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Is the very fabric of the Universe intelligent?

You say “yes?”

That is most likely because you are listening to the innermost intuition of your heart which is already well aware that the commonly recognized five senses are only receiving a tiny portion of the vast spectrum of energetic reality which is constantly bombarding all of us through vast interdimensional, interconnected and overlapping  cosmic radiations which are oscillating on frequencies both known and unknown.  Many of them are beyond the range of our conscious perception—-and yet—-they directly effect us biologically and neurologically.

If you say “no” to the opening question of this article—-perhaps it is because you have only been paying attention to your outward five senses and have now started to buy into the ideology of materialism.   This is most likely due to the continual bombardment of highly intrusive mind–control entrainment which is pouring into you from all the media sources. 

The buy buy, get get, spend spend charge-today-it’s-free is intrusively  hawked  by the paid cadres of social engineers pushing  a thinly disguised  agenda of despotism.  They often pose as renown “experts”  to facilitate social acceptance of their lies and trickery.   The agenda behind these assaults on human decency is to produce endless and ever accelerating blind consumerism—-for the sake of absolute control over the bodies, minds and souls of men, women and children.

That is the so–called “New World Order” which tyrants have long envisioned.

It is not something about to appear tomorrow—-but—-it has already been here—-sucking the blood of all humanity like an attached  parasite for a very long time.

Their announced “New World Order” is (in reality) the totally dysfunctional and despotic OLD World Order we now have and have had for many centuries.

The time has now come  for it to end forever—-and be replaced by  the golden age of peace prophesied by every culture on earth.   The time has now arrived for our cosmic citizenship to unfold.

It is not a “New World Order” that we need but a totally NEW PARADIGM.

There is no need for “order” to be intrusively imposed on human beings from without.

At the quantum level, an omnipresent Ultimate “order” already exists—-has always existed—-and when we align with it, when our civilization aligns with it, when our entire planetary mass consciousness aligns with it—-in freedom and liberty we shall set out on the path to fulfill our potential as creative human beings. interactivly join with our cosmic relatives—-and set off to explore—-heal—-and uplift the infinite worlds of time and space.

I won’t argue with those who insist that the Universe has no innate intelligence nor purpose and who look upon the Great Creation as nothing but a set of mechanistic cause and effect accidents and coincidences (with no overall purpose and no plan and no intention.)

They are choosing ignorance.


Because of their own deep inner fears of assuming responsibility for who and what they are—-because they themselves do not know. The self-realized person no longer fears the unknown—-but joyfully thrives with it in harmony.

We can lead and lighten the path by example and encourage those who presently wish to remain asleep by becoming free examples of creative liberty and practically demonstrating deep appreciation, respect and awe for the entire web of life—-of which all of us are members.

Knowing who and what you really are has a very low priority in our present American culture of materialism and status-quo consumerism.

Conformity is the fully accepted norm—-non-conformity is suspect—-and—-great creativity is looked down upon as highly dangerous to the very fabric of society —-which it is with regard to this dysfunctional civilization of slavery, indolence, greed, arrogance and state manufactured fear by the social engineers who desire to keep it that way to secure their fifedoms of power and control.

No thinking, mindful, creative human being would ever stand for a national policy of “Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD)” and yet the major powers of this world still have weapons of mass destruction targeting each other’s civilian populations.


So—-what we need in this situation of utter madness is mind-FULL-ness instead of mind-LESS-ness. That requires finding out who and what you are. It requires accepting your own personal responsibility—-and it requires exercising the potential of your own innate creativity.

The eye-opening epiphany about who and what you are is no small thing and sometimes it unfolds gradually—-but sometimes there is a powerful rush of insight. You become very hard to trick and deceive by dictators and tyrants.

Those with their eyes open become mindful—-not only of what is going on around them—-but of the processes (both mental and physical) which are going on within their own beings.

So—-it’s easy to see why certain traditional social habituations and carefully engineered ideological memes (which are compatible with the materialistic, mechanistic and robotic agendas of the Powers-That-Be) are pushed and rigorously hard-sold continually by every state-controlled media outlet—while frantically screaming in your face like a desperate snake-oil salesman at top volume 24/7. The PTB are very afraid because they see the consequences of their crimes nearly ready to spring the trap upon them which will place them behind bars for life where they belong.

Self-realization is not good for business-as-usual—-but—-it is essential for peace on earth and goodwill among all beings. All of us will finally discover that whatsoever we do to another being—-we are actually doing to ourselves.

How many minds exist in the Universe?

ONE—-and you are an essential one-of-a-kind highly creative aspect of that One Mind.

What do you express?

Since business-as-usual has been leading mankind on a terrifying downward vortex of nearly unbearable suffering toward self annihilation—-it is now high time to step back and reconsider the concepts and erroneous beliefs which have artificially structured our present society into waring factions of soulless and robotic killing machines for the mentally sick agendas of a manipulating and controlling inbred Elite of psychopathic despots and murderous serial killers.

It is now time to seek the truth, find out who and what we are—-and wake up.

Let the sleepers awaken, find the liberty of their immense creativity and take back their personal sovereignty.

What does it take to understand the incomprehensible?

The vast and incomprehensible Universal intelligence functioning as a single endemic Being who is omnipresent and expressing itself outwardly from the very Prime Source Field cannot be cognitively understood on any level.

The ancients called what is now referred to as the “Source Field” the Ein Soph which means “the unknowable” However—-in spite of that, as the ancients well knew, it can indeed be groked.

There is a transcendent inner comprehension and understanding which goes way beyond cognitive knowledge.

This is because cognition is linear and one dimensional—-whereas groking is not linear but multidimensional and holographic.

Due to the Universal Interconnectivity of all things at the quantum and sub-quantum levels, even one tiny drop of the vast Universal Ocean contains within it the entire potential and essence of the entire ocean and all its elements.

Because of this—-all things (including us) which at the surface level appear to be separate (due to the limited perceptions of our five senses) are actually fully ONE in essence and in potential of expression.

This is the very nature of a hologram—-even the tiniest part contains the full essence (including the potential expression) of the whole.

This is way beyond mental cognition—-which can only be limited and partial.

Let is now look at the meaning of the word “grok.” It too is limited and partial but far less so than linear cognitive “knowledge.”

“GROK” (verb)—-to understand thoroughly and intuitively.

Contrast this with the definition of “cognition.”

“COGNITION” (noun)—–1) the act or process of knowing

2) the product of such a process, something thus known, perceived, etc.

3) knowledge

These definitions are informing us that “knowledge” and “understanding” are not the same thing at all. The word “grok” includes “intuition.”

Knowlege (gnosis) is merely some perceived and interpreted linear “facts”—-the subjective perception of which may indeed be questionable, since our perceptions are only manufactured mental constructions of bits of information which are already stored in the memory banks of our physical brains. How we put those bits of information together can (and does) vary considerably from person to person. No two people see things exactly alike.

In the scientific method, a consensus is reached from the common results of physical experimentation by many scientists—-who are then able to adopt a theory or “working model.”

Alternate theories may also develop which may not be accepted immediately by the overall consensus—-and they are often discounted or even suppressed when resumes, tenures, coincidence with past discoveries, money, moral considerations and academic reputations come into play.

All these factors effect the outcome of any professional research in the present environment of the often ruthless competition of Mechanistic Corporatism.

Our memory banks contain the highly limited record of our very partial and incomplete past experiences—-but “understanding” is a thorough and more complete perception because it results from the access of intuition—-which is unquantifiable—-yet every one of us has experienced it—-even though it is well beyond the range of the commonly accepted five senses and, in fact, has often been referred to as our “sixth” sense.

The Shamans know it well and use it very practically for the healing, growth and thriving of the tribe to which they are dedicated in service.

The Shaman is a visible archetype of what you and I are becoming as we become the guardians, healers, uplifters and caregivers of our Mother Earth and all creation. This is our destiny as human beings and I will fully discuss this in the following segments.

This is the practical application of the Universal Intention which is inspiring and motivating the entire Universe from the quantum and sub-quantum levels.

Intuition is multidimensional and holographic in nature—-and the shift from only knowing linear facts about something to actually grasping and understanding its nature—-with regard to its unique position and special function in the Universe—-is a prime example of the difference between “knowledge” and “understanding.”

So—-if everything is fully ONE in essence and also in its potential of expression, what is the distinction between a Galaxy and a quantum particle—- or a Panda and a human being—-or a leaf and the forest?

Hint: it is something far more than “size.” And, in fact, size (macro and micro) really means nothing because there are entire Universes existing on the head of a pin.

After all—-the Great Creation is not limited—-but infinite.

Everything in the Great Creation is a completely specialized and unique (one-of-a-kind) expression of the All One.

The individual distinctions between all the children of the Great Creation is one thing and one thing only—- consciousness expressed.

You could call this—-“individual personality.”

Yes—-even a stone or a tree stump has an individual “personality” due to its organization at the quantum level and its interconnectivity with everything else in the Universe.

Therefore, everything expresses its own degree of Universal Consciousness.

All things are an expression of the One Universal Mind. With this understanding comes a vast and humbling appreciation—-and an ever deepening respect—-for all things in the Great Creation.