Eleventy leven leven

I have been keeping up with something for quite a while and watching it unfold.  It is a world–wide criminal investigation by those who desire a sane world—-human liberty—-and the final end of the evil financial criminal cabal and their Fascist Control Paradigm (NWO).  Really—-America and the world can do much better than to just allow thugs and gangsters to run amok with total impunity.  And—putting an end to that situation  is not Utopia nor is it perfection—-it is really only basic reasonable, logical, compassionate and sane behavior.   It is only common human decency.


There is nothing going on which cannot be solved by simply returning to the most basic rule of common law—-you know—-thieves and murderes are put behind bars no matter HOW much $$$, influence and power they control?

You see, there are those in the world who deeply embrace this solution—-in fact, they have dedicated their entire lives to it—–a return to the basic rule of common law is good for every single human being on earth. 

Finances have to do with what hopes we have for the future and the future of our children.  Many—including you and me—are now completely FED UP.  But many are not yet aware that a concerted effort has already been underway (for sometime) to gather the incriminating evidence against this evil cabal to be used in an agreed upon lawful world court—-it has to be a world court since these crimes are of a GLOBAL nature and effect every country.  The judges however cannot in ANY way be connected with ANY of the criminals and so there may be an entirely new world court set up for this specific case which is by far the largest criminal case in world history.

This will become the most important court case in history.

It will most likely begin as a 351 TRILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT against this criminal cabal which has been controlling the planet.  From there it will quickly become a full–blown set of criminal prosecutions. 

It means the removal of the entire U.S. government and the removal of all the G5 nation’s governments.  They will be replaced with INTERIM governments until genuinely free elections can be held.

In the U.S. this interim president (selected not elected) will most likely be Ron Paul because forthcoming revelations will prove that he and he alone has been correct all along.   He will be the most acceptable person to lead America during this time.  The military is for him—the young people are for him—and the evil cabal and financial thieves are 100% against him—-simply because he dares to tells the truth.

Their end has come.  The Truth will prevail.

These interim goverments will exist for only about 9 months before free elections can take place.   During that time, we will become educated about what has been going on out of our sight—and that includes a FULL DISCLOSURE of the UFO/ETI presence—followed by a massive public FIRST CONTACT—a public face–to–face contact with our extraterrestrial neighbors.  During that time new technology (which is not “new” but has been systematically suppressed) will emerge  upon the scene.  The present Powers–That–Be greatly fear this.  The ETs and the vast majority of the earth’s people long for it because it marks the clear end of the old era and the beginning of an entirely New Paradigm.

The Cold Fusion now being released right now from Italy will only  be a tiny part of it.   That is the beginning and you already know that if you have been paying attention.  It is the END of gasoline, coal, nuclear, solar and wind power—these were all devices of control over society.  We have not needed them at all for seventy years.  This release of suppressed technology will solve ALL the world’s energy problems and this element alone will bring PROSPERITY  to the entire world unlike anything ever imagined.

This is not “utopia” but KINDERGARTEN.

Can you understand?

Planet Earth has a cosmic destiny and so do we earth humans.  We will create a Galactic Civilization which is akin to the civilizations of our Galactic neighbors.

We will realize our responsibility to become the careGIVERS of our Mother Earth and all of her children.

That will be our number ONE vocation.  Our number ONE avocation will be to explore the multifarious worlds of time and space alongside our Galactic neighbors.   No more unemployment—no more “bosses”—-no more poverty and—-no more war.  Again—-NOT UTOPIA—but—-KINDERGARTEN.   We are—-RANK BEGINNERS and we have a whole lot to learn.

This is the fulfillment of the angels procalmation at the birth of the son–of–man.  “Peace on earth and goodwill toward men.”  And—now we can actually see how this will come about and watch it as it does because these extreme changes are now fully upon us.

So—do not be afraid—-do not feel overwhelmed—-and do not panic nor despair.  The many prayers of all the peoples on earth are about to be answered because they harmonize and resonate perfectly with the Divine Eternal Purpose at the Source of All.

We are right now experiencing direct (but measured) intervention by our cosmic neighbors.  A nuclear World War Three WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN– PERIOD.  However, we and we alone can solve our own problems.  NO ONE will do that for us.  However the ET intervention has become necessary to establish an environment where we CAN get rid of these criminals.

The collective consciousness of all the people on earth is now alligned with this because that evil cabal is now fully exposed AND HAS NO MORE SECRETS.  So—without SECRECY they can no longer function with their lies and deceptions.


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  1. I know about this and am content to allow Ben Fulford to act as spokesman. The war started on 22nd August 2011. This is when the cabal got their pearl harbour. They are trapped now but still very dangerous. If they can’t foment WW3 out of the MIddle East they are basically finished. Their palaces and castles are imploding around them.

    Their terror is based on a belief that we will give them no quarter. We may yet surprise them because our central demand is that they must stand down now.
    We seek not revenge or punishment but their containment until they can reach sane conclusions in their conduct. We seek truth and reconciliation but we have all the time in the world to let the incarcerated, discover this for themselves.

  2. Excellent comment Danny. I agree with you fully. It is not about revenge but those who foolishly and violently desire to control the bodies, minds and souls of their fellow human beings act out of their own selfish arrogance—-and do need to be completely removed from society.

    I don’t care if they are incarcerated in a (maximum security) five star hotel environment. They have proven themselves far too dangerous to be allowed to roam at large. Besides—-who knows—-possibly a few of them might begin to see the horrible consequences of their selfish criminal actions and genuinely repent.

    They will be given that opportunity because even the worst criminal on earth has basic human rights.


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