Still Watching

Star People

Star People

No? Maybe — just weird cloud formations?’

It’s all in the perception and inner concept.

No one can prove that ETs exist — walk among us — or communicate with us.  And yet — many of us are fully convinced that they do.  Are we deluded?  Maybe.   All I can say is — if ETs are not visiting us, they certainly should be.  I would — if I were them.  Why?  Because the people here suffer terribly and seem to be totally separated from the knowledge of who and what they are. 

Basic compassion would make me want to come here and help these seemingly lost beings — in whatever way I could.  How would that be?  Probably the Universe would say “keep your hands off so that these beings may learn the lessons they came here to learn.”  And — I and other compassionate souls out in the Universe would find ourselves greatly restrained.

But — let’s say there was a crises and it became necessary to quickly shift this world up a couple of notches for the sake of an entirely new endeavor.  I would desire to coordinate with any and all beings to do the best thing possible for this world.

I think that is indeed what is taking place.  How long?  How long before genuine disclosure and First Contact? 

No one really knows.  However — I believe in my heart that it is coming.  It must come.  Why?  Because something deep within tells me that this is the way the Universe works — Life uplifting Life in the best possible way. 

And — we will do likewise.



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