A Vision Of The Golden Crystal Age


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    • Hi Alan — I do believe that this completely New Paradigm is very very close indeed.

      I think it is even more than what this video — or any video for that matter — can express.

      The best anyone can do artistically at the moment is three dimensional metaphors of a highly mysterious (and still mostly hidden) five dimensional reality. We can only express this as open ended metaphors — parables — and symbols — all of them quite “esoteric.” However — we can come closer to groking and understanding it the closer we get to the innermost core of our own heart-mind.

      For some — this is just “fluff-bunny — feely — touchy” — but — to others it is the insistent driving potential of our evolution and purpose. It is Mother Nature’s way of moving on — ascension.

      • Agreed… Indeed ! I find myself glued to my computer searching for an antidote of some measure to an answer to this mess were going through at present, I’m like a zombie clone going through the motions from 8am to just before my eyes turn square to match my screen, only to find no answer or date as of yet to start our climb to ascension, oh well tomorrow is another day…

  1. Alan — I fully believe that “climb” to be eternally ongoing.

    To my present concept — it is the most fundamental basic intention originating from our common Source.

    Therefore — it continually organizes — reorganizes — and becomes more and more coherent in its outward expression as it rises through the sub-quantum — quantum — atomic — molecular — organic — and multi-dimensional stages.

    Ascension is already occurring and our recognition of it and the alignment of our personal intentions with it accelerates as our conscious awareness of this innermost Divine intention becomes clearer and clearer.

    And — there is no final conclusive “answer” because it is an eternal developing process — and — “dates” are simply notable milestones along the way which are interpreted by whatever time reference you happen to be in at the time.


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