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How We Create Our Own Reality

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Our Mindset


On June 2, 2012 Greg Giles channeled an important message from the Galactic Federation of Light upon which I wish to make commentary.

Mindset and Future Paths

Mindset: Today we would you like to speak to you about the proper setting of your minds and your outlook as we approach the days ahead. What we would prefer to see is a whole new and brighter outlook for you. What we mean by this is we would like to see you look at the days ahead as something to be cherished, something that deserves to be worked for and something that is a valuable and rewarding experience for you in many different ways. What we feel is important for you is not to look towards the days ahead with any kind of contempt, fear, distrust, suspicion, worry and doubt, because if you look at your future through such eyes you very well may end up with the end product that matches precisely or similarly the vibrational energy you have been sending out. Do you understand this? Do you understand this very simple, yet very important scientific, as well as spiritual, fact? 

Thousands of years ago it was written in the Bible that “as a man thinks in his heart,  so is he.”

It takes some time spent having life experiences in this world to finally come to the undeniable conclusion that yes, thoughts are things.  Every thought is an energy wave  that draws similar energy waves (which exist in the ambient environment) to itself—-like a magnet.   This is the Law of Attraction in action.

Anyone can prove this to themselves through the simple Rice Experiment which I did for myself in 2010.  This is proving that scientific fact to oneself and it effects ones belief system forever.  One graphically sees that we are responsible for the thoughts we allow to traverse our mind.  The quality of every thought effects our environment and it is entirely up to us whether our thoughts have an uplifting, healing and positive effect—-or—-just the opposite.  And—-this is true of each and every thought which we allow.

 What will happen if you send out these thoughts into the future path of your travel is that you will begin to step on landmines, so to speak, that you, through the direct and indirect actions of your thoughts, have planted in the soil of the path you are traveling upon. What to do about this is a matter of concern for us and we feel certainly should be a pressing matter of concern for you dear ones, as it is your path you are currently clearing today with every thought, no matter how passing in your mind, as you go throughout your day.

What “clearing the path” means is that, in reality, we are constantly creating our own reality.  Every day by the nature and quality of the thoughts we think the construction (or destruction) of our lives is occurring.  We continually receive the results and consequences of our own thoughts.  So—-being aware and mindful of the thought-forms which we send out is of extreme importance.  How do we do that?  We have need of learning how to tame what the Buddhists refer to as our “wild mind.”  The way to accomplish this has been known and practiced for countless millenia.  Meditation.


We see an incredibly bright, promising and prosperous future for you. What we do not see is a future for you that is bleak, that is disappointing, that is dark, that is dangerous, that is unrewarding, that is unwanted and that is unheralded in any way. We wish for you to see your future through brighter eyes as we do, for if you could see what we could see from our vantage point there would be no reason for any of you to doubt in any way that your future will be as bright as many of you wish it to be, for that is precisely how it works.

This is because “what I am to be … I am now becoming.”  We and we alone hold and determine whatever our future will be.  Our thoughts—-every thought—-is powerful beyond all our traditional cultural concepts and our limited imagination.

Thought is energy—-unbelievably powerful energy—-and it can be greatly amplified and tightly focused like a laser to produce real intended effects in the material realm in which we live and function.  It is our responsibility to uplift the planet and all her children.  This is the purpose and destiny of our life on earth.


We have taken notice of a number of posts and comments throughout your online social networks voicing displeasure and concern with the current state of your experience and concerns about the outcome of your work and your journey here. There is no call for disillusionment at this point in time, as there has been no event to change anything that has been described for you as possible. All and everything we have laid out for you through our descriptions is still very much possible for each and every one of you. We say to you that we only wish for you to reach out and grab tightly the future that you wish to experience and press it into your breast and hold it tightly, making whatever it is you wish to experience yours to experience.  

We fall into depression and negativity because we are unsure of the power of our own thoughts and have disempowered ourselves because of doubt within our shaky belief system.

When a person absolutely proves to themselves beyond any doubt that their thoughts are determining their experience—-everything changes forever.  Why?  Because a person has experienced  an epiphany of remembrance and has becomes aware that they are already producing their daily experiences—-and have finally learned  once and for all how all creativity works.  Doubt no longer exists.

This is what we would like to see you do. It is your experience, it is your journey, and we only wish for you to get out of this what it is you desire and that you had made clear you wished to experience before you set out on your journey here. We do not wish in any way to overstep our bounds and steer you in directions you have not mapped out for yourselves. We do not wish to do this, and we will not do this. We only say to you that whatever it is you choose to experience, choose it and experience it. That is how it works, and that is how you will experience just what it is you wish. We hope that this explanation is clear to understand, as this is a very important concept for you to comprehend and to remember. 

For this to happen we must be totally clear about our inner intention.  What is it? We must know what our desires really are and what it is that we really want to live and experience.  This tight and specific focusing in on our heart’s intention greatly amplifies the power of our thoughts—-we must be intimately familiar with the real innermost vision at the deepest level of our being.  This is what we must do in order to overcome all  self disempowerment.

There are many different concepts, principles and sciences that are important for you to understand at this time, yet there is no other concept more important to always keep in the forefront of your mind than this; it is your future, and you are creating it as you go through your day. Your future is created through the thoughts that are emanating from you all day and all night even as you sleep. Whatever it is you are thinking about, focusing on and dreaming about is what it is you will experience as you head down the road that you yourself have paved before you. 

Friends—-this is the most important thing which any human being can ever know.  There is nothing else more  important.

This is how all of our journeys are created throughout this universe. For you to believe that somehow your future is becoming bleaker or not as promising as you have been imagining is a product of your beliefs, your attitudes, your feelings, your vision, your dreams, your outlook, your personality, your decision making and your choices. The future that each of you is headed for is a product of your own creation, and it is not a product of our creation, our choices or our design, planning or construct. Do you understand this? Do you understand that it is not us that are creating your future?  It is not us that can promise you what your future will or will not entail, for your future has little to do with what we desire, we create or we feel is good for you or not good for you.
This is by far the clearest and most concise explanation of this truth which I have ever heard.
It is not our right to pave the lanes of your future for you. As we have said many times and we wish to make this point clear again, we are only here to assist you experience just what it is you choose to create. Is this clear to all of you at this time? We hope that it is, for we wish you to realize again that the thoughts that you are thinking right at this moment are planting bricks in the soil that will be the path you walk upon up ahead. Choose your bricks wisely and carefully and plant them solidly and evenly as this will give you a smooth, firm and easy path to travel upon as you head up the road that you have built.

Look at Greg’s first sentence.  “It is not our right to pave the lanes of your future for you.”  This is the Universal Cosmic Law.  Nonintervention is the Universal Law—-however—-in truly extreme cases where foolish actions negatively effect off world life forms (our development of thermonuclear weapons of mass destruction is a prime example)—-direct intervention does occur.  It is happening on planet earth right as this very moment—-Divine Intervention to assist us in relieving the long (13 millenia) amnesia we agreed to undergo.

There is very good reason for this Universal Cosmic Law of Nonintervention.  We must learn the power and effectiveness of our own thoughts and we must learn this lesson through our own experiences.   There is no substitute for our direct personal experience.  None.  If the Galactic Federation of Light did everything for us it would seriously damage and hinder us from learning the most important thing in the Universe.   We and we alone can learn to choose the bricks for our path wisely and carefully and plant them solidly and evenly.  We and we alone.   There is no other way.  Why?   Because this is the primary lesson we are here to learn.  But—-in spite of this—our space family is here to offer wise assistance and encouragement for what we have choosen to create.

This is all the comments I wish to make.  Enjoy the rest of this incredible off world transmission.

If it is curves in the road that you wish to travel, then it is curves in the road that you shall experience. If it is hills to climb, then build these hills today and they will be there waiting for you when you reach them. If it is a path of unevenly placed bricks with patches of soft mud in between them, then think in your minds things that would bring about the building of a road such as this and this is what will manifest for you. If it is a path smooth and straight with no curves and no hills, then conjure up in your mind thoughts that will construct such a road for you and this is what you shall have. This is what we wish for you to keep in mind as you go through your day and each and every day from this moment forward, as you cannot go back and begin to repave the road that you have already begun to build. You also cannot skip ahead and begin to build patches of the road that you have yet to reach. Today you can only begin to build a road that you will experience at a definite point in your future, and it is here at this point of the road that you are building that you must focus upon and give your efforts into building today.   


We are here to assist you build the roads that you wish to travel, and we will lend you our tools and share with you our expertise and experience to allow you, our brothers and sisters, to build any road that you desire to travel upon. This is what we will do for you, this is a promise, and this is the only promise that we will make you and have ever made you, for this is the only promise that we are permitted to make you and that we can make you. We do see from time to time those of you posting through your online social networks that we, the Galactic Federation of Light, have made a certain number of promises that we have not kept. This is not true. We do not make these promises, for what would we promise you? We do not know what it is you desire. We do not know what is you wish to collectively, and even in many cases individually, desire to experience. So what would we promise you? Would we promise you something that we think you may wish to experience? Would we promise you something that we wish for you to experience? No, we would never promise you something that you collectively and individually do not wish to experience.  


We do not know what it is you wish to experience, for there are many of you, and a great deal of you who have yet awakened and do not realize that a choice is being presented. These individuals do not understand that it is they who are creating their own future, and therefore their thoughts are not clear on this. The same can be said for those of you who are awakened, as it is also accurate to say that the thoughts of many of you as well are not clear. The thoughts that some of you are giving out are a mix of positive and negative vibrations. On one day you will put out the desire to experience one thing, and yet on another day you will send out the thought waves of an entirely different experience. It is difficult in many cases for us to even comprehend what one of you wishes to experience. Please keep in mind; it is not us that will bring to you the future you wish to experience, for this is a product of your creative powers and the creative powers of this universe. It is not within our power to create for you your experience. Again, we are only here to assist you experience what is you choose.


What we wish to make clear is that we do not know at this time what it is you collectively, and even in many cases individually, wish to experience. Considering our discussion today, do you see now why we say to you that we are not promising you anything in particular, and why we say to you we would never have promised you anything of a particular nature as we could not have and still do not know what it is you wish to experience? What we have laid out for you are your possibilities and your opportunities, and we say to you that these have always been and remain today endless. You may experience anything that you desire, and if we had made you any promises to what you would experience, this would be limiting your choices, would it not?  


We in no way wish to put a ceiling on the choices that will bring to you the experiences you desire. We have painted portraits for you of some of the wonderful things that you have the opportunity to experience. We have made an effort to paint for you pictures of a beautiful, harmonious and peaceful world, for this is indeed one of your choices, but your possibilities are endless and it is up to each and every one of you to decide what it is you want and focus on this each and every day as you move forward. The end product for you will be a product of your collective and individual desires. This is a promise you can make to yourself, and this is a promise that will never be broken. 


We research your online communities for your responses to our offers. We are looking to find if there are sufficient numbers of you prepared to handle and help initiate the programs that will see to the benefit of your world and each and every individual within. What we are looking for are positive responses, not highlighted in fear or distrust and suspicion of us and our motivations for offering our assistance. We do see many responses from you which are just what we are looking for and what we consider prerequisites to the initiation of these programs. We do also see and take note of the responses that are fear-based and that show distrust, suspicion and fear of us and our reasons for being here. We take into account who it is that are making these comments and attempt to ascertain why they choose to make these comments. 


What we do not understand sometimes is why some will choose to make positive comments at some points and negative fear-based comments at another point. This switching back and forth from perspectives is for us confusing at times, and we ask those of you making these comments to better clarify your positions by coming to some conclusions within your own minds before you set out to share your feelings with others and with us, as this is leading to some confusion and is helping to precipitate some delays in the initiation of certain programs. If you could do this for us and for your brothers and sisters as well, you will be doing all of us and your world a great service. We thank you in advance for your cooperation in this regard and say to you that your responses to our messages and offers of assistance are duly noted and are seen as important, as we value the opinions and viewpoints of each and every one of you equally as there is no one more important than any other one of you in your world.  


We like to see more of you commenting and posting in regards to our presence here and our messages and offers of technologies and systems that can greatly benefit your world. We have teams in charge of this area who monitor your online social networks and collect large amounts of data that will allow us to better understand what it is you desire for yourselves and how far along you are coming in your understandings of the greater picture that is now unfolding before you here in your world and in your universe. After we are satisfied that there are sufficient numbers of you to begin the initiation of certain of our programs, we will do just that and begin the launch of these projects that many of you have great anticipation for, just as we do, as we see them benefiting greatly so many who we believe have suffered through limitation and lack for too long.  


Help us help you are very important words for you to remember, as so much of what we can assist you with is up to you to lay the groundwork for. We cannot leapfrog over your right of choice, this is not permitted in this universe and we will not overstep our bounds and trespass on your rights of free will. What you choose is what we shall assist you to receive, and we look forward to reading more of what is you choose to experience next. 


We are the Galactic Federation of Light.



As channeled through Greg Giles

The Arcturians

Arcturus is one of the most advanced civilizations in our entire galaxy.
-Edgar Cayce-

Edgar Cayce has said in his teachings that Arcturus is one of the most advanced civilizations in this galaxy. It is the fifth- dimensional civilization that is a prototype of Earth’s future. Its energy works as an emotional, mental, and spiritual healer for humanity. It is also an energy gateway through which humans pass during death and rebirth. It functions as a way station for nonphysical consciousness to become accustomed to physicality. The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch describes it as the mid-way programming center used by the physical brotherhoods in this universe to govern the many rounds of experiments with “physicals” at this end of the galaxy.

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