The Present Situation — A Positive View

A Helping Hand To Remember

A Helping Hand To Remember

The following are my individual perspectives for today.

My opinion — my point-of-view — will undoubtedly morph and/or transform as new vital information becomes available — so — I just want to remind you that he who seeks with ALL of his heart — WILL receive the answer which will enhance and facilitate the intention of his life’s path.

Through my research — I can now confirm certain events about to occur as they happen in “realtime.” That is — our present linear tmeline which is speeding up toward its final culmination.

When the inevitable “crash” occurs (world-wide) — due to the complete collapse of the criminal “derivitives” market — simultaneously we can expect several events — the massive arrest of the psychotic criminals who have long gotten away with grand theft — murder — and genocide — the release  of the Collateral Accounts which will end world poverty forever — the immediate withdrawal of all troops engaged in foreign countries — TEMPORARY interim  governments (NON MILITARY) in the U.S. and in many others such as Britain — France — Germany — and other countries around the globe — a new and totally transparent financial system expressed LOCALLY under the full control of the citizenry in that area and backed by REAL hard currencies such as gold — silver — precious metals — and other important commodities.  NO MORE FIAT MONEY EVER AGAIN — NO MORE USERY EVER AGAIN — TOTAL DEBT FORGIVENESS WORLD WIDE — all debts from the individual level to the international level will be completely ERASED.

It will be a world-wide JUBILEE.

This is totally necessary to reset a workable financial system and make some  immediate amends for the years upon years of Financial Tyranny which we (all of us) have been enslaved by.

We were born into this but it had already been going on for a long time before that.

And — the over six thousand SUPPRESSED patents — which include FREE ENERGY and medical technologies to completely cure ALL diseases (including cancer) will become available to ALL PEOPLE throughout the entire globe.

You see — a great deal of $$$ has been generated off the present “sickness” industry — at the expense and suffering of all who are being trampled under this diabolical system.

While all this tremendous adjustment is taking place — which will take some severe realignment — there will be FULL DISCLOSURE of the UFO/ETI PRESENCE.

The ETs themselves will begin to address us directly — and will explain many things.

This will gradually lead up to a mass landing and DIRECT physical contact between us and certain predesignated ETs.  Those will be the ones  who will look very similar to us.

Then we will be gradually introduced to ETs  who are NOT human.  But — we have to be acclimated to the ET presence before that can happen.

Our ET friends know our present limits and exactly how to gradually prepare us.  Of course — that has already been going on for quite a while.  What would be an almost terminal shock at first will become quite accepted once we have received the correct prior preparation.

We have been told by several reliable sources that 80% of the military is now on the side of the common people of the United States — who desire a full restoration of the bill of rights and the constitution — both of which have been relegated to the trash bin by BOTH fascist political parties who have had this agenda of totalitarian globalism.

Yes — one faction is Marxist and the other is 100% Nazi.  But those political positions are a TOTAL RUSE.  They are FAKE and are for the sake of deceiving the masses.  You see — 50,000 or more SS and Gestapo Nazis were brought over to the U.S. immediately after World War 2 and they were installed directly into the newly formed CIA and NSA.

These so called “intelligence” agencies have been fully criminal since their very beginning.

WW2 did NOT end as we have been told in the official political “spin.”  That’s a rather long story in itself.  But — it is a moot point actually since both of our phoney political “parties” are full practitioners of Corporate Fascism.

If anyone should  care to find out how this works — read “The Mass Psychology of Fascism” by Willhelm Reich (a very brilliant scientist whose discovery of the “Orgon” led to the most brutal suppression.

Reich ended up being murdered having been incarcerated on greatly trumped up charges.  Like Tesla — his name is now spurned and he is called a “mad man.”  Such slander is how names and careers are purposefully ruined whenever they uncover an inconvenient truth which the establishment would rather keep secret.

They have a vision for a New World Order (actually more of the same) of GREAT population REDUCTION — from 7 plus billion to around 500 million people.  This is GLOBAL GENOCIDE for the sake of a power grab by totally insane murderous psychotics — which we now refer to as “our political leaders.”

They are to be stopped in their tracks and arrested during this great and unique “event.”

It will be a world-wide “event.”  It is unprecedented.

Those arrests are ALREADY taking place and when they are thrust into the public spotlight you will know that the events I have discussed have begun — and from there the dominos will fall RAPIDLY.  The media will shortly be liberated from the handful of tyrants that tightly regulate ALL your main-stream news and most of your alternative news.  Like your  “free” country — “freedom of the press” is nothing more than a propaganda slogan and has absolutely NO basis in reality whatsoever.

You are told only what the spin-doctors of tyranny WANT you to hear.  Everything is spun toward the benefit of those who steal trillions and would murder billions without blinking an eye.

Now — does that sound like “science fiction” to you?

Perhaps it does.

But — “science fiction” has  a way of surprisingly becoming our “reality.”  In fact — with just a minimum of research all the things I have said above can indeed be verified — usually from several sources.  But — it does take some persistent digging and most Americans are far to busy just trying to pay off their huge “debt” to be able to look into WHY this whole abominable travesty came about in the first place.

But — it really isn’t hard to find out — if anyone really wants to.

The presidents of the United States have been nothing but mind-controlled sock — puppets for a long long time.  No — this did not occur in “one” generation nor did it occur overnight nor can you blame Obama nor Bush who are BOTH fully mind-controlled automatons and are BOTH fully owned by the very same masters.

The so-called “liberal” and so- called “conservative” are both a total deception.  They are the “cover” story for Financial Tyranny which equally controls them both.  And uses them as a continual distraction to keep the masses focused entirely in a useless direction.

It is and always has been a right/left — right/left — right/left forced march of complete despotism and has totally duped most Americans who actually believed the ridiculous “conspiracy theory” put forth by their very own government as the cover story for the abominable “false flag” attack of Sept. 11, 2001 — an event which alert Americans immediately recognized as a 100% inside job carried out for the purpose of continual MILITARY AGGRESSION upon many lands which had already been long specified — such as Iraq — Afghanistan — Libia — Syria and ultimately — Iran.

Of course — now — they have found (like Hitler) that such brutal and violent aggression and murder is not near as easy as they once had assumed it would be.

Their assumptions and murderous intentions have now caught up with them and their whole NWO scheme is now rapidly coming unraveled.  So — their only course left is to desperately try to murder as many people and destroy as many lands as possible in their psychotic rage at having found themselves totally undone.

This last stage has been the greatest danger.  But now — they have fully lost and have NO MORE CARDS TO PLAY.  The massive ‘false flag” attacks they had planned to carry out in order to reverse an emergency are no longer viable because of the divine intervention by our ET friends now preventing it.

They no longer have anywhere to run and see only prison bars in their future — if they do not kill themselves first — or — better than that — repent and bravely stand before a truth and reconciliation hearing to receive their just sentences.

One thing is for sure — none of them will ever have any kind of influential voice in the world — period.

The list of countries which the neocons were determined to attack are the very countries which refuse to play ball with the long ongoing global Financial Tyranny which is nothing but an international CRIME SYNDICATE  run by war criminals void of all human feeling and any spiritual morality whatsoever — it is fully Anti-Christ — and always has been so.

This is the world we were born into.  So — this is NOT a “new” phenomena at all.

Yes — the “Anti-Christ” has already been here for quite some time (see John) and has gone totally UNRECOGNIZED as the people — including you and I — blindly played along in the Anti-Christ game by assenting to their illegal and inhuman policies.

We mistakenly thought that  it was the “only” game in town — and we did not have the courage to “just say no” and live a life of non-compliance in near total poverty.

We had not yet woken up to the fact that this tyranny existed.  We thought — and were falsely taught and indoctrinated — that we were “free”  — the “land of the free and home of the brave.”  That was always nothing but a false propaganda slogan — but we did not realize it — at least not at that time when we were trying hard to play a game which are conscience clearly objected to strongly.

Social Engineering via psychological operations is and has been an ongoing reality — especially since  not only the well advertised “Rocket Scientists” but also the totally unadvertised SS and Gestapo as well as  the brutally cold German “scientific” mind-control researchers were secretly brought over to the U.S. (under Operation Paperclip) right after WW2 in order to help facilitate the full totalitarian control of our entire population.

Similar deceptions have taken place throughout the world.

However people all across the globe are now waking up and they can no longer be easily duped and fooled by these — now fully exposed — minions of total corruption and despotism.

The ones behind the present tyranny are full-blown Satanists — and they FULLY control BOTH of our so-called political parties — which are animated by the very same evil masters.

They are the secret hidden government in the shadows — the puppet masters pulling the strings of their minions by means of $$$ — threats — blackmail — murder of their loved ones — and/or unbearable torture for non-compliance.

It has been like a secret inquisition against all truth and all human decency.

And — yes — they are also engaged in ceremonial human sacrifice — war being one of the main rituals.  Human trafficing and child sexual slavery sponsored by the highest “elite” of whole nations — including our own — is yet another complete travesty.

This must — and WILL — end forever.

This situation has been — for a VERY VERY VERY long time — a case of the most obscene (and now totally blatant) FINANCIAL TYRANNY.

Some of these psychotics who control the world actually WANTED World War Three in order to usher in their planned religious Armageddon to be “resolved” by their globalist New World Order and their installed “Anti-Christ” in Jerusalem.

But — you see — people are not as impressed by charismatic religious personalities as they once were — so that New World Order plan is now totally unworkable — being based on a completely outdated meme.

You see — they have technology (of a very demonic nature) which is at least 1000 years ahead of anything you can imagine.  It has been carefully  hidden away — and they think they can “save” themselves with it and come out on top.

They are mistaken.  They have miscalculated and there time is up.

This is how they think in their dog – eat – dog (Darwinian) One – Ups – Man – ship.  Yes — they are completely  insane.  They are the ultimate epitome of all greed — arrogance and selfishness.

Actually the “New World Order” is in reality the OLD OLD OLD VERY OLD world order of totalitarian control — just like Roman Imperialism — but on steroids — and coupled with “super” demonic technology.

However — the beneficent ETs who are here to assist us have way more advanced interdimensional “technology” which is way way beyond anything the NWO minions possess or can even imagine.

Our friends will bring to bear whatever is necessary to end this according to heaven’s divine plan.

The so-called “New World Order”  has now been exposed and stopped.  Yes — this is very good news!

All this has been going on now for nearly 13 thousand years — since the last destruction and total sinking of Atlantis.

Now — the final end of it has finally arrived.

The good news is that this long evil plan has now been thwarted completely and the dark cabal which has long controlled this world through $$$ — propaganda — poverty — false flag attacks — slavery — deception — fear mongering — continual war — brutality — and genocide — has now run out of time — its over for them and they well know it.

They are at a loss as to what to do — so they can only react in their old entrenched psychotic methods of wanton violence and even suicidal self-destruction.

Like Adolph Hitler — their hatred and blame for those whom they hold responsible for their demise would lead to an insane “scorched earth” policy — if that was allowed.

But — just like nuclear annihilation — that is NOT allowed period.

You see — it was part of the divine plan for our controllers to be given a certain limited period of time.  Now expired.

It was all a vast inquiry into the very nature of human consciousness.  And — it was done on behalf of ALL life in the Universe and WE (you and I) volunteered to take this temporary fall into forgetfulness and amnesia (over many various lifetimes) about who and what we really are.

Our controllers have ALSO fallen into near total amnesia.

But now — the time has come for us to remember who and what we are and why we came here.

Yes — many of our present controllers will awaken and repent of their insidious crimes — but whether they do or they do not — THEY WILL BE TOTALLY REMOVED FROM THEIR PRESENT POSITIONS AND WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO INFLUENCE OUR CIVILIZATION.

We are scheduled to become a viable Galactic Civilization and spread love — light — and peace to the entire Galaxy and beyond.

That is why we undertook this very very difficult mission to begin with.

It is now happening world wide and is intimately connected with the UFO/ETI – phenomena which the tyrants of this world so fear — why? — because it means the end of their long reign of terror forevermore!

They fear losing their power more than anything.  And that is exactly what is happening.  They can no longer maintain the illusions they have created through the pack of lies they have surrounded themselves with — spread to the entire world — and try to live by — as they crumble into dust.

All their secrets are now being shouted from the rooftops and an awakening unlike anything before in the history of the world is now occurring — and it is unstoppable.

What is right now happening in Egypt is a victory for the light.  The CIA stooge which the U.S. put in as a sock – puppet to do the bidding of the financial tyrants has been removed — not by the military — but by the PEOPLE who saw through the international globalist ruse and said,  “we will no longer take these insidious lies!”

We all have the exact same Creator you know.  There is only One First Source and that is not only true for this little blue planet — yes — “little” but not insignificant as we have been falsely told by those who call themselves “scientists.”

We have divine intervention!  We have a “space – family.”  Those who are intervening are our own genuine relatives — even biologically!

DNA is a cosmic matter and is woven into the entire multi-dimensional matrices of the entire Multiverse!  Planets — including this one — are “seeded” and nurtured.  There is no such thing as “random evolution.”  There is only the conscious selecting and careful nurturing of life and the environments in which life grows to express the greatest degree of its infinite potential.

All the Darwinism you ever heard about and our “evolving” up from the slime is an ignorant lie.  We are already celestial beings of FULL CONSCIOUSNESS who have undertaken an inquiry into the very nature of human consciousness and done so by volunteering to experience an almost complete amnesia about who and what we really are.

WE ARE THE ETS AND THEY ARE US!  Of course you have no reason to believe that at the moment.  Do not believe it.  But — it is true as you shall see in the days to come when we meet our ET relatives face to face.

Almighty God NEVER does anything himself that his servants (angels both physical and spritual) cannot do.  God handles everything from the inside out and from the perspective of EVERY sub-quantum point in time and in space.  And — Almighty God does everything  according to his Universal Intention — which is always on behalf of the upliftment and the eternal furtherance of ALL LIFE.

When we ourselves align with that Universal Intention — that Divine Universal Purpose — all things then become possible for us.  Then there are NO limitations because whatever we choose to do is aligned with the Great Cosmic Universal Purpose and we have access to ALL the wisdom and experience extant in the entire Multiverse to carry forth that intention.

We become an usher and director to channel the Divine energy specifically where the Divine Intention has already declared it to go.  At that point we have become the ultimate “minister” of the Divine Source Field with an infinity in front of us to better perfect that Divine service to all beings and to Life Itself.

We may “downstep” our energy level as well as our state of consciousness in order to communicate with beings of another world and/or dimension or density.  And — that is exactly what the fully conscious ETs have already done in order to communicate with us in a clear way which we — in our present state of near- amnesia — can understand.

Yes — it required a considerqble “downstep” on their part.

Almighty  God is not only omnipotent and omnicient — but ALSO OMNIPRESENT — that is — God is everywhere and everytime fully present.  He is the One Divine Source — the Creator of All — That — Is — Being itself — the I AM presence.

There is never any real “separation” from God — but — there is the dull sleep of forgetfulness in which all of us have participated in one degree or another.

Just being born into this 3D existence puts us into a state of forgetfulness.  3D was designed that way.  It is both a school and a laboratory.  This entire 3D realm is scheduled to completely dissolve as our Mother Earth becomes a fully 5D world — both inside and out.

Yes — we all need to wake up fully. Our ET helpers and mentors will aid us and guide us along those lines.  They will direct us toward that important revelation of full consciousness.

Remember — we have already been there but have been gone for nearly 13 thousand years.  So we need this First Contact to help refresh our long dormant memories.


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  1. Outstanding post Roy indeed! Now, I hate to tell you that I told you so… but, I am so glad that I’m not what seemed to have been by myself anymore, thank you my friend for sharing my beliefs in what is coming to fruition Namaste!

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