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by nestingwave

Energetics is how we are interconnected with each other — and with the entire Universe.

Albert Einstein once said, “there is no such thing as ‘matter’ — all is energy.”

It is true. The entire Universe is fundamentally energetic — energy in motion. What we refer to as physical matter is nothing more than energy which has been slowed down. If you heat it up (and thereby speed up its particles) it becomes actively energetic once again and begins to transform.

“Energetics” (also called energy economics) is the study of energy under transformation.

The term “economics” after the word “energy” means a dispensing of energy and how its flowing distribution takes place through its various transformations which are according to the laws of physics — both known and not yet known.

Usually, in our culture, we think of energy as an automatic and unintelligent force. However, there now exists some new insights which must not be ignored.

It has now been discovered that all energy carries with it an information package on many different levels. Physicists refer to this as an “information cloud.”

Let me explain.

A CAT scan, an MRI or a PET scan is able to diagnose the real condition of your health by revealing specific information which is given off by your physical body’s energetic signature.

Your body — and all living things — is surrounded by an energy field. Within this larger energy field are countless smaller energy fields. Each one of these overlapping fields of energy has both frequency and amplitude happening in several layers. These fields interact with and effect one another. So when disease exists it can spread. Likewise, when healthy conditions exist, they too can spread.

There are literally billions of these energy fields radiating and resonating with each other within your body. Each one of them is directly giving information about a specific portion of your body — we only need to tap into it.

Each energy field is specialized. This is real-time information which can be extremely useful for healing the body when correctly deciphered, decoded and interpreted.

Soon, all medicine will be based upon understanding and interpreting those interacting energy fields. And — when those energy fields are found to be out of balance, or weak and not functioning properly, they will be brought into harmony by the specific applications of the proper frequencies and amplitudes of energy. Your physical body remembers how it feels to be healthy and not sick. This is an “AHA” to the body — an insight — a revelation — the removing of a veil which establishes physical health.

This medicine of the future is already here with us and is about to make a quantum leap forward.

Let me carry this one step further.

It should not be difficult, after considering these things, to realize that our DNA is the energetic signature of who and what we are as a complex oscillating biological entity.

Within this basic energy field of every living being exists the perfect record of their entire evolution — which is the development of their consciousness.

And—-each being is similar to all other beings while at the same time, like a snowflake, is totally unique — one of a kind. This is true even in identical twins.

The reasons for this individuality are not only genetic but epi-genetic — that is — environment and exterior events effect our personal energy fields including our DNA signature.

Biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton (and others) discovered that our DNA is the most pliable substance in the Universe. Literally everything effects it and leaves its mark.


Masuru Emoto discovered that the same thing is true of water. The energetics of water reveal what it has been in contact with. This can clearly be seen in the crystals of frozen water viewed under a microscope. Pure water produces beautiful hexagonal crystals which are lovely fractals — polluted water produces a dirty incoherent blob. CLICK HERE to find out more.

It is very important for what follows to click the link I just gave you and at least quickly scan the material there before proceeding.


It is now fully proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that our thoughts have a direct effect upon physical matter. As Einstein stated long ago, “there is no such thing as physical matter and all is energy.” So, now in 2011, the phenomena of mind influencing physical matter is well known to be a common energetic communication between living energy fields. It is a continuous affair — a well established fact of life.

This communication between energy fields is exactly what our interconnectivity is all about.

What is communicated? Information. This could be linear information or holographic information.

How reliable is that information? Its reliability is according to how well we are able to decipher, decode and interpret the message.

This ability depends upon more than cognitive knowledge of the information cloud being interfaced — although cognitive knowledge is important.

It really depends upon how well we are able to GROK the desired information.

Contemplate for a moment the meaning of that word.

The word “Grok” means to understand so thoroughly that the observer becomes a part of the observed.

Another definition defines it in this way: “to understand intuitively or by empathy; to establish rapport (with)”  and “to empathize or communicate sympathetically (with);  also, to experience enjoyment.”

Likewise — a very clear and precise meaning of this word Grok, which was invented by Robert A. Heinlein in his novel Stranger in a Strange Land, is simply — “to drink.”

When we drink the desired information — we interface with it in a very thorough way and it becomes a part of our experiential knowledge.



Some people experience profound interspecies communications. They talk with animals whom they know especially well. The “horse whisperer” is an example. People who work with Dolphins communicate with them continually.

Through appreciation and love for any animal friend one learns to grok the animal — interface with it — and thereby understand it and how to communicate with it. For those of us who have experienced this, we can only call it a type of telepathy which is mental, emotional, intuitional and involves all of the physical senses.

There are many incredible stories I could tell you about my (sometimes profound) communications with my three cats.

What is basically happening in this type of communication is this: a person learns how to view the world through the animal’s perspective and a human being’s sheer appreciation and love for the animal brings on a strong magnetic interface between you and the animal.

Energetic information clouds are then passed back and forth and communication is enhanced and confirmed by physical signaling, such as looks — a particular sound — or — in the case of my three cats — heavy purring of the animal while laying flat on my chest and looking lovingly up into my eyes.

This makes no sense at all to some people — however — those who have experienced it know exactly what I am talking about.

Here is what I wish to share with you through discussing all these aspects.

All things in this Universe are energetically interconnected. Our conscious realization of any desired communication interface can be achieved through the focus of our attention, appreciation and love. This produces a magnetic alignment of energy fields which enables an energetic exchange of information through the mutual interface of various information clouds.


We Are One

Our oneness with the Universe is understood

through quiet contemplation

amidst the unfolding insights of our marvelous



And as we discover energetics and morphogenic fields

  human consciousness rapidly begins to  unfold.

I first became aware of the term “Interconnectivity” in 2006. I read about it from a group of bio-physicists whose experimental “working model” had unexpectedly led them to the inescapable conclusion that all things extant in time and space emerge from a common First Source. They eventually called this the “Ultimate Thought.”

Those bio-physicists—-who were the Life Physics Group in California—-also discovered that within this Ultimate Thought there exist both upward and downward chains of causality.

Human beings are co-creators with the Great Creation to produce the reality in which they live. They are not the helpless puppets of fate or accident—-nor are they the victims of divine whim.

This is about taking personal responsibility when we finally realize that the healing and transformation of our dysfunctional world is on-going—-accelerating—-and unstoppable.

Our traditional materialistic/reductionistic “science”—-which gave our world suicidal weapons of total destruction—-a toxic dying ocean—-air unfit to breathe and food unfit to eat—-and did it all in the name of false “innovation and progress”—-has clearly shown itself to be just the opposite.

It must now go the way of the dinosaur and become extinct forever, as it is subsumed by an entirely new paradigm on this planet—-a new time which is fundamentally based upon awesome appreciation and humble respect for the entire web of life.

I later discovered that the term “interconnectivity” has already been in use by Buddhists for a very long time. This shows that today’s scientists are only catching up with the wisdom of the ancients. They are not really discovering anything new at all but remembering what has always been known. It was long obscured and often purposefully obfuscated by tyrants desiring power and control over their fellow men. Finally, it became another forgotten item in our collective amnesia.

This idea of a common First Source is indeed the most ancient Vedic idea of God. It is classical. This is not speaking of a detached “God” which is assumed to be “out there” or “up there” somewhere in some location (as now interepreted by many diverse religions) but instead—-this common First Source is the Ultimate Creative Intelligence which dwells at the very center core of all things. It is omnipresent and exists in every place and every time all at once.

It is the very spark of life. It is light and it is the spirit which embodies the highest principal of unselfish love and creativity and, at the same time, coagulates into the densest solid matter.

Understanding this is to understand how and why the Universe operates. This is the ancient Vedic science which, unlike the lopsided materialist/realist/reductionist “science” of our recent past, did not exclude the precepts and concepts of mind, consciousness and spirit.

This is the primary idea that lies at the very core of all earth’s religions—-in spite of the fact that now many religious systems have totally forgotten about it all together.

The Buddhists recognize no separated “God” and do not even use the term “God.” Instead, they call this First Source the “Buddha Nature” which they view as endemic in all things.

It matters not what you call it.

The Taoists call it the “Tao”—-The Old Testament calls it the “I AM”—-the American Indians call it the “Great Spirit.” The Christians call it the “Father” and Islam calls it “Allah.” And, of course, there are countless names for this primary Source at the root of all things which are found in every human culture on earth.

Each human culture on earth interprets this First Source in their own way through their particular point-of-view and vantage point giving rise to many diverse religions and philosophies—-many of which totally forgot the primary essence of this holy science.

The modern physicists discovered quantum entanglement and many of them eventually proved to themselves (by the scientific method) that all things in the Universe are not only related to each other—-but intimately and specifically interconnected.

Discovering the interacting mechanisms of those never-before-noticed relationships is the new and all-encompassing challenge to humankind on planet earth.

Various aspects of this will be what I write about here.


Roy (nestingwave)

Update Feb. 10, 2012—hello from our friends, the trees.