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Compression Breakthrough Video — The Galactic Codex

Compression Breakthrough —

The Galactic Codex

Vivian Chauvet — 57% Arcturan — 43% Human

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Published on Sep 24, 2013


Viviane Chauvet is stepping forward for the first time to share her story about being an alien hybrid being, a blend of Arcturian and Human genetics. She tells us about growing up different both physically and with special gifts. She was a phenomena studied by doctors since birth for her differences. Her parents had many UFO experiences. Viviane is very well spoken and speaks from the heart of her memories and powerful experiences. Why now? It is time! She speaks now to help awaken humanity and help raise our frequency for our ascension process. The Arcturian family also channels through her.


Interview by Antara Davis & Sandra Sabatini of Return of the Ancients TV.

A Vision Of The Golden Crystal Age

Cobra Update: 10/01/13