Here We Are


Today is my birthday.  Another July 4th.

I’ve lived 71 years in this life — and have no regrets.  I am determined to live to 134 or more — even though that has been (and will be) a challenge since my programming in this matrix of lies was to die at age 70 — as did my father.

Overcoming such programming is not easy — yet — it can be done.

My purpose for being here is not yet fulfilled.  And — in fact — it is only beginning.

And what is that purpose?  What is that mission for which I incarnated upon this dysfunctional world in the very last stages of its self-destructive downward spiral?

I really do not know.  Not yet.

My mind cannot even comprehend it yet.  However — whenever the time for that awareness does arrive — all will become clear — of that I am sure.

I fully trust this ascension process.

But — I do know that the insane downward spiral of our civilization is very close to a major shift which is unlike anything ever experienced upon this world.  And — the outcome of what now appears to be total insanity will be a golden age of upliftment and enlightenment which is way beyond anything we can presently imagine.

This “golden–age” has been prophesied by the prophets of every nation on earth.

The great shift which is now upon us appears only as chaos to many — and especially those who desperately want to cling onto their limited familiar concepts — memes — institutions and beliefs about what constitutes reality.  All of these are  dissociating — disintegrating — and dissolving at the quantum level whether we like it or not.


Nothing is relevant any longer because all of it was a false manufactured matrix which we willingly allowed to be imposed upon us for our participation during a limited time frame.

That time is now over.

The inquiry we undertook is now over and the construction in which we participated is now crumbling to dust.  It is now recycling into undifferentiated energy.

The entire third dimension — that third dimension which we have known and explored through many life experiences — is now going away — completely.

Planet earth herself is presently moving through the fourth dimension and rapidly onto the fifth. 

And we are being ushered on through it all by many  extraterrestrial helpers as we gradually awaken to who and what we truly are.

There is a Universal plan for our Mother Earth — Gaia/Sophia.  We are part of that Universal plan.

What we are experiencing right now is nothing short of complete transformation.  We are in the midst of a complete dimensional shift.

We have been involved for at least 13 millenia in a detailed and vast  inquiry into human consciousness.  It was an investigation  which required us to enter into this 3D realm in a state of almost total amnesia.

We did not remember who we were — what we were — or where we had come from.

The time has now arrived for us to remember and take the incredible wisdom and knowledge we have gained through this vast project and build a new galactic civilization of service to other beings.

Let us rejoice!

We will now fully align with the Universal Purpose which is to uplift — uphold — encourage — appreciate — heal — assist under the right circumstances and create the proper benign environment which will fully allow the unhindered smooth unfolding of life itself that it might express the infinite potential of our Creator Source to the greatest possible extent.

This is an ongoing endeavor since it is infinite and has no beginning nor end.

This alignment with the aforementioned Universal Purpose will set us off on an entirely new course — one which is totally different from anything we have ever known upon this planet.

We will experience full interconnectivity with the other beings of time — space — and dimensions.  Of course — this has already begun.

This exploration will become  our prime vocation throughout eternity.



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  1. Cosi Harmony

    Happy Birthday !

  2. Belated Bappy Hirthday Nestingwave! Of Course I’m a week late and many dollars short, but well, that’s what happens to cranky old Vikings who have repeatedly missed their (long)boat!

    As my b-day rolls around mid-June every year, I seem to focus on “Purpose”. Not only just what exactly my own purpose is on this planet, but that of the good folks I know in many places, of many ages and occupations. This year seemed to be an especially difficult one for sorting out feelings about “purpose”.

    I must say though, without exception the Universal Abundance never fails to remind me. Some years it’s a gentle nudge, others it is a rousing left hook of a reality check, but as needed, the UA reminds me!

    I think one thing that many folks dwell on a bit too much is the impact or effect of their particular “Purpose”. I was recently in conversation with a fellow who could not find any great meaning to his own Purpose, it didn’t span the cosmos, it didn’t effect the masses and it seemingly left him in want of changing his chosen Spiritual Path as well as occupation. I know everyone is “guilty”, from time to time, of analyzing their “Purpose” and thinks about making necessary adjustments. But may I offer this:

    No matter great or small, having the desired effect on millions or a single soul, our individual Purpose is as it should be according the Universal Abundance. If at the end of our days we have effectively transformed the lives of many, history often reflects the names and places of those involved. If, our Purpose has only transformed one lost soul, there is no less importance in the grand scheme of things.

    While that may sound a bit fanciful, we must always remember that the ONE life we effectively change just may the one that goes on to effect change in millions. There is no greater Purpose than one’s own, regardless of our limited, Hu-man perspectives!

    Blessings of Peace,
    Atwater Vitki the Viking Reverend!

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