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  1. Nestingwave,

    Thank you for posting this wonderful video. Thanks to the info provided by it and the links you included below the video, I can now contact CETI and Dr. Greer concerning how I may be able to aid in this “search” and/or contact for/with ET’s. I have my own experiences and validations for knowing they have not only been here throughout mankind’s history, but will continue to do so for a long time to come.

    My personal belief is such that Becoming an Ambassador to the Universe, should be every patriotic Earth Citizen’s duty. Yes, duty. Whether an individual believes in ET or not is moot. Having a sense of morals and ethics acceptable to species of all kinds, from all places, both terrestrial and non-terrestrial is the point. Without that, my fear is ET’s will be “Welcomed” to Earth like that of 1950’s “B” movies, by being shot first and asked questions later.

    It is that sort of “typical human response” that has me far more worried about the future of our planet than anything ET’s could do to us. IF ET’s were here to invade and take over, wouldn’t it be done already? Think about that…they have the technology to step through time and space into our solar system…don’t you think they could “take us” at any moment IF that was their intention??

    I welcome ET and embrace the opportunity to become involved in CETI’s projects at any level. I fear far less from ET than I do my own government or our military machine, and that, is shameful. I should be able to trust my governing body, however, given a choice of going with ET or asked to a Presidential banquette, I would feel safer with the ET’s. And no, that’s not my paranoia speaking, that’s looking at HISTORY and the actions of our governing body and making a logical, well thought out decision for my own safety!

    Blessings of Peace,
    Reverend Al

  2. Hello Reverend Al,

    Your enthusiastic comments are really great! Thank you. Greer’s work is wonderful. He is presently training people from ALL OVER THE WORLD to make the CE–5 contacts. It is really happening Al. And one does not need to go out with Dr. Greer on one of his expeditions to have it happen. Not at all. The protocols are simple, logical and easy to do. It is mainly approaching the contact with peaceful focused intention, meditation and a very strong inner desire for peace and the unfolding of the New Paradigm. This requires humilty and openness without fear nor demands.

    Bless you.

    With your inner intention you are ALREADY in telepathic contact with the cosmic TWO way broadcast.

    Some foks have told me that this New Paradigm is nothing but an imaginary “Utopia.” I tell them, “no not at all—-this is just Kindergarten.”


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