Holonomic Groking

Holonomic Grok

  Here’s a little different perspective. 

An infinite number of parallel realities (worlds) exist and you are already accessing them.  You do this with every thought and with every action (intention.)   

The cognitive dissonance everyone is experiencing during this consciousness shift exists in order to teach all of us that the real answer is not in any external “information” – none at all.  It does not matter how “correct” that information is nor how “incorrect.” 

No — it does not matter.  Why?  Because there are as many perspectives as there are people — and you will never change anything in this world period. 

You are what’s changing.  You are shifting yourself over into a an already existing parallel reality (universe/world) – one of your own chosing and creation.  (There are an infinite number you know.)  You simply cannot solve any problem on the level of the problem – period. 

All the Whadda-bout-this and whadda-bout-that is really nothing but vain illusion – a fantasy game – a projected holodeck.  We literally create our own Matrix Cage of slavery. 

So — what can we do? 

Stop – cease and desist – get quiet —  look carefully within and determine  what  it is that you truly  want – what is it that  genuinely peaks your excitement and sparks your creativity — longing and inner vision?   Believe in it fully and completely.  Go with it.  Pursue it.  Act upon it.  Build upon it.  Continually feed the excitement of it. 

That excitement is very important because it is the driving power behind it. 

Until you do — you will continue to find yourself disappointed in those whom you are choosing to do your thinking for you.  This situation came about because of your prior religious programming to be dependent slaves who do and think only what some “expert” tells them to do and think.

And – for the sake of your education — all of this external “information” (that you are so fully addicted to)  will now become more and more obtuse — obfuscated — unsatisfying — convoluted — contradictory — hypocritical — confusing — and frustrating — until — until you finally wake up and totally depart from all  those external crutches  upon which you have come to totally rely — and instead – joyfully   begin to build your own eternal present.

You can do it. 

Yes — you can do it and you can do it consciously and completely once you realize that you are already doing it and already have been doing it but un-consciously – feebly and partially due to doubt – lack of focus — and (especially) lack of excitement. 

You can accomplish this once you fully realize that  no one else is doing it for you nor ever has. 

We are ALL involved in the rapidly accelerating process of transcending linear cognitive “information” and we are learning an entirely new type of thinking – the most descriptive way of labeling this is “Holonomic  Groking.” 

This is what the ETs are teaching us.


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