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  1. I understand Parellel Realities and accessing them. And I suppose my question would be, does it take time to shift from one reality to another? I can’t seem to ‘POOF’ world changed to my ideal vibration, but I do see progress being made towards that vibration. Is this the same thing? How do I make it more immediate? CAN I make it more immediate? Any help and advice would be much welcomed and appreciated.

  2. Hi CJ

    I think all of us are “accessing” them all the time — however — “understanding” them is probably a different matter.

    You may be way ahead of me on that one.

    In my present (highly limited) understanding — I do not think the actual shift takes any time whatsoever — but — preparing ones own “belief system” is usually a gradual process since — if we are doing these shifts consciously — our physical brains and nervous system have to “make sense” of them to avoid coming “unhinged?”

    I am just a fellow explorer like yourself and also seeking “advice” on the matter. I do think the thoughts I entertain are the beginning of everything — and so — taming my wild mind but at the same time allowing its flow to include intuition and imagination (as well as linear cognition) is my challenge to overcome all fear — doubt — confusion — and lack of confidence.

    In my opinion — every time we have a thought — an emotion — or perform an action — or make any kind of a choice whatsoever — we literally begin on a new “reality” — or we could call it a new “time-line.”

    As Bashar said — there are an infinite number of parallel realities (worlds) and we are already choosing which one we desire to experience. So — I guess its a matter of beginning to choose more consciously — instead of unconsciously — that would be mindfulness instead of traditional mindless habit — culturally conditioned response — or social consensus programming.

    Anyhow — it leads us toward a new consequence — a new set of outcomes — that would not have occurred at all had we not entertained that thought — felt that emotion — or performed that action. Of course — depending upon what that choice is — it can be positive or negative.

    Our actions have results and mirrored consequences according to the Laws of “cause and effect.” (Karma)

    I think we are all constantly creating these new “time-lines” by stepping into a parallel world They may be only very slightly different and producing only a tiny tiny change each time — or — they may restructure ones entire life — and anything in between those two extremes is possible.

    From my own experiences — I think sometimes this happens much faster than at other times. However — if you get hit by a train or suddenly meet a visitor from Andromeda … well … you get the new picture and step into an entirely new world with very little (or no) delay. And — you really notice that you have entered a different reality after such events. :O)


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