The Photon Belt


Things To Come

Since the late 1970’s, the now famous Voyager craft had been reporting data back to Earth that suggested we would be approaching a potentially dangerous and destabilizing interstellar energy cloud in the future.

In 2009, the disturbing hypothesis that scientists at NASA formulated through their study of the Voyager data was confirmed and reported by Merav Opher, PhD — a respected astrophysicist now in residence at Boston University.


In a paper published in Nature in 2009 entitled: “A Strong highly-tilted Interstellar Magnetic Field near the Solar System,” she discussed how “We have discovered a strong magnetic field just outside the solar system. This magnetic field holds the interstellar energy cloud together and solves the long-standing puzzle of how it can exist at all.  This energy cloud is at least twice as strong as had previously been predicted and the Solar System has begun to pass into it,” adding that this field “…is turbulent or has a distortion in the solar vicinity.”


This was not news to her colleague — distinguished astrophysicist Dr. Alexey N. Dmitriev — who had been suggesting the existence of this region of space since at least 1998.  He detailed the description of this interstellar cloud of electrical energy as embracing our Milky Way Galaxy at a “perpendicular” and completely surrounding the galactic plane from horizon to horizon in both hemispheres.  The best picture of this phenomenon that I could find was this artist’s conception and an astrological diagram of the same phenomenon:

This region is also called “The Photon Belt” in spiritual literature popular with the “New Age” movement.  However, it can no longer be said to be the postulation of New Age Philosophers as raw data from space-faring instruments have confirmed its existence. 

You can learn more about the scientific confirmation of this phenomenon by starting your discovery here:


and here:


As our solar system passes through this region of increased energy density, space debris, and interstellar particles, our sun has become “energized”— sort of like someone shoveling coal onto a fire.

As the sun’s energetic intensity increases it is also changing its color from yellow to yellow-white and now white-yellow releasing huge coronal mass ejections that give birth to ferocious solar storms.  These storms play havoc with our technology.

This is a “once-in-an-epoch” event.  Wouldn’t you agree?  Yet, despite the worrisome news, the “authorities” have refused to make any official announcements that detail the estimated effects of such a flow of events and the catastrophic implications they foretell.  It seems as though the ruling elite were not disposed to allow the general population an opportunity to begin preparing for the worst case scenario that many scientists claim will be their very best expectation.

These anxious admonitions are advanced because scientists have noticed that, as the Earth follows the sun through this field, it is also absorbing the energy generated by it and scientists have found that it results in more earth quakes, all while dramatically effecting our weather as well.

When asked, “How long will it take our sun to pass through this interstellar energy cloud, Dr. Dmitriev replied,

“I don’t know. But If I had to guess, I would say somewhere between two thousand to three thousand years.”

This interstellar cloud is a wispy band of charged particles through which our solar system is slowly moving.   As we plow through its density, the intense energy field is beginning to raise the vibrations (atomic frequencies) of the matter around us and of which we are made.

Dr. Dmitriev claims the implications of all this for earth are, “Global catastrophe! Not in tens of years from now, but in ones of years”, “…in that this global catastrophe is basically right around the corner setting the stage for NASA’s latest solar storm warning 2012-2013.

Dr. Dmitriev is talking about the Carrington Effect which can knock out electrical power and all modern forms of communications worldwide for months on end, even years.  You can learn more about the “Carrington Effect” (which has happened routinely over the history of the United States) by going here:


and here:


All of this is tied to a 25,000 year cycle that routinely results in dramatic changes to the Earth and to the life upon it.  The famous astrologer, Santos Bonacci, explains these phenomena in a series of fascinating lectures that you can find here:

Astrotheology the Holy Science 1 Everything is Interrelated.

Astrotheology The Holy science 2 Everything is Interrelated.

Astrotheology The Holy Science 3 Everything is Interrelated.

Astrotheology The Holy Science 4 Everything is Interrelated.

Astrotheology The Holy Science 5 Everything is Interrelated.

Astrotheology the Holy Science 6 Everything is Interrelated.

So — let’s put all of the speculation to bed.  The early “New Age” philosophers and astrologers were on to something.  Weren’t they?  Their assertions have been confirmed through scientific observation that has produced empirical evidence.

There will, in fact, be a “great transformation” and we are witness to its early stages.


Now — I ask you to put two and two together from this article which I wrote previously: 


You see friends — there is a Divine Plan unfolding. 

That Divine Plan is designed to transform us into a higher frequency dimension (the fifth dimension.) 

From that vantage point we will take up our responsibility as the caregivers of Gaia and — together — we will build a Galactic Civilization which is way beyond anything we are now (in 3D) capable of imagining. 

This has been referred to by the prophets of every nation on earth as our “Golden Age.”

Our celestial guardians — relatives — and neighbors are watching over each one of us.  it is their sacred duty and responsibility.  They are also here to watch over and aide our  Mother Earth — as this Divine Plan unfolds all of us into FULL consciousness — which is the true state of who and what we are — and fully conscious is what we always have been.

Although this situation here on our Mother Earth may seem like a very long time — it is quite temporary.   Right this moment — we have arrived at the very end of it — and — the beginning of a completely New Paradigm. 

We have been involved — and voluteered for — an inquiry into the nature of human consciousness. 

To carry out this inquiry — we allowed ourselves to become incarnated here many times while in a state of almost total amnesia.

Now — the time has arrived — for us to wake up and remember.

Our Mother Earth herself is also in the midst of transformation and there will be extreme geological turmoil.  However — we will not experience the totally devastating cataclysms to come — which so terrify many who do not understand the situation.

Yes — we have Divine Intervention — being carried out by the servants of the Creators Divine Will — and we — each one of us — is central to the unfolding of this long anticipated Divine Plan.

Soon — everyone will see a rapid series of very surprising events.  

These will change everyone’s long held — and very incomplete — concepts — expectations — and many unfounded suppositions about the true nature and purpose of reality.

Fear not . . . and look up . . . for complete liberation draws near . . . and unlimited possibilities begin to unfold.


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  1. Thank you for the info Roy, it was needed… Indeed! Namaste…

    • Bless you Alan,

      Yeah — I know what you mean by “needed.” We are dealing a lot with skeptics who over time seem to grow more and more cynical. Others — who are loosing patience because the instant magic they were so highly invested in — fell flat — as did their partial concepts. To our present materialistic society such thinking as the “Photon Belt” sounds fanciful and “mystic” and even “flaky” — so — it is important to gather as many solid physical ‘facts” as we can. Russian scientist have supplied quite a few of those physical facts. More will emerge as this unfolding develops further and further.



    • Thank you brother Satyam! Yep — there are logical obvious answers for WHY this shift and complete dimensional transformation is taking place at this time — and — those physical facts are . . . undeniable and are not the result of fanciful thinking as many suppose in their cynicism.


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