The Liberation of Planet Earth — Video

Yes — what so many of us have prayed for — longed for — and worked for each in our own way —  is now on the verge of fulfillment!

Benjamin Fulford put together this video about the new developments with the Neil Keenan group.

I put up a previous post — by Jean Haines — informing us about what is presently occurring.  However — this great — and VERY concise video is a great synthesis of the information and also contains some additional information which everyone who has been following these developments needs to know.

And here is the aforementioned Kerry Cassidy interview of Karen Hudes which is a very important strengthening to those getting ready to arrest members of the International Criminal Cabal.

And — here is Karen’s website.

Karen Hudes

Watch this powerful gal — her information (and that of the other whistleblowers) is critical to the establishment of the “Rule of Law” — without which basic human rights — human decency — and even civilization itself — cannot exist.

And that must be the very basis for this huge global financial reset.

This is truly an inspiration!   Enjoy!


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