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The Truth Behind The Smoke Curtain

Become informed. 

Take a stand for what is right.

Refuse to support the lies any longer.

Wake up.

Recognize government propaganda.

Make this viral.

The Present World Financial Situation

The Photon Belt


Things To Come

Since the late 1970’s, the now famous Voyager craft had been reporting data back to Earth that suggested we would be approaching a potentially dangerous and destabilizing interstellar energy cloud in the future.

In 2009, the disturbing hypothesis that scientists at NASA formulated through their study of the Voyager data was confirmed and reported by Merav Opher, PhD — a respected astrophysicist now in residence at Boston University.


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The Liberation of Planet Earth — Video

Yes — what so many of us have prayed for — longed for — and worked for each in our own way —  is now on the verge of fulfillment!

Benjamin Fulford put together this video about the new developments with the Neil Keenan group.

I put up a previous post — by Jean Haines — informing us about what is presently occurring.  However — this great — and VERY concise video is a great synthesis of the information and also contains some additional information which everyone who has been following these developments needs to know.

And here is the aforementioned Kerry Cassidy interview of Karen Hudes which is a very important strengthening to those getting ready to arrest members of the International Criminal Cabal.

And — here is Karen’s website.

Karen Hudes

Watch this powerful gal — her information (and that of the other whistleblowers) is critical to the establishment of the “Rule of Law” — without which basic human rights — human decency — and even civilization itself — cannot exist.

And that must be the very basis for this huge global financial reset.

This is truly an inspiration!   Enjoy!

The Goddess Energy


This is a huge subject.

Do I fully understanding it?

No.  But — this little essay is what (I think) I know about it at this time.

Of course — this comes only from my own very limited experience as one vantage point — one point-of-view — from a  typical participant (me) in the human drama — who has directly experienced the imbalance (and painful consequences) of this apparent lack of harmony between male and female energies. — which has been taking place for so many centuries on this planet of forgetfulness.

In fact — this situation has become a blatant analogy of the entire polarization on this planet and our failure to recognize the oneness of all things from the core level of all Being — which is extant even in the outermost realms of apparent separation.

A large part of the present shift in our conscious awareness is bringing all polarities into balance as we wake up to who and what we are — and start to experience directly the unfolding of our new life of full consciousness and the Galactic Civilization we shall now build.

We have Divine Intervention in the form of extraterrestrial mentorship for this transition of transitions into full consciousness in order for it to happen quickly and smoothly.

Without this Divine Intervention — all of us would already be dead.

The lethal consequences of several self-destructive behaviors now being carried out by our insane leaders (who are cadres of the Archons) — are being done out of complete desperation. 

They are even attempting to carry out a “scorched earth” policy rather than surrender and become accountable for their long era of brutal and merciless crimes. 

They are presently in a state of panic and despair because they fully realize that their era of power and control has now come to its final end.

I presently live in a land which is literally inundated with extreme misogyny.

This is both religious and cultural — and those who practice it are so engrained with it and brain-washed into its meme — that it feels totally normal to them.  This — because of our mass programming — is also a highly infectious disease.

After all — that is how we — and our ancestors — have been entrained and programmed from birth.

Inwardly — the practitioners of misogynism  respond to the female sex from their brain-washing — as if  women are innately inferior beings to men. This is a long-told lie circulating amidst the cultures of human beings.

Women respond to this attitude and can become haters of men — and when that happens the conflicted polarization becomes more and more extreme. 

It often becomes a closed loop of confused misunderstanding.

Although few will admit it — this is  because — from the (western) religious point-of-view — EVE — being a secondary creation of Almighty God — was not only easily deceived by Satan (the adversary) — but her many charms made it easy for her to persuade the male (ADAM in this case) to likewise become deceived and disobey a stern and jealous father-figure God of anger — wrath — and (of course) “righteous” judgement.

In some religious interpretations of this bible story — EVE commits fornication with satan and produces CAIN — a “bad” seed.

This gives rise to racism — the “seed” of the devil — ethnic cleansing — and genocide — as well as the everyday angry slurs and finger-pointings at “that dirty bitch” — “that dyke” — “that whore” — or — “that cunt.”   Rude slurs of disrespect reveal the true state of consciousness.

There is a long history of this in our present world of mindlessness  — cruelty — ignorance — and thick darkness.

This very sick point-of-view has become so engrained into our culture that few are even aware of how much it controls everything from the total inequality in wages between men and women to the exploitation of human beings — including children — through the government owned and operated sex industry.

This is all due to the complete lack of understanding between how the male and female energies naturally harmonize in balance.

The answer to this is not a “correction” but a complete transformation into full conscious awareness.

A large help is attained through gaining an understanding of how and why energy fields relate to one anther and interact together.

If that interaction is aligned with the Universal Purpose — the result will be happiness — understanding — and creative expansion.

If it is not aligned with that Universal Purpose — the result will be suffering — confusion — and fear.

This is the way our Universe works.  Whether we like it or not makes no difference.  If we do not like it — it is because we fail to understand all the implications of it — and would rather embrace the illusion that there are no consequences for our actions.  Woe be to those who destroy the earth.

The negative emotions are a tap on the shoulder for us to adjust our attitude and our wrong way of thinking.

So — when we are experiencing suffering — confusion — and fear — the time has then arrived for us  to check our personal alignment with the Universal Purpose — and thereby increase our understanding about it — and our personal commitment to it.

The answer is not outward.

It is not about “passing new legislation.”  Nor is it about more societal engineering and outward programming to “correct” the original false religious meme.

It is all about a totally New Paradigm.  And — that is what this huge shift in our conscious awareness is actually all about.

Beneath our feet and embracing every aspect of our lives continually is our dear Mother Earth.

The Greeks called her Gaia — and she has been personified in many many ways.   The indigenous peoples of this world acknowledged her and revered her under many different names for centuries.  The western practitioners of misogyny — who carried forth the control paradigm of the Archons — despised the goddess in all her personifications — and labeled  those who respected and revered her as pagans — heretics — heathens — savages — and lesser beings.

Even though they came up with their own sanitized version of the “goddess” and called her the “Virgin Mary” — in reality — they only knew — respected — and promoted the absolute over- control of the Royal Oligarchs which they followed.

Few of them knew that these cadres of “The Divine Right of Kings” were nothing more than the sock puppet minions of their hidden tyrannical Archontic controllers — a very negative astral influence over the minds and souls of human beings.

So — what shall we do?

If we invoke the “Goddess Energy” — then we align to a greater degree with the Universal Purpose on behalf of all beings — and we help to balance the erratic energy flow of this planet and its present amnesiac population.

And — we can personally become channels of the healing Goddess energies for the upliftment of all bioforms who are  incarnated upon our world.

How do we invoke those Goddess energies?  How do we interface with and help out this Divine process of transformation?

Well — ultimately — you must uncover — and discover — whatever works best for you.

Seek and you will find.