The Biggest Event in History

The Shift of the Ages

What would be the biggest event in history? 

The  second coming of  Christ?  

How about the  total collapse of the U.S. government? 

Or—-would the biggest event in history be mass landings all over the globe by benevolent Extraterrestrial Beings? 

How about the final end of war and poverty and a complete solution to the earth’s energy problems?

I hope many will soon come to understand, as some of us have,  that these  five aspects (and others) are fully related and totally interconnected.  In fact, they are all slightly different aspects of the very same thing—-a complete shift of our present reality—and, indeed,  all five of these events are right now unfolding before us while this unprecedented paradigm transformation is now accelerating.

To explain this is not easy.  Perhaps it is best to start here:


What has brought on this financial crisis and why? 

Frankly—-the evidence clearly shows that it has been purposefully contrived and manufactured by the wealthy thugs of organized crime—-professional thieves, counterfieters, murderers, slavers and war criminals.  It is a Global Crime Syndicate.

However, what the criminals did not count on were the people in this world who have respect for basic human rights and the rule of common law.  

And, all this bestial depravity is being carried out on behalf of only a handful of very powerful and wealthy oligarchs who—-at the top levels of power—-wish to exercise dictatorship and tyranny over our entire planet.

They have now lost this bid. 

Punishing the world by bringing down the entire financial system is part of a well documented totalitarian plan for a Fascist New World Order.  As they carry out this plan to enslave us, they steal trillions from the people of every nation.

This can only be called the work of an “Evil Cabal.”

There may be some who are still fast asleep thinking this is only a “conspiracy theory” however, evidence has now come in to prove otherwise and it is horrifying the whole world as it is gradually revealed.

Men’s hearts are failing them for fear of what is coming upon the earth.  That is because they do not see the entire picture and have not yet dreamed the ending. 

The entire U.S. government is presently on the verge of complete collapse.  

The preliminary audit of the Federal Reserve by the GAO is another piece of strong evidence.   The U.S. has now become a criminal state which is waging brutal  wars of aggression upon all mankind—-this too on behalf of a power that remains deeply hidden in the shadows—a secret government.  Our children are the cannon fodder for these adventures in militarism and despotism.  The most basic rules of common law, human rights and the U.S. Constitution have now been completely trashed.

Many are now asking themselves if we will only leave poverty, despair and total enslavement to our children?  Certainly many Americans are now feeling this way and many are very depressed—-almost to the point of giving up. 

All I can do is tell them to hang on because something positive has been taking place quietly behind the scenes—-something about which few people have been aware.   

For over thirty five years a very intense and thorough criminal investigation has been gradually proceeding.  Evidence has been accumulating. This investigation is being conducted by those whose hearts cries out for justice and peace and will not settle for anything less.  These allies of truth still exist in America, and not only here, but all around the world.

One of these lovers of human freedom was a man named Christopher Story who lived in the UK.  He patiently collected reams of evidence for over thirty five years which can be used in court. 

This completely exposes the world financial criminal cartel. 

Chris is no longer with us.  He was murdered last year.  However, his well documented work was immediately taken up by others, including Benjamin Fulford.

In addition there are many many genuine American patriots who love the truth and human freedom all over the world.  A covert co-ordinated effort among them has been underway for decades.

Yes—-there will be global peace on earth and goodwill toward men.  It will not be a Fascist New World Order of totalitarian control to enslave the bodies, minds and souls of humanity.  However—-there will be a genuine global consensus among nations and all the people on earth.

What will bring this about?

A full DISCLOSURE of the Extraterrestrial Presence, its real meaning and the vast implications to us.

The Powers–That–Be had greatly hoped to weaponize space and even had a plan–which was revealed by Werner von Braun–to HOAX  an “alien” invasion using the secret electrogravitic and scalar weaponry developed from the old Nazi technology in “black projects” which have been going in the deep underground military bases (DUMBs) since the end of World War 2.  This has now been thwarted.   Now, there  can be no fake “alien invasion.”

Instead, our world is poised to undertake the biggest step ever taken into a totally New Paradigm.

Now—before I conclude this essay—I want to point out something about the Republican front runners for President of the United States in the 2012 election.

Have you been following what has been happening?

It is now fully exposed before the American people that 1) Kerry is an out-of-control lush, 2) Romney is a shill of the financial criminals, and 3) Cain is a habitual molester of women and also a shill of tyranny—-being fully owned by the Koch brothers.

The American people are through allowing sock puppets to be their leaders.

Obama—-the sock puppet of Goldman Sachs and George Soros is FINISHED. 

He is the most unpopular president in history and will be very fortunate if he avoids being lynched.  Obama is about to leave office before the 2012 election.  He will be brought down by clear evidence of High Treason. 

That leaves only one truly straight Republican front runner—-Ron Paul.  His platform is the only one which is perfectly clear.  1) Stop the financial criminals, 2) bring ALL the troops home from all over the world, 3) end the welfare state.   Ron is not well liked by the financial criminals, the neo-con war mongers nor the cadres of the Socialist–Fascist National Security State.   Therefore the fully controlled propaganda media shills do their very best to IGNORE him—although he continues to win straw poles and has received more monetary support from those in the Military than all the other candidates COMBINED.  This should clearly tell you something.   Hello? 

The American people are completely FED UP and want GENUINE LIBERTY according to the orginal Constitution FOR the United States—-that is the REPUBLIC—-not the U.S. CORPORATION formed through the act of 1871.   

And—-it is more than clear—-our  soldiers over seas are sick and tired of being used by tyrants as disposable cannon fodder—-just so the war profiteers can line their pockets and their Puppet Masters can enslave the world!

Here is what is about to happen:  The removal of Obama from office for High Treason.  The collapse of the entire U.S. government.  The end of the Federal Reserve Criminal Cartel.  The arrest and incarceration of the criminals.  The selection of an INTERIM president while an entirely new financial system is born and the people are finally completely informed about what has been going on in a FULL DISCLOSURE.

Now—-to finish this essay—-please watch the following video by Sheldon Nidle.  And take note of the person’s NAME  mentioned only in the title of this video.  This person will be the interim president of the United States temporarily selected (not elected, since there will not be time as the country will be in crisis having collapsed) to serve for about nine months after Obama’s removal.

Pay attention:

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