Appreciating and Uplifting The Web of Life



May the Great Spirit bless and uplift each and every one of you!

I have finally come to understand that there is a primary and very basic key to both our collective and our individual creative manifestations. 

How our full creation and the physical manifestation of our truly desired reality unfolds is not complicated — and you do not need to know all the details only the basic element. 

And — in spite of long commonly held beliefs concerned with  specific methodologies  (alchemical — metaphysical — and others) —  the process of creating ones own desired reality actually requires only one thing.

Once that one basic aha occurs and you “get it” — creating and physically manifesting your own desired reality is simple and completely effortless.

Okay — so — what do I speak of?

I am talking about correctly aligning your being into a direct mirrored relationship with the already extant  —  Universal Intention  —  and doing so according to the very best of one’s own individual understanding. 

This comprehension will increase as your consciousness expands.  And — this expansion will occur very rapidly once the previously mentioned aha takes place and you get the wheels of your train on the track.

After all — that is all any individual facet (you and I) of the One Universal Being can ever contribute to the Great Creation. 

Yes — there is a core — primary — fundamental — basic Cosmic Intention — a fundamental drive  — a dynamic limitless engine of desire  — a single Divine Purpose — a Universal Focused Personal Mission — which resides in ever thriving magnificence  at the innermost core of the very First Source of All-That-Is — your  One and Only First Source that lives within you and within all things. 

If you seek the One God within you — you must seek God’s heart — which is the Universal Cosmic Intention.  Love and Light and all the virtues of the energetic heart will literally pour into your personality. 

It is not your “effort” (your struggling) that produces this — but it is your correct alignment.

And — aligning with the Divine Intention  is really only a matter of acknowledging the creative power of its dynamic existence.  Your  full assent to the Universal Divine Purpose  is its own invocation of infinite energy and intelligence — and you experience it according to what amount of it your physical being is capable of handling —  processing — understanding — and how much of it can be creatively expressed in whatever level of consciousness you have chosen to reside. 

What is that basic Universal Intention which is the thrust and drive of All-That-Is?  

What is that single dynamo which transcends all space — all time — and all dimensions? 

What is it that lives at the most primary root of every  Universe in this Multiverse of infinite worlds — numberless frequencies — and an eternity of time-lines?

Here is one excellent way of putting it which  I groked  from a biophysicist who specializes in Life Physics: 

At the quantum and sub-quantum levels there exists a fully interconnected   mega-conspiracy — a Universal Purpose — a singular  focus of unmitigated power  on behalf of All Life  — its very existence is in order to uplift and nurture every facet — every expression — every aspect of that Universal Life in order to aim it — guide it — and encourage it toward the very best expression of its creative potential — which is  in fact — limitless and infinite and is way way beyond our full comprehension — and always will be because all individuals are only fragments — facets — and specialists applying their individual talents and understandings to the furtherance of this Great Universal Intention.

It is this Universal Drive — which draws all beings continually toward full perfection — and this  Divine Mission has no end — for it is infinite and eternal.

Our purpose as sentient beings who are reaching out toward new horizons of service to the Universal Life — and have arrived at the opportunity of creating our  own Galactic Civilization — is — to become better and better facilitators of that primary Universal Purpose of which I speak.

And that is what our  personal alignment with the Universal Intention is all about.

Since all of us are at different stages in the development of our conscious understanding — we will seldom agree on all the details of how  the specifics of this Mission should  be carried out. 

However — this does not matter.  

We — all together having the same intent — will discover the best methods as we go along. 

It is on-the-job training — and — at the proper stage of it — we will have full access to a variety of extraterrestrial mentors who have tread this path before us — and they will offer numerous practical suggestions for our consideration. 

And — we will begin by becoming the stewards and care-givers of all Life on our Mother Earth —  while we awaken to realize the greatest compassion — and our most humble awe and appreciation of the Great Infinite Web of Life!


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