Galactic Humans 101: Sheldon Nidle 7/14/13

This free webinar is about energy shifts — transmutations — transformations — and frequency ascension.

This process is both physical and spiritual.

In my UFO contact of August 15, 1967 I directly encountered various frequencies of light as an epigenetic agent of synthesis — a harbinger of enlightenment and revelation and understanding — a spiritual epiphany .

This was to prepare me for the present ETI revelations that I might better understand them when they occurred.

You can read about my experiences here.

I did not know it at the time — but — I was being introduced to the effects of this usage of various frequencies of light in order to facilitate profound physical — mental — emotional — spiritual and overall consciousness changes.

So — I have absolutely no fear of what Sheldon refers to as the “light chambers.”

I already understand and know what they are — and — the way in which they are being described to us now is an analogy of what they really are.   

Sheldon’s  present description of them is a “TESSERACT.”

Sheldon’s  present description is a third dimensional analogy of a higher dimensional truth.


This analogy about their function and nature is all that we are presently capable of understanding in our present highly limited 3D mental processes.

I do not fear — but — I look forward to that final shift back into full consciousness.


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  1. I’m with ya Roy…

    • Hi again saucernut (Alan?) It’s hard NOT to be a “saucernut” when you have seen them face-to-face and have talked with them face-to-face and have ongoing telepathic learning sessions with your ET mentors. And yet … and yet … exactly WHAT IS the extraterrestrial intelligence?

      So — ultimately — all I can speak or write is only my own perspective — my own opinion — my own point-of-view — according to my own interpretation of my own experience — and what I have discerned from other people’s similar experience. No two are exactly alike — you know.

      Yep — there ARE no absolutes here — only highly criptic and sometimes
      esoteric “road maps” which need constant decoding — deciphering — translating — discernment — that are taken along with a large dose of doubt and humility which allows us to stay open and not become dogmatic and closed.

      Therefore — OTHERS will have their own interpretations of exactly WHAT the extraterrestrial intelligences are. Most will simply say, “I have no idea.” hmmmm … not bad.

      Are the ETIs our “higher self?” Are they complex oscillating biological entities from other worlds? Are they interdimensional? Are they “shape shifters?” Are they reptoids looking for a free lunch? Are they Grey Genetic Engineers invading us via mind-control and an interbreeding hybrid program?

      Are they the materialization of our worst nightmares? Or — are they a governmental psy-ops designed to keep us disabled through terror and continual fear?


      Any — and/or — ALL of the above?

      Well — in the final analysis — each person must decide for themselves — and — from my very limited personal point-of-view — that is exactly the way the ETI themselves prefer it.

      Unlike Sheldon — I do not profess to be any kind of ET emissary or spokesman — however — I do believe that perhaps I am learning something important that can be shared.

      People seem to be having much “fear” concerning what Sheldon refers to as the “light chambers” (or cacoons or transformation chambers.) This is entirely understandable. I believe that the ETs I encountered GAVE me and my friend a foretaste of that incredible experience. It was ans entirely POSITIVE experience in every way.

      There is much preparation before the time arrives for the “light chambers.” During that period we will all begin to understand this multi-dimensional (organic — living) technology — what it is about — how it differs from what we think of as “technology” today in our cognitive “nuts and bolts” concepts.

      Sheldon’s description and anyone’s description of what this interdimensional organic — living technology is — at this point — nothing but an analogy — a metaphor — a parable in three dimensions of something which only exists in higher dimensions — such as 4th and 5th. But — we are already moving into and through the 4th dimension — so actually — if we understand how a parable works — we CAN understand the descriptions of Sheldon (and others) well enough that all our fears can be put to rest from now on. As always — it is entirely up to us.


      • Most people are used to being lied to at some point, and when unfamiliar advanced technology said to make our journey shorter or easier, then people question motives, and look for tricks… One is that the said ‘Light Chamber’ is nothing more than a Soul Capture Devise intended for the Reptilians benefits, the list goes’ on. It is a fair question from an uncertain public I have to admit it shows doubt, but, why not ? One has just to look to our own Government for many reasons, indeed. I rest my case… Namaste !

      • Hi Alan — it is always good to hear from you.

        Yes — skepticism can indeed be healthy — or — it can cause a person’s seeking to end prematurely.

        Ceasing their search can overwhelm them with negativity — and even drive them into hopelessness and despair.

        It is true that “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing” — and it can lead one away from the personal epiphany of our Creator — but — complete (great) knowledge leads one back home to the center.

        There is much much skepticism about the so-called “light chambers” as a final technological aid via our Galactic neighbors for the sake of our full awakening into 5D. My own ET experience has shown me without a doubt the importance of light frequencies for biological healing and balance. This is also true with sound.

        But — it should always be pointed out that before any such direct intervention is undertaken much transmutation and transformation of consciousness will have already transpired before that acceleration via technological means. And — it should also be pointed out that any such direct intervention must — according to Universal Law — be undertaken mutually with our full permission and desire and understanding as to why this kind of direct intervention must be done in this particular case of earth human beings.

        Yes — many are afraid of an intrusion from “evil aliens” bent on vampirizing human beings and devouring their souls as an energetic food supply. Of course — there are hundreds of other scenarios with similar nightmarish horrors. Our lying government promotes — and even generates these fears in order to keep people from having communication with our ET neighbors and relatives. Of course — government deceptions — misinformation — and false propaganda can never prevent ET communication and intervention whenever and wherever they choose.

        If all this negative scenario is probable or possible — one has to ask — “and WHAT took them so long??”

        Personally — I look upon these kind of fears as the invention of totalitarian parasite government who is desperately afraid of forever loosing the tyranny of their already long held power over the bodies, minds, and souls of human beings who (due to several circumstances) are presently waking up from their long bad dream to the real possibility of a completely New Paradigm.

        Could I be totally wrong and the entire human race is headed into the maw of inter-dimensional predators from Outer Space?

        Well — all I can say is . . . in the vast infinity of this Multiverse all things are possible — but — what is completely probable (and an established fact of the Universe) is that whatever you or I put out — returns back to us.

        For example — the U.S. government early on wanted to acquire advanced ET technology for the sake of outgunning all other world governments and spread a global tyranny. Of course — they tried to hide their inner motivations from the ETs who fully understood them — even much more thoroughly than they did themselves. What did they get back? Very incomplete and partial ET technologies in return for them selling out the human race to be abducted and experimented on. Does anyone think for a moment that the interdimensional ETs have any need whatsoever to “experiment” on human biology? So — what were all those “treaties” which the U.S. Government signed with the “aliens?” Well — I’ll tell you. They were exactly like the “treaties” that the U.S. Government signed with the Native Americans — but — this time — the treasonous U.S. Government found themselves in the very same position that they had put the Native Americans in previous centuries — kidnapping — torture — and terror. In other words — the U.S. demons got a direct demonstration of their own bad medicine. This was not something which our ET neighbors and relatives did to them — but they themselves had –through their own actions — summoned those evil forces and became entangled with a situation identical to classical “demon possession.”

        This was a direct and vivid example of the rebounding mirror operation of the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.

        In my view — this is one of the most basic Universal maxims. This is based not only on my own individual experience — but also on the testified experiences of many other human beings throughout all history — plus a continual stream of evidence from every quarter on the veracity of the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. For every action (no matter how big or small) there is always a re-action. Of course — we can ignore this — however — the power of this Universal Law will tap us on the shoulder harder and harder until we pay attention and align ourselves with the flow of the Universe.

        The Hollywood horror script of “alien invasion” — which has been loudly hammered over and over again into our consciousness through media hypnosis and highly sophisticated mind entrainment and manipulation (mind-control) — may be an ancient memory of very early ET intervention into our biological genetics. I believe this to have been totally agreed upon by ourselves and all the beings concerned. It was a purposeful dampening down of our human consciousness. Not because of an evil “alien invasion” but because of a long experiment (for lack of a better word — “inquiry” or “investigation” is better) which we ourselves volunteered for many many lifetimes ago.

        This long inquiry is now over — finished — completed — and has been highly successful. And it was done on behalf of every being in the entire Multiverse — and now they will all have full open access to what had been learned from this long and very difficult inquiry into the very nature of consciousness itself. The purpose of this being the end all Galactic wars — making it much easier for all evolving entities to align with and enhance the Universal drive and flow to uplift — thrive — and unfold the infinite potential of all beings with far less hinderance than ever before.

        Why did we do this?

        We volunteered to sojourn and explore this intensely dense and very dark realm of three dimensions in order to learn via direct experience something entirely new about the very nature of consciousness itself — and indelibly imprint it as a testimony forever into the Akashic Record where it can readily be accessed by any interested entity in the entire Universe.

        This has been accomplished and it is now time for earthlings to return to their original birthright of full consciousness.


      • Thanks Roy… extremely well written, and explained… Namaste my friend

      • Thank you for your informative information towards my questions, yes, I know the bad ones were removed to some other part of our vast solar system a short time ago, and I know that the good ones above us, as well as the boots on the ground here with us are the ones that I can say honestly that I trust totally, (No Fear Here). So, I thank you again for explaining the process to eliminate the possibility of any fear that I might have. Yes Roy, I too have had intervention with our family of the stars, and I know they are genuinely the good guys we have been waiting for, I will gladly be the first if possible, to enter the Light Chamber’s. It is really good to know that everything you have told me is of absolute truth, I too am kind of like you, and parallel your life from the beginning, we will have to converse over coffee sometime, I believe were both two very old souls that know a lot, and have a lot to tell….. Always your friend, Alan….Namaste.

      • Hello Alan,

        Let’s talk. Email me at and we will enjoy a virtual cup of coffee. Tell me of your experience. Ask anything and I will do my best to provide some satisfactory answers — according to my highly limited perspective of course. The time is drawing close. For what? I think that perhaps it is considerably beyond our wildest comprehension.

        Peace to you.



      • As soon as I am able..

      • As you wish . . .


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