Events Are Moving Rapidly Now

Here is some very important news

The next video (below) broke earlier

Fact is — the world’s people are totally fed up with these false flag deceptions — which are diabolically engineered by mad-men for their murderous psychological operations — in order to generate brutal wars of aggression in which these parasites and their cronies amass obscene wealth and power to further their dark agenda of control and ongoing tyranny over the bodies — minds — and souls of men — women — and children. 

This has become business-as-usual for the sick psychotic thugs who dare to call themselves “leaders of the American people”.

They “lead” by threats — violence — war — blackmail — payoffs — deception — fraud and blatantly demonstrate on a continual basis their complete lack of morals and human decency — and — they show themselves to despise all human rights — liberty — and peace.

They also clearly demonstrate  themselves to be the bitter enemies of ALL life — not just the American people.

We can do better than that — yes we can. 

As this completely new financial system emerges — simultaneously — there will occur mass arrests and a complete changeover of the present de-facto and treasonous American Government. 

The American Republic will be restored and we will have a government of the people — by the people — and for the people. 

Every citizen will have input for the first time. 

This state of affairs is not only greatly desired by the American people — but it is also longed for by people throughout the world struggling from oppression and dictatorial tyranny.  

The U.S.  will become a light unto the nations instead of their adversary.  Governments all across the globe will be changing and/or shifting to express the New Paradigm.  And — the technological advances in energy production — communications — medicine — and space (to name a few) will no longer be suppressed by fossil fuel dictators — but will become transparent to all. 

Possibilities which have been unheard of up until now will rush forth! 

People all across the globe are awakening in these days — and — just as many of us realized on 911 — they are learning how to  recognize a “false-flag” operation whenever the deceivers present it as another false excuse for a brutal war of aggression.

What will the outcome be from this? 

I do not know.  But — if our country goes through with this totally insane idiocy of attacking Syria — it will only hasten its inevitable demise.

The coming New Paradigm is inevitable — and it is not the Fascist “New World Order” that the controlling Criminal Cabal so desires and promotes. 

It is not a matter of outwardly imposed “order” at all — but instead — It is a world which has woken up like a butterfly and has emerged from its chrysolis in full receptive mode of our own human and spiritual being — our innermost Universal Intention.

And — here is yet another video which is a reload of one recently taken down.

Recently — I have found myself posting a lot of developing ideas by others which I believe to be vital to this huge transition which is about to occur imminently.  I may still do that occasionally during the coming turmoil — but — I intend to act far less as a “reporter” and more as a creative writer in order to tap the deeper significance behind these soon coming events — and what this all means for all of us — including our future generations.

As this huge series of events begins to unfold many folks will be panicked and terrified — at first.  This is because of the temporary chaos that is sure to ensue until the people become aware about what is happening and its implications.  You should be aware that this event has been very carefully planned for a long long time by many very brave beings who long for the highest good for Mother Earth and her many children.

Once the state controlled media outlets become fully liberated from the powers which have controlled them for so long — there will be 24/7 truthful media coverage — including a complete education about what has led up to this huge transition — and all the many details which that  entails. 

This will put the terrified at ease — especially when they start to prosper as never before due to the initiation of a completely new financial system without debt — and without fiat money.  It will be a totally new financial system  completely void of derivities and it will contain full safeguards against corruption.  

This coming financial system will includes a global jubilee of total debt forgiveness — the end of all taxes — the restitution and return to the people of trillions upon trillions of dollars which have been illegally and systematically stolen from them for many many years through the thievery and deception of the criminal corporations which have exercised nothing but corruption — greed — and selfishness.




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  1. Do you have any idea how this coming change will effect the folks on Soc Sec Disability?

    • Very important question. How will Soc.Sec. be effected? My wife too is a disabled person and I am 71 on Soc Sec and the two of us can barely survive as it is. What will these changes bring?

      I have nothing to go on but the talk of “insiders” — some of whom have been in on this well planned change for some time — many many years in fact. They all say the same thing. The following is the most I know about it:

      This series of events has been planned out very very carefully to create as LITTLE disruption as possible in all aspects of American life. There will initially be a SHUT DOWN of the banks. This will last — AT THE MOST — two weeks — or so I am told. When they open again there will BE NO Federal Reserve. Provisions have been made (or so I hear) for there to be NO serious disruptions in Soc Sec.

      This event consists of many parts and they all have to coordinate — not easy — that’s why this has taken so long (many years.) We will all experience SOME disruption BUT it (reportedly) will not be for a very long time. If that is inaccurate and it turns out to be over a couple of weeks — well … at least we will all be in the same boat. :O) Yes, my friend, this takedown and change is scarey — but totally necessary. The GLOBAL COLLATERAL ACCOUNTS will be released simultaneously with this series of events. That is an important part of The Plan. These amount to about 9 QUADRILLION dollars in hard assents — according to Neil Keenan who is deeply involved in this AND WHO IS FILING A ONE TRILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT AGAINST THE CABAL.

      THERE WILL BE NO MORE FIAT MONEY EVER AGAIN. The Chinese — the Russians — the Japanese — the BRICKS nations — and most of the rest of the world ARE ON THE SIDE OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. They understand that the people are NOT behind what our criminal government is up to because they understand how we have been captured under the spell of mass mind-control and continuous propaganda through our tee vees — continual consumerism and 24/7 screaming advertisements. The people’s of the world want a restoration of the AMERICAN REPUBLIC which is CONSTITUTIONAL — JUST — and HUMAN RIGHTS based. Other nations will follow with the same. Our biggest foreign friend at this point is Vladamir Putin — believe it or not. The U.S. controlled media is greatly demonizing him presently. However — he and many of the world’s leaders have been contacted directly by the ETI and understand what are the stakes concerning The New Paradigm — release of free energy — open contact with ETI – etc.

      Will we experience some “austerity” to get there? Probably. How much I cannot say. Will we starve to death? I say no. Will we be herded into FEMA camps. No. They may be used to temporarily hold those criminals caught up in the mass arrests. But — for us — definitely not.

      Once the media is liberated — and this will happen very rapidly — there will be genuine and continual coverage 24/7 including some historical revelations about how and why we wound up in this terrible mess. We have much to learn about and eventually the ETs will mentor us directly.

      Assuring the free flow of money is a VERY important aspect of this happening — and those who are working for this fully understand the needs of the disabled and the old people amongst us.

      The money aspect is only a temporary meausre because we are headed toward a civilization whih HAS NO NEED FOR MONEY AT ALL since — in the proper relationship with the rest of the Universe — there is continual Universal prosperity. Things will be different once we move into FULL CONSCIOUSNESS. Yes — that is where we are headed.

      And — brother — if nothing I have said has much comfort to you and your wife — sorry — its the best I can do at this point. Can I “prove” any of this? No. Is it necessary so that our children may live a decent life? Yes. WHEN WILL IT HAPPEN? hahahah. Soon. There IS NO EXACT DATE — IT DEPENDS UPON THE SYNCHRONICITY OF SEVERAL FACTORS. It is what you might call a “Divine” event. And — it is close close close. Much closer than yesterday.

      I choose to have a positive outlook and to think good thoughts about the incredible possibilities of this New Paradigm and our contact with the Universe. We DO have guidance in this from above but also there is and has been DIRECT DIVINE INTERVENTION — otherwise we would all ALREADY be stone dead — having been poisoned or vaporized.

      By the way — cleaning up our Mother Earth and becoming her wise stewards and guardians will be a large part of our future vocation — and that covers the full range of human potential and is the fulfillment of what we are — and what we were created to be — as a biological species.

      There will be panicked people all around us while these bazaar happenings are occurring and much much much misinformation about what is actually happening. I think people like me are going to be calming people down and presenting them with some possibilities of which they might not yet be aware. I kind of think that may be my role in this.

      That’s all I have to say for now. I will be glad to talk to you some more as this series of events progresses. I see folks all around me feeling very insecure at the moment. They are just sick that yet another totally insane war is being prepared by the same old same old psychotics. However — there may be a surprise this time. People are not near as gullible as they were on 911. At any rate — it will be interesting to see what happens next.

      Peace to you dear brother At-The-Water and also to your dear wife! namaste

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