The Fix-The-World-Project Takes Flight

Let Us Begin


This project began as a world-wide essay writing endeavor asking input from as many people as possible throughout the world. 

The focus was  about how the present world crises can not only be mitigated — but — suggesting practical ways in which the present dysfunctional situation can be healed — with the goal of bringing our world forward into a state of basic sanity — and thus into thriving mode rather than survival mode. 

In their survey of our planet and every human being on earth — these ETIs revealed something of the utmost importance.  At the very core of the hearts of the vast majority of people on earth is a strong inner desire for peace on earth and goodwill toward men. 

The world’s people DO NOT WANT WAR.  They DO NOT WANT POVERTY and they DO NOT WANT FINANCIAL TYRANNY — with it’s falsely so-called “New World Order” which is — in reality — the “Same Old World Order”  on steroids.  It is nothing but  Hitler’s and Stalin’s and Citibank’s and Goldman Sach’s wet dream of world totalitarian tyranny. It is sick, sick sick.

No  — the people’s of the world at the core of their hearts actually want the very same things — just to love and be loved in return — to work creatively with their own two hands — and — to offer undying hope to their children. 

They desire the human freedom and liberty referred to in the Bill of Rights.  They desire sovereignty — both personal and national — and they desire expansion of consciousness with genuine progress  that uplifts all human being —  also every form of life on our beautiful planet — and — the planet (Gaia/Sophia) herself. 

Refreshing, eh?

This is our solemn responsibility — as well as the materialization of the Divine Purpose.

The people’s of the world themselves brought forward these proposals — and what you see presented here came from every continent and the majority of the nations on our planet

I have reason to believe that some very advanced and completely benevolent extraterrestrial civilizations (many of them) are not only backing this up — but — are helping to further it — with a bare minimum of intervention only when absolutely necessary. 

What do you think? 

(Differing opinions are not only welcome but greatly desired.)

How about it?  What other reason do we have for being here?


If we do not — who will?  Perhaps you think Jesus (or the ETs) descending from the sky  waving a magic wand?  Hardly. 

We — all together (over thousands of years) — in our unnatural state of darkness and forgetfulness — created this totally dysfunctional world — but  now — humankind is finally awakening to who and what they really are — and for the sake of  truth (and even basic human decency)  WE must focus on the healing of our Mother Earth and all her children.

If and when “Divine Intervention” occurs — it will be to enhance — hasten — and support this initiative that we ourselves have begun in faith.

The root of the problems have now been clearly pinpointed and the solution is at hand — if we can only accept it — realize it — and  personally pursue it. 

Yes — the solution does require our willing focus and effort.

What better endeavor on behalf of Life itself?  Our children deserve a thriving world of genuine sanity and progress.


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