Living Water

I discovered that there is a crystal river that rushes down from the highest mountain of spirit to reside in the quickening heart of whosoever will—-to abundantly pour forth into our lives whenever we allow it. It’s expression is unselfish love and deep appreciation. This is the greatest communication of all and it lives far beyond words. It is the healer. And whenever we welcome the healer—-joy naturally unfolds before all like a lovely lotus blossom. When we close our minds and hearts—-the healer recedes from us.

The only reason that any human instrument is not masterfully played is our own fear, doubt and insecurity which arises from a feeling of being shut off from the Life Source—-a lie of the mind—-which is only based upon a contrived belief system which lacks full information. It is a collection of incomplete suppositions which fall short of resonating in harmony with life’s reality.

But the vast Universal Web-of-Life is omnipresent and undeniable. It is the endemic fact of our infinite Universe.

Happiness comes from atuning ourselves to the most basic reality instead of embracing our false beliefs. We are only separate in our hallucinatory misunderstandings which produce our debilitating personal belief systems. We often lie to ourselves.

But—-we can learn the beauty of creative action. Become soaked with the inspiration of this living ocean and, with joy unspeakable,  touch the face of the stars.

Fear, doubt and insecurity are only manufactured hallucinations which can be overcome by simply changing our mental perspective. We are what we think. As a man thinks in his heart so is he.

Recognizing this is a great victory for happiness and creative interface. It empowers a person to discover and become who and what they are and to know and understand at last why they are here amidst such bothersome corporal limitations—-while living upon a planet of forgetfulness.

May we all simply remember and travel on.

All is energy in motion.  All things reside in the basic energetic flux which appears first to our perceptions as Fourier Transformations (FT). These interactive frequency fields in the domains of space and time indicate a Source Field in continual motion which, like an expert acrobat is eternally diving into and emerging out of a quantum and subquantum seething vacuum of infinite energy and intelligence which is the foundational root, the Divine Fountainhead of all Life –and indeed all that is.

As the ancients said, God is the infinite and unfathomable mystery–and always will be. God is the Ein-Soph, the unknowable, unapproachable, invisible, incomprehensible root Source of all that is. Being itself. The Great I AM of Exodus 3.  Our I AM presence.  The all encompassing sound—-OM—-the primary thought—-Unfolding Life.

It is really quite clear.

Forever is not just a long time—-but it is this present moment.

So, how are we able to interface with the Almighty? 

In this most present moment through the Great Creation whose ultimate transmission, explanation, expression, unveiling and communication of the Almighty—-is  called “the Christ”—-the annointing.  It is that portion of Creation which becomes energetically applied to you.  It adheres to your being like a stickynote.   

When I say “the Christ,”  I refer to aspects which have not been obfuscated or diminished by the religious doctrines and dogmas of priestcraft, religious sectarianism or division.

We all fluctuate in and out of First Source recognition because the world around us is nothing but our interpreted environment—-which our own infirmities have created through our own ignorance—-due to partial and incomplete information.

So—-we interpret everything according to our own individual cognition–our unique individual perspective–our point–of–view—-which is based upon our one-of-a-kind vantage point due to our individual experience—-our trauma, emotion, knowledge, joy, love, hate, understanding. education, religion, culture and accepted social consensus reality.

And the variance of those things in any timeline is what makes each snowflake slightly (or greatly) different in expression from every other snowflake in the Universe.


You Are The Event Horizon

We are fragile human beings and can easily buy a collosal lie and be totally unaware of it. We are easily duped. And we easily dupe ourselves. It happens all the time.

But—- recognizing this uncomfortable fact is a great move forward. We can eventually stand back and become observers in a constant state of humor. Our life experience is how we individually interpret everything—-how we cognitively decode and decipher them—-how we then interpret them. We are doing this all the time but seldom recognize it. That process takes place according to whatever factors are brought to bear in any now moment.

The awesome processes of closely interacting with the Universal Mind and with each other can only be called unsurpassed beauty and joy!

How we view the world can be an unreal mind-set because the entire Universe—- the entire Great Creation and every quanta within it,—-has the infinite potential of All–That–Is at root.

This potential simply means that all things are possible.  And the Universe continually  holds the inner intention of conscious revelation (unveiling) before its children—-according to the fervency of their seeking—-which is clearly reflected in their evolutionary growth in Life.

Homo sapiens sapiens (the man who knows that he knows) has now reached a point where he can consciously co-operate and enhance his own evolutionary expansion of consciousness.

But this requires great wisdom which may or may not be gleaned from our present experiences. But without great wisdom the result is total self-destruction. And that challenge is precisely where earth’s civilization appears to be at this very moment—-on an escalating downward spiral headed toward its own self–destruction simply because of arrogance, greed, fear, violence and a complete ignorance of reality.

Another good way to express the one reality of all is that the whole Universe is a huge interconnected conspiracy on behalf of all Life—-and—-like every wave, it has its peaks and troughs.

To communicate this truth requires a subtle energy far beyond words. The only thing which comes even close is honed intuition. Music and poetry certainly approach it. Love and appreciation fully expresses it.

It is learning to think holonomically rather than linearly. Linear thinking is a long tradition on this planet of forgetfulness.

This change in our thinking is the meaning of what has been called the “2012 shift.” It has many names in many cultures because it is a very strong intuition which is difficult to express in anything but our various cultural thought memes. We are already well into it and here we are uncovering layers of reality and entirely new dimensions of COSMIC SYNTHESIS.

The only “old dog” who cannot learn new tricks is the one who has allowed his heart to become petrified, finding himself in a state of continuous reaction instead of creative action.

We all have four brains. Three of them are cranial. 1) the old reptilian (fight or flight), 2) the old mammalian (social interaction and fellowship) 3) the cerebral cortex (higher logic and reasoning.)

But there is a fourth brain which is still unknown to many. It is our Enteric System. It’s center is the heart. The solar plexus is the neurological switchboard which amazingly coordinates all four of our brains. The human heart is the very center of our being. It is our emotional life. Our life pulse. Our distribution center. It is our power center. The heart is the very first thing manifested in the fetus. All else unfolds from our heart.

Physicians studying the human heart found out that the heart puts out energetic waves in pulses. On the EM spectrum these can be observed. They found that a human heart in love puts out energetic waves in the golden mean ratio. PHI.

The unique thing about these energetic waves, pulsing out in the golden mean ratio, is this: while other EM waves tend to interfere with each other and will collide and cancel each other out, the PHI waves are nested like Russian Dolls and will never collide to cancel each other out. These are nestingwaves—-they are eternal and will travel on forever with nothing to hinder nor stop them.

Thus, even science has now proved what mystics and artists and poets always knew intuitionally. Unselfish Love is a basic Universal Value. It is no wonder that real scientists, who care more about dispelling ignorance than aquiring money, are now rapidly departing from the materialist/realist/reductionist paradigm which has long been referred to as the “standard model” of science.

Be honest and simply look at the fruit it has really born—-a mushroom cloud and an ocean of black death.

Departing from the so-called standard model of science does not fly too well in certain  circles where those who claim to possess knowledge and wisdom are highly entrenched in the old scientific paradigm. Many are fozen into that failed system.  No one wants to rewrite textbooks—-and no one wishes to loose their grants or tenure and be designated a “mystical nutcase” or a “tin hat.”

No one wants to admit that their most basic understanding of reality has been completely out of tune and out of synch with the entire Universe.

So, there is much opposition to these emerging revelations, especially from the status quo.

However, this long accepted non-science is rapidly coming to the point of total breakdown—-along with the rest of our world’s dysfunctions—-as they are fully exposed for what they really are and the dire consequences of their selfish machinations are manifesting right before our eyes.

Catastrophic Events

Goodbye my Happy Dolphin

Events such as the still ongoing  Gulf of Mexico Catastrophe, and the expensive and dangerous nuclear power generation syndrome, do cause many to pause, think and reevaluate.

Such huge catalysts cannot be ignored. But, the ignorant and greedy blindly charge on ahead in total denial. This separation, or bifurcation of the timelines as I call it, will increase as our world spins toward its Cosmic Nexus. Some folks are very afraid to let go of their long held presumptions with which they define their lives and the world in which they assume they live.

But the Great Creation functions according to definite principles which are now coming to light as never before.

While the liver filters out poisons, the human heart distributes purity to every cell—-which responds in joy to receive its Life supply from the Universal Energy Matrix (the Source Field) which rests at the core of all things.

Bio-physicists often call the momentary experience of this energy a vacuum sink. Our bodily cells can become  energetically charged to their full (or near full) capacity. That’s why you get goose bumps when you experience the awe of synchronicity.

This conscious or unconscious energetic interface with frequencies of energy hitherto unkown, is also unmeasurable by any present instruments because these energetics are completly outside of the EM frequency range.  However all these subtle energies are transduced into physically usable EM (on several frequencies) by your human bioform. When each of your trillion or so cells becomes energetically charged up—-sometimes what is experienced is way beyond description.

Such energy can be experienced as a pure sound vibration. The Universal hum. OM. It is an ELF wave. (Extra Low Frequency). It is our very breath. And the lucid understanding and application of these things can produce healing of body, mind and soul. It is the “medicine” of the future, or any time when these facts are understood and put into practice. The various schools of energetic healing which already bring remembrance to this planet of forgetfulness well understand this from thousands of years of  direct experiences.

Meditation and Breath

Sitting in Silence

When you meditate and reach deep levels of consciousness, the breath becomes very shallow indeed. Sometime an observer might think you have ceased breathing altogether.

I learned from the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi that in this state of awareness, although the breathing is very shallow (apparently)  the amount of energy from the Universal Energy Matrix (prana) is greatly increased. Breathing is more than just taking in oxygen. Breathing is accessing the Universal Energy Matrix and oxygen is only one small element of it. The most surface level—-but the most obvious element to chemists who have not broken through the reductionist paradigm.

“Judge the tree by the fruit it bears.”~ Jesus Christ


I do believe that one can find appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding and the true valor of the energetic heart.
Each one of us is an IS–BE. We ARE—-but what we are to be—-we are now becoming.

Life grows and matures and then recycles—-that’s a fact.

And when all the words are said and done and they are brightly  glistening—-unfolded in the morning rain—-there will remain Unselfish Love and Appreciation. There will remain Synchronicity and Awe Unspeakable—-yet entirely communicable among us—-telepathically.



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