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My Present View 3/28/13

banff-national-park The following is my highly limited take on the matter of ETI’s and their “spacecraft.”

I cannot prove any of this in any way whatsoever. It is not in any of the literature (that I know about) and no UFOlogist would ever allow himself to think such ridiculous things as I am about to say.

So — here is my take on the UFOs and the Galactic beings who manifest them — but — not ALL of them.

Our own government undertook the Nazi Secret Weapon program immediately after WW2 — and Hitler’s “secret weaponry” fell right into the hands of the U.S. military — but also — into the hands of the Russian military.

The difference between the genuine ETI UFOs and the earth human ones is simple.

Ours are manufactured — a nuts and bolts job — theirs are materialized directly out of the prime energy matrix of the Universe. Their “ships” are a direct “extension” (manifestation) of the ETs themselves.

From the moment anyone lays eyes upon a genuine ET craft — they are already in telepathic contact with the occupants — although few recognize it.

Earth humans cobble a facsimile together which they call an “anti-gravity” machine — the genuine ET ships are living physical manifestations of the ETs themselves coming to us in a selected metaphor which we earth humans can relate to.

That is — we think in terms of “they must have some kind of conveyance to get here — reality demands it.”

That type of concept is entirely a human conceptualization based upon our very limited understanding of how the Universe works.

Actually — they do not need such a conveyance at all.

They use non-local teleportation to change locations whenever they deem it necessary.

But — we think they do “need” such a conveyance “across space.”

So — their “ships” are here for the sake of their communication with earth humans — who wouldn’t understand at all otherwise. At least — that is one of their main functions.

From the very beginning — they are already communicating directly with us.  Later on comes methods such as “crop circles” and communication through sacred geometry and, of course, contactee stories with which we are all familiar. Pleiadians — Andromedians — Sirians — Arcturians — Martians — Venusians — you name it. These are ALL taken directly from the human conceptual reality. They are metaphors which are designed to help us along in our understanding.

See this also.

They must communicate with us through a downstep.

In other words — they come to us in such a way as is “reasonable” to us. That way — we are much less “freaked out” — which would be the case otherwise — and occasionally has been the case.

This kind of “magical appearance” leaves us feeling totally dis-empowered — and earth humans are so overwhelmed and awed — they can think of nothing else other than falling down and “worshiping” such powerful “divine” beings.

This, of course, did indeed happen in the past.

In reality — we are exactly the same as them — we are beings of full consciousness — only we willingly undertook a huge plunge into this state of highly limited conscious awareness which we call three dimensions of space and one of time (according to some.)

It is an investigation — an inquiry — an investigation — an “experiment” if you will — and its purpose is to indelibly record — to etch forever into earth’s Akashic record — the algorhithm — the formula — the recipe — informing whoever might be interested about the very best method for getting back to full consciousness once such a departure has been made for any reason.

We are discovering the very best and most efficient way through living a series of physical lives here. I want to repeat and emphasize — we volunteered for this assignment — all of us.

This inquiry is on behalf of ALL LIFE IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE. It is not a “small thing” as some would have you believe. It is not a “race-war” nor is it “good guys” versus “bad guys” nor is planet earth a prison camp being run by reptilians who plan to eat us. All of that is sheer poppycock!

We are heading directly for FULL CONSCIOUSNESS and we will be directly assisted but only for the very last part of the journey. Then — we will meet our space familiy face to face. That is what’s coming.

Yes — that’s where we are headed. FULL CONSCIOUSNESS. Nothing less.

We have been undergoing an investigation here on our Mother Earth. We are corporately learning how such a transition is smoothly made. Then — we — will do as our mentors are now doing with us — and aid other beings throughout the galaxy into full consciousness.

As far out and wild as that sounds. That is my present view on the subject.

You Must Hear This Discussion

Friends — here is one of the best discussions I have heard recently.  Enjoy it — or maybe hate it — but — you cannot ignore the new information being discussed here.

Still Watching

Star People

Star People

No? Maybe — just weird cloud formations?’

It’s all in the perception and inner concept.

No one can prove that ETs exist — walk among us — or communicate with us.  And yet — many of us are fully convinced that they do.  Are we deluded?  Maybe.   All I can say is — if ETs are not visiting us, they certainly should be.  I would — if I were them.  Why?  Because the people here suffer terribly and seem to be totally separated from the knowledge of who and what they are. 

Basic compassion would make me want to come here and help these seemingly lost beings — in whatever way I could.  How would that be?  Probably the Universe would say “keep your hands off so that these beings may learn the lessons they came here to learn.”  And — I and other compassionate souls out in the Universe would find ourselves greatly restrained.

But — let’s say there was a crises and it became necessary to quickly shift this world up a couple of notches for the sake of an entirely new endeavor.  I would desire to coordinate with any and all beings to do the best thing possible for this world.

I think that is indeed what is taking place.  How long?  How long before genuine disclosure and First Contact? 

No one really knows.  However — I believe in my heart that it is coming.  It must come.  Why?  Because something deep within tells me that this is the way the Universe works — Life uplifting Life in the best possible way. 

And — we will do likewise.



The Fix-The-World-Project Takes Flight

Let Us Begin


This project began as a world-wide essay writing endeavor asking input from as many people as possible throughout the world. 

The focus was  about how the present world crises can not only be mitigated — but — suggesting practical ways in which the present dysfunctional situation can be healed — with the goal of bringing our world forward into a state of basic sanity — and thus into thriving mode rather than survival mode. 

In their survey of our planet and every human being on earth — these ETIs revealed something of the utmost importance.  At the very core of the hearts of the vast majority of people on earth is a strong inner desire for peace on earth and goodwill toward men. 

The world’s people DO NOT WANT WAR.  They DO NOT WANT POVERTY and they DO NOT WANT FINANCIAL TYRANNY — with it’s falsely so-called “New World Order” which is — in reality — the “Same Old World Order”  on steroids.  It is nothing but  Hitler’s and Stalin’s and Citibank’s and Goldman Sach’s wet dream of world totalitarian tyranny. It is sick, sick sick.

No  — the people’s of the world at the core of their hearts actually want the very same things — just to love and be loved in return — to work creatively with their own two hands — and — to offer undying hope to their children. 

They desire the human freedom and liberty referred to in the Bill of Rights.  They desire sovereignty — both personal and national — and they desire expansion of consciousness with genuine progress  that uplifts all human being —  also every form of life on our beautiful planet — and — the planet (Gaia/Sophia) herself. 

Refreshing, eh?

This is our solemn responsibility — as well as the materialization of the Divine Purpose.

The people’s of the world themselves brought forward these proposals — and what you see presented here came from every continent and the majority of the nations on our planet

I have reason to believe that some very advanced and completely benevolent extraterrestrial civilizations (many of them) are not only backing this up — but — are helping to further it — with a bare minimum of intervention only when absolutely necessary. 

What do you think? 

(Differing opinions are not only welcome but greatly desired.)

How about it?  What other reason do we have for being here?


If we do not — who will?  Perhaps you think Jesus (or the ETs) descending from the sky  waving a magic wand?  Hardly. 

We — all together (over thousands of years) — in our unnatural state of darkness and forgetfulness — created this totally dysfunctional world — but  now — humankind is finally awakening to who and what they really are — and for the sake of  truth (and even basic human decency)  WE must focus on the healing of our Mother Earth and all her children.

If and when “Divine Intervention” occurs — it will be to enhance — hasten — and support this initiative that we ourselves have begun in faith.

The root of the problems have now been clearly pinpointed and the solution is at hand — if we can only accept it — realize it — and  personally pursue it. 

Yes — the solution does require our willing focus and effort.

What better endeavor on behalf of Life itself?  Our children deserve a thriving world of genuine sanity and progress.