Galactic Civilization — Let Us Begin (1)

All human beings upon our Mother Earth want exactly the same thing — just to love and be loved in return — to work creatively with their own two hands — and — offer undying hope to their children.

Living Waters

Living Waters

The era which we have longed for has arrived.

We are expecting the imminent unfolding of a truly Great Event. It will not only be a spiritual event — but also a series of very rapid geo-political events as well.

It will take most of our population by surprise — and right at first there will be much anxiety and concern — but the fear will be short lived when the major changes rapidly become apparent soon after the initial shock. These changes will give people clear reason to not only relax from their concerns — but rejoice in the streets!

It will be a JUBILEE!

The foundation for this event will be the lawful establishment of basic human rights.

These basic human rights will be for all people everywhere without any exceptions.

This is a long-planned (and very huge) world-wide series of events which will begin with the transparent mass arrests of top members of the corrupt criminal cabal — which have been attempting to exercise tyranny over the entire planet — and this will continue with a rapid complete reset of the entire world’s financial system. This is already fully set up and ready to be applied.

This will include — among other things — full restitution for the years and years of criminal brutality which have been perpetrated upon the earth’s peoples. And — it will include complete across-the-board debt forgiveness.

This is not a deception nor is it a ploy of the present tyrants — but the final end of their inhuman and brutal reign of terror.

This event will include many other things which I will talk about later. But — for now — it is sufficient to say that this entire operation is fully overseen by the benevolent extraterrestrial intelligences and it will be carried out in conjunction with their earth allies who are fully prepared and have already been systematically planning for this huge operation for many many years.

This is a very complex matter and it must be carried out in the correct Divine timing for maximum results and minimum disruption — for this event is the creation of our First Source — the I AM PRESENCE dwelling within each and every one of us.

Already many things have been going on (covertly) behind the scenes which have been designed to weaken and entrap this long established network of world-wide thieves — killers — and thugs.

In this opening essay on this subject — I would like for you to consider and contemplate the innermost core foundation for this event:

The Dance of Life

The Newtime will be a glorious never-before-seen paradigm involving our Mother Earth and it is firmly centered around basic human rights.

Out of this solid grounding and balance — a truly enlightened Spiritual Civilization can grow unhindered. This New Paradigm will be the beginning of a full — blown Galactic Civilization — which is far beyond anything presently imaginable.

Basic human rights are not earned — nor are they a privilege. They are endowed spiritually to each and every human being from the very beginning by the Supreme Creator — the Source of all that is.

To argue with this is not only foolish but completely ignorant.

It has now finally become quite evident that selfish criminal despots — who continually lie — steal — murder — manipulate through threats, bribes and blackmail while posing as our “leaders” and “authority figures” — have long systematically denied the most basic human rights to their fellows beings and thrown them into Economic Slavery.

Human rights have been totally ignored all over our planet by this controlling evil cabal. But—- this is about to change along with many many other things. We are about to enter an era of magnificent and eye-opening learning — as we encounter the highly advanced multidimensional human beings (and non-human beings) from other worlds all over the Multiverse.

Humankind seems to have almost totally forgotten the basic principle which can be found in all the spiritual paths of the world: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

When I say “basic human rights,” I am speaking of something everyone in America should well know — but over time many have forgotten.

We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights and among those are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Not too long ago — children would memorize our Bill of Rights in school and recite it. But not all Americans actually thought about it — considered it — or contemplated its meaning.

The consequences of the extreme error of disregarding basic human rights is now easy to see all around us. War without end — torture and sadistic human depravity coming from the highest levels of power — human slavery — poverty and squalor — sadistic bondage — toxic poisoning of the air — water and food — suffering for all — psychosis — mind control — confusion — suicide — chaos and finally if left unchecked — the self annihilation of our entire planet — complete self-destruction.

The people of planet earth do not want this and simply will not stand for it any longer.

The minutes of the present Dark Controllers have now run out — and — they fully know it.

These brutal assaults upon LIFE itself are not what any sane person desires for their children’s future. These abominations are all results — they are all consequences which arise from totally ignoring basic human rights.

Contrary to these unspeakable horrors — every human being on planet earth longs within the depths of their being for the very same thing: — just to love and be loved in return — to work creatively with their own two hands in an environment of Freedom and Liberty—-and—-a real opportunity to offer undying hope to their children. This is what the peoples of the world desire. And — they shall have it!

Now, let’s get practical.

What does the phrase “among those” indicate in America’s Bill of Rights?

Just think about it. What are the most practical elements of basic human rights which can open the way and lead any person to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

After spending many years meditating, praying, researching, discussing and seeking out the most practical things which will lead to the pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, I have now identified them. There are five:

1) FOOD AND WATER — that is — nourishing food — not a highly processed collection of toxic poisonous chemicals — nor laboratory experiments with an agenda which have been contrived by Monsanto and DARPA. Water must be pure and free of pesticides and other toxins to LIFE.

2) SHELTER — Every human being deserves — at the bare minimum — a basic and adequate roof over their heads and complete shelter from the elements. This is in order that a precious human life is not tortured by the elements of nature — nor suffering the gnawing insecurity of being completely discarded like garbage from human society.

This is a violation of life — liberty — and the pursuit of happiness because it leads only to despair — and a totally retrograde civilization which can be easily ruled despotically by Tyrants.

This is exactly what we have had — and the time has now come for a huge transition.

3) WORK — another basic human right is to have the work to which one is naturally attracted — and for which one chooses to become educated. All work which one might choose must carry with it a living wage.

No more slavery nor hidden slavery.

4) HEALTH — this means much more than “medical care.” Health is far more important than medical care — and it includes all of the world’s experiential knowledge which has been practiced and recorded for thousands of years by talented healers who have an understanding about how energy fields interact. For thousands of years — such practitioners have used many techniques such as herbs — proper diet — pure water — sound — laying on of hands — and many other means according to their individual talents. These must no longer be excluded — as they are now due to the Medical/Pharmaceutical Complex.

5) EDUCATION — this too is a basic human right. It means to have unfettered access to any and all of the world’s knowledge and experience. This depends upon any individual person’s desire to know and learn according to what attracts and sparks their interest.

Some will become farmers — some will be mechanics — some will learn engineering — some will discover and develop energetic healing techniques — some will work with new forms of energy to power our new Galactic civilization — some will be philosophers — some will be poets — some will be musicians — etc.

All are equally important and each has the same basic human right to unfettered education.

Some would rather just sweep the street or give aid to a blind or crippled person — and this is equally important in the New Paradigm.

The recognition of basic human rights for all people is also the understanding that all are individuals with different experiences, talents and interests but ALL are equally valuable children of the Most High.

The question, of course, is this: How can we ever arrive at such a sane and balanced society?

But, really, is this so terribly difficult?

Not if we can see the very practical value of these things and have a basic appreciation for the dignity of all people. These things are not difficult if we simply have basic respect for others.

What I am speaking about here is not Utopia. It is a basic well functioning and sane civilization. It is Kindergarten not maturity. It is not perfection — a noun — however it is perfection as an ever active verb — an eternally ongoing process. 

It is our individual and collective alignment with the ever-unfolding Eternal Purpose and is far removed from any unrealistic fantasy.

This New Paradigm is — absolutely essential practicality for our Mother Earth — and all of her children.




And now — please continue with:

Galactic Civilization — Our Gift (2)

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  1. Wow… What a worthwhile wait it is all going to be for, and to think, I almost gave up… Many thanks for the lift Roy… Indeed ! The wait has been almost unbearable at times, I know you know and understand…

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