In the life of synchronicity — the ticket may not manifest until you are ready to board the train.

My patience is like a bucket with a hole in it.

It soon runs out.

If you are anything like me — you long for — and often pine — for justice — for respect of human rights — peace on earth — for the relief of poverty — for the healing of our totally dysfunctional civilization resulting  in a new life-giving endeavor — instead of the old counterproductive downward spiral toward chaos — mass murder — and self-annihilation being perpetrated under the false guise of “national security” by yet another authoritarian nightmare — an abusive — violent — draconian — thug dominated and completely insane  robotic control paradigm — which views certain human beings — deemed to be “inferior” — as machines to be programmed —  used up — and then thrown away like garbage.

The many are totally enslaved to generate power and wealth for the arrogant few who consider themselves to be of “superior” genetic expression.  They look down at the “low-born” considering themselves to be the “well-born.”  Bloodlines are all important because they have not yet learned that there is no such thing as “superior genetics” and “inferior genetics.” 

DNA is an endemic omnipresent aspect to the entire Source Field that permeates the Universe.  DNA is infinitely encolded LIFE energy and expresses by drawing on its infinite reservoir of infinite possibilities.

(Voice from Within) Each life form reflect and expresses one individual’s view and interpretation of whatever they deem “reality” to be.   Each — is equally important to all the rest because each individual piece of the ONE is totally necessary for the holistic expression.  Their individual aspect and expression is equal to every other aspect and expression because all segmented and special parts are different from every other part — no matter how similar they may appear to be — their energetic Meisner Fields hold individualized frequencies.

When the would-be controllers believe their own  untrue propaganda of assumed “superiority” — it greatly colors their entire behavior thoughout  life.

This terrible attitude and (I believe) a totally erroneous  false philosophy — indicates a total and complete ignorance about how and why the Multiverse operates and evolves.

This abomination does not deserve to exist any longer.  It is entirely due to simple ignorance of all the facts.  So — let the lie be exposed and dispelled and be sure it is gently replaced with the golden light of truth.

(Voice from Within)  Your judgement is accurate and dispositionally correct — but unfortunately — you sound like a dangerous raving religious fanatic.

I want it gone forever. 

(Voice from Within) I see that you also are … uh … impatient?

And — yesterday is not too soon for this to happen.  But — as it turns out — you are so right — this is just nothing but MY OWN IMPATIENCE. 

(Voice from Within) Why? 

Because I eagerly anticipate a “vision” which is not quite complete – and in its various unfolding — it tends to mislead us due to our own very limited 3D suppositions — which simply do not apply in this case.

I — and many others — do see — do visualize — do envision a far far better way.  The time has come to reach out toward other life in the Universe — find out how their civilizations flourish and apply new workable ideas to our own — which is presently wheezing out its last desperate breath.  The great difficulty is letting the old dead paradigm go while the New Paradigm is nothing but a glimmer in the eye of one’s imagination.

(Voice from Within) Remember — all babies begin in the same way.

We find that the ETI have been right here among us all along.  They observe our energetic fields  and well know the Universal Intention on behalf of the growing evolution of all life.  Our ET friends and relatives well know when our personal energy field begins to align with the Universal Intention.

They know the very moment that one’s  intention is to align with that most basic vector.  When the ETIs  discovers earth humans  beginning  that  same alignment — the mentorship and teaching lessons learned through contact begins.  

A new — and hitherto unknown — dimension with an entirely different perspective  begins to unfold — and we earth humans begin a new journey toward peace on earth and goodwill among all beings. 

Yes — human beings are well capable of choosing to travel  into the growing and ripening evolutionary gateway which leads to a highly advanced Galactic Civilization.

That’s where I — and millions of human beings — wish to go.  But — we have a few questions.

How long before the inevitable total collapse of this present shaky house of cards?

(Voice from Within) Many are impatient  Like you — and need a time-line — somehow it makes the unreal more real.  You say, “I need to know that this follows that — and — I have experienced many times that fall always follows summer.”  But — each individual follows their own time-line and no two are alike.  However — they all overlap to some extent.

To what extent will our ET friends and family intervene in the coming shift?

(Voice from Within) That’s for us to know and for you to find out — if you really want to.

How long before it occurs to the extent that it becomes visible to all?

(Voice from Within) Nothing is ever visible to “all” because each entity sees only through the eyes of his or her individual experience — the life’s work –the psychology — the physiology — the soul — spirit — education — compassion — forgiveness — karma — individual traumas —   courage — and what did you eat for breakfast this morning?

We know and understand that coming big event to be nothing short of massive and abrupt.

(Voice from Within) It all depends upon how you look at it.

Well — one thing for sure — Ima gonna keep workin’ on the aquisition of . . . uh . . . patience.


(Voice from Within) Oh — one more thing:  In attempting to find “patience” — be sure that you do not become a patient.

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  1. Patience? We don’ need no stinkin’ patience!

    Something I battle all the time. I’m also doing my best to simply “hang in there” until this global change comes about, yet there is a huge part of me that says “it won’t happen in your lifetime”. Should I become a martyr then so the rest of the World can finally comes to grips with Peace? – nah….only kidding.

    The Vision produced for me regarding Gaia at Peace is something I’ve held on to since a very early age. I’ve stood with “Red Chinese” guards at the border of China sharing a Marlboro, swapped tales and spit with “Soviet Aggressors” while consuming massive amounts of Wadka, I’ve had pictures taken of me by East German journalists for a perspective story on “West meets East” and held new born Vietnamese babies in my arms during the evacuation of Saigon that were instantly made US citizens due to being born a few days late….”Mom’s” biggest desire and earnest prayer to Sowathara.

    Will we see total Peace our lifetime? Well if we live to be 134 as Nestingwave hopes for, possibly! Patience – yes the biggest obstacle is not becoming a patient while praying for patience, understanding and peace.

    In the meantime….I’ve got a lot to say about this and that….and maybe, just maybe it’ll be heard by the Cosmos…but the biggest, most important message I have is….

    Blessings of PEACE!

    • Hello my Viking friend,

      Yes — you got it! Genuine “blessings of PEACE” can only come through the continual and constant seeking of our First Source — our Creator — which resides within and at the very core of All. Just recognizing that one fact alone begins to reveal our intimate interconnectivity with All-That-Is.

      Knowing that there can never be any real “separation” brings us into Divine inner peace capable of being shared with all other beings. It is a case of full “SHARE DISTRIBUTABILITY.”

      So — if in the worst case scenario these great dimensional (and paradigm) transformations do not happen in our lifetime — it does not matter — because — these necessary changes are correct — right — healing — and fully just — but also — they fully align with the Universal Intention which drives and transforms the entire Multiverse and that fact alone vindicates the mysterious (and often unknown) Divine timing — the details of which we only partially understand in our 3D linear cognitive perspective.


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