Galactic Civilization — The Event (3)

The “Event” which is soon to unfold has never happened before in the entire history of the Cosmos.   The following video is a fairly accurate summary which has been communicated to us already for quite a while — but has gradually become more and more specific.

As this event nears — the details of it gradually become crystal clear.  Many of you hearing these things are highly skeptical.    That’s very good. Believe it when you see it — right along with the entire world.

When this bizarre event does occur — you will remember the things spoken here and that will greatly lessen the initial shock.  The precise information being provided to you right now by the extraterrestrial intelligences  lets you know ahead of time approximately how this event will unfold in linear time.  And when you witness those occurrences taking place all around you — your hope and confidence will immediately begin to elevate — even though some folks around you may be confused and terrified.

At that time — you will be able to offer comfort and hope of a very positive outcome.


Galactic Civilization — Cosmic Tools (4)

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