Whaddabout THIS and Whaddabout THAT?

You cannot solve a problem on the same level as the problem


That is because — in your very definition of the “problem” — you have encountered an apparent impasse due to your own self-limiting concepts — suppositions — and very often — some dogmatic petrified opinions as well.

That is why the answer often comes after you have given up on the question and focused elsewhere.  Letting go often allows an entirely new perspective.

The blockage is a kind of tunnel vision which keeps you entrained upon the fear and stress of the dilemma itself — which soon becomes overblown all out of proportion — making the situation appear to be far more dire than it actually is.

This stifles creative thinking — which could easily resolve the matter by opening up new vistas and offering new opportunities for resolution and/or reconciliation.

Our world — our planet — our civilization is daily faced with “whaddabout this and whaddabout that?”

Our first impulse is often to “fix” whatever we think has been broken or “reform” whatever we believe has become dysfunctional.

Traditionally — we have relied upon our mental processes (our minds) to weave the answer.  But — the incoming energetics are literally opening up an entirely new way of thinking which goes far beyond our cognitive reasoning and is fully inclusive of our human spirit and our heart center.

This broadens our entire perspective considerably.

In the present case of our dysfunctional civilization an entirely New Paradigm is required.

The “fix” — or — a better word is “healing” — must now move into the realm of entirely new dimensions which have never before been encountered by the present amnesiac humanity on our Mother Earth.

The new incoming Cosmic Energetics — which have never before been experienced by us upon our Gaia — are about to bring us a completely new experience and our former “mind-set”  is not sufficient to cope with the vast and very intense interdimensional energetics.

But — we will have whatever we need when we need it.  And — we are here to help and encourage one another as never before.

We are all butterflys being born out of caterpillars.   An entirely new experience awaits us that will open up many new perspectives.

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