Compression Breakthrough (COBRA)


Here is the most recent interview with COBRA.  Although every messenger has their own particular perspective — COBRA’S  info about what he refers to as “the event” dovetails to a great extent with Sheldon Nidle’s message which has been developing now for many decades.

As always — everyone must use their best inner spiritual discernment when deciphering these messages.  Any genuine message actually coming from an ET source is far beyond “linear” information.  In fact, the linear information (which tends to captivate most people’s interest) is the least important aspect of any extraterrestrial transmission. 


Because the thinking processes of the ETI include a much broader perspective and are gradually teaching us the very same thing — whenever we open to it.

I personally found the following interview to be enlightening — so — I am sharing it.


Part 2 of this interview is actually an edited (and shorter) version of Part 1.)



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