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My Speculation



The following is strictly my own speculation. I cannot “prove” any of it. It is basically positive because my experiences with what I assume to be ETI has been nothing but positive. Here is My Story.

1) Is this whole thing a gigantic “experiment?”

I personally do not like to use the term “experiment” because it sounds too cold and clinical from my point-of-view. To me — the term “Inquiry” or “investigation” or “unfolding” is much more appropriate.

Everything exists. EVERYTHING. You get whatever you call upon. Fear is a call. So is JOY. What will it be? You will decide. You are a sovereign entity.

This investigation has compassion and caring for all Life behind it as its basis — despite all outward appearances and the terrible struggles so many folks are going through. Life here IS a struggle period and coming to grips with it is why we are here and what we volunteered for.

2) Are we victims? No. We fully volunteered for this inquiry. In fact, we did so eagerly because this inquiry is on behalf of ALL life throughout the multiverse — not just for us. We have come here to a 3D planet of forgetfulness in order to remember who we are — what we are — and why we are here. This inquiry is about discovering — for the first time ever — HOW — the best and most efficient way — to return from a state of almost total amnesia to our normal FULL CONSCIOUSNESS. Yes — WE are the ETs. The Greys — the Reptilians — The Nordics — the Insectoids etc — they are ALL US. They are part of our own being. All is totally interconnected. There is only ONE MIND in the entire Universe and we individuals are interconnected with all of it.

What parts are we familiar with? How do we relate to ourselves? That is what determines who and what we are as an individual. How real is our interface with our interconnectivity?

3) What is this inquiry? We are beings of FULL CONSCIOUSNESS who volunteered to take on the highly restrictive limitation of 3D and we did it for a purpose. What is being learned from this investigation into the nature of consciousness itself is forever recorded step by step in the Akashic records of this world in her unfolded state (5D). There it can be accessed by any interested being in the multiverse.

4) This investigation is now over and these are the days of final completion and our return (ALL OF US) to FULL CONSCIOUSNESS. Our ET families have been watching over us with a bare minimum of intervention — until now.