Divine Intervention

Angelic Touch

Angelic Touch


Perhaps you have become aware of the complete insanity in which you must survive and within which you must live — work — and do your level best to care for your loved ones.

You have discovered the vast array of poisons in your water supply — in the air you breathe and in the food you eat.

You feel assaulted daily by 24/7 salesmen who can only be described as “speedy — loud — aggressive — and pushy — liars.”

And what’s more — you have become aware of the ever rising background radiation due to continual careless accidents and radiation leaks.

And — if that was not enough — you have been informed that electronic radiation is greatly damaging to your nervous system.

Sometimes you wonder why you are still alive and how you are managing to still draw breath.

Fear not.

You have Divine Intervention.

Without that — you would all already be dead.

Kadara The Healer

Kadara The Healer

We are right here among you.

The time has now come for you to learn beyond any shadow of a doubt that you are not alone.

Those who now temporarily rule your world are even more insane than you ever imagined.

They despise LIFE itself because their partial concepts about it have not lived up to their inflated and false expectations.

They put far too much confidence in their limited concepts — and for generation after generation they have been kept under a very powerful mind- control program which was originally initiated by the Anunnaki long ago to assure the continuing loyalty of their minions during their limited period of totalitarian control over their “subjects” — which were/are the “common” people who remained out of touch with those (falsely called) ET “gods.”

Your world knows this under a specific meme: The Divine Right of Kings.

You can see that the present world-wide control paradigm has a very long history.

The ruling elitists — through their generational blood lines — have for many millenia considered themselves to be superior to those whom they rule — their ancestors having originally been the elite “chosen ones” of their Anunnaki overlords.

Several thousand years ago — the Anunnaki — who were beginning to see that — having established Kings and the many forms of debilitating and numbing “religion” — began to realize that their temporary oversight over the limited period of dark amnesia was about to come to an end and that this termination was according to the mandates of our Creator — who is our First Source and the Divine Parent of All.

The Anunnaki leaders awakened to this due to their ongoing contact with fully conscious celestial beings — the direct liaisons and communicators of First Source.

So — they packed up — took hands off — and left their active role only to observe with very little intervention — and only in special cases.

Not understanding the amnesia and awakening — which was the experimental inquiry taking place here on Gaia to discover and learn new and very important information concerning the very subtle nature of human consciousness — the elitist minions of the Anunnaki could only think of bringing their “gods” (with all their technological perks) back as their visible “masters.”

And so — ritual human sacrifice was initiated hoping to “bring back” the departed “gods.”

It was totally in vain (of course) because the Anunnaki well knew the plan of heaven concerning how this holographic simulation would develop and come to its final conclusion — and they knew that their early time of absolute over control had finished forever.

The human beings on this planet were to enter into a “golden age” (long prophesied by the prophets of every nation on earth) and build a very advanced Galactic Civilization capable of full interaction with the beings of time and space — in order to freely share the insights and wisdom which had been so carefully and painfully gained through this long inquiry into the nature of human consciousness.

Many things occurred over the centuries leading up to the final curtain of this last act.

Ships from many Star Nations began to appear across the skies of Gaia. In an ever increasing manner — contacts (both telepathic and face to face) began to occur with ever increasing frequency. A learning program to rediscover what had been lost through the many millenia of amnesia was very gradually undertaken.

Now — mankind on Gaia is in the final stages before First Contact which will be a massive public event.

Nothing will ever be the same after that.

Yes — please understand dear beings who dwell upon Gaia — you have already been having Divine Intervention!


To put it into a clear word that you can understand:


Allow me to define this.

All the poisons which plague you — such as radiation — poisons in your food and water supply — nanotechnology in the chem-trails being sprayed down up0n you are energetic occurances which the “elite”psychopaths are using in a long program of 1) slow genocide and 2) transforming you from a biological entity with a heart and soul of compassion — service — love and peace into a heartless and soulless mechanistic “transhuman” automaton which is fully controlled by a totalitarian computerized agenda.

It is an agenda which leaves absolutely NO room for any of the elements which we consider to be “human” such as heart — soul — or spirit.

This is by far the worst of the technology others would use against you.

This technology arose directly out of the mechanistic — materialistic — and reductionistic falsely so-called “science” that so greatly tends to adore and worship highly twisted popular “personalities” — such as Charles Darwin and Sigmund Freud.

Just as nuclear weaponry is not allowed to be unleashed in a massive Armageddon — which some of your insane leaders actually yearn for — the very dangerous and sophisticated nano-tachnology will NOT BE ALLOWED to subvert your body — mind — soul — or spirit — period.

These things are holy and sacred and we cannot allow such total insanity to prevail anywhere.

The experimental inquiry which has been taking place for many millenia on your planet is being scrutinized by nearly every eye in the Universe because of its vast importance for all LIFE throughout the cosmos.

This inquiry will not in any way be compromised.

The insane megalomaniacs carrying out these programs of suicidal self-destruction are being stopped in their tracks. The time is soon to arrive for their complete removal from any positions of power or influence ever again.

Like a nuclear holocaust — the poisonous destruction of life on Gaia is NOT allowed because it is absolutely suicidal and destructive to all life — not only the life dwelling upon Gaia — but the vast array of multifarious LIFE throughout the entire Cosmos.

Yes — we ARE intervening.

We are energetically intervening.

The poisons — radiations — and dangerous nano-technologies are being transmuted in their energy according to how your personal energy field interacts with itnot at the source of these devilish omissions — but — as they interact with your personal energy field — their destructive death frequencies are — in the best of your individual energy-field circumstances — being transmuted into life-promoting CHI energies.

Now — there is one more thing that you need to understand about this.

The personal effect that this transmutation of energy has upon you is according to:  1) your own thought pattern — 2) your own personal karma — and 3) your own understanding of how energies operate and interact with one another including your personal physical field energy.

So — your responsibility is to watch and adjust the thought patterns going through your mind — deal with and resolve your own personal karma and constantly increase your cognitive understanding about how energies operate and interact with one another.

This is your responsibility and by so doing you will be cooperating with all the outside energy flows leading to your ascension — the dispelling of all forgetfulness and your rising immersion into the fifth dimension of full and completely unblocked conscious awareness.

According to how you decide to take on your own responsibility in this — different people will experience different effects.

Always remember to encourage others. It will heal their doubts!

However — please understand this — if we had not already been intervening concerning these very important things — all life on this beautiful planet would already have been totally annihilated.

Learn from this message. Contemplate and consider the things which I have spoken.

My prayer — and the prayer of my people (the Arcturians and all with whom they connect) is for the conscious realization of all.

You ARE us — and — WE are you.

~ namaste ~

Kadara The Healer

Kadara The Healer

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  1. Thank you Roy… Very enlightening to say the least my good friend. Namaste

    • This is something which I have been trying to grok for a long time. What about the Divine Intervention?

      Some new insight on the matter has arrived but — of course — it is still a great mystery. I am glad to hear that you resonated with what I have had to say about it so far.


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