling experience that it is your molecules rearranging.

1538832 368995669905311 6639598429558568388 n

Beyond the body’s physical exhaustion and attempts to recover from the pushing and pulling of external energies around us, manifested events have elevated to new bi-polar energetic extremes. For those of us committed to be the vessel of these divine spiritual projects, we know that the backlash is inevitable as the equal/opposite merge of the new frequency appears. Its cellular memory unlocks many dimensional time doorways that were previously closed for the past, present and future, and it changes the current potential possibilities accessed. This is how we perform reconnaissance work and reclaim the consciousness memories, return the silicate matrix DNA of the Cosmic Christ consciousness to humanity and the earth.

This path is not for the weak hearted and clearly all of us have been confronted with extremely challenging issues stemming from the grasping desperation of the Imposter forces behind the 3D mind control programs. The level of unconscious reaction received as a backlash from the new frequency architecture anchoring, has been very difficult and very hard work. We are birthing a completely new open architecture and divine infinite calculus on the planet at this time, and its holds great promise for all of us.

Practicing Engaged Detachment:

Develop Self Awareness of Inner and Outer Dialogues through the Observer and Compassionate Witness. Refocusing mental perception from Negative Thoughts to its Positive Polarity through Unconditional Love and Forgiveness towards the self and others. Learning how to focus on positive thoughts to replace negative thoughts are the first stage of ego discipline, the second stage is applying neutrality or neutral association through sustained focus, as in inner stillness found during meditation. This is because many people in ego behavior misrepresent neutrality as disassociative reaction to external events or others feelings. Disassociation and neutrality is not the same state of consciousness. Disassociation is disconnected from circumstances and disconnected from spiritual consciousness. While neutrality is connected through self-awareness, through the observer point of the heart intelligence of compassionate witness. This process is called engaged detachment.

(Source: Open Architecture, April 2011)


The Return Of Light

Monday, January 12, 2015

The Return of Light

Regardless of all chaos, false flags and infighting between various Ligtwarriors and Lightworkers, it is time to put things into perspective. We are entering the breakthrough phase and the Light is returning to planet Earth.

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