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An Unprecedented and Unique Event (of a Cosmic nature)

FrequencyVortexHappy giving of thanks to all!  Most people probably understand by now that the corruption — crime and massive dysfunction now (apparently) running completely out of control  across our planet cannot — and never will — be resolved by ordinary means.  That is — by human engineered correction — brilliant ingenious ideas — reformation — good salesmanship — or cunning manipulation.

Many — including me — must now fully admit that Divine Intervention is called for and is absolutely necessary — otherwise our dear Mother Earth and all her children would  be reduced to a burned out cinder floating  in the vacuum of space.

Beyond that however — if anyone has been carefully looking at this situation and paying close attention — they will also have to admit that if Divine Intervention was not already happening on a regular basis — we would all already be dead — several times over.

And there does exists a considerable amount of hard evidence for this.

For just one example among many — the well documented fly-overs of UFOs which mysteriously resulted in  the complete shut down of the U.S. ICBM missles in their  silos — but  also of the Russian ICBM missles when UFOs hovered over them.  A wise — and unknown — third party suddenly appears.

The military mind-set on planet earth has now encountered a far far superior technology that can turn all those trillion dollar nuclear arsenals into useless duds.

And that is a very good thing for humankind.

Mutually Assured Destruction — we now know there is no doubt — is — and always has been — not just a vile insanity — but a complete hoax — a piece of negative and deceptive public relations to keep the populations in constant fear.   It has been a piece of  melodrama designed to further deceive the propagandized consumers.

The nature of these shutdowns is well known by both the U.S. military and also the Russian military at the top-most levels — and also at the highest echelons of our controlling secret government.  This has them very terrified because they feel their power and control fading away.

But — we too know who is doing this and why.


The representatives of a very advanced  Galactic Civilization.  There are many many of these now directly engaging our world in more ways than this example indicates.


It is a message — a teaching — an offer of mentorship — being given by those who wish to see the beings on this planet not only “survive” but also thrive and mature. 

The ET message clearly given by the missle shutdowns is simply — NO!

But — thousands of people (including me) are already engaging these cosmic intelligences and we have opened ourselves to learn everything we can from them.  And — our Galactic neighbors  (and relatives) are delighted to share everything which they know — however — not to insane military minds and governments who lust after superior killing machines for the sake of power and control.    Of course — these liars call it “defense”  to further their loud sales of aggressive  war to gain more control and power.

The use of thermonuclear weapons on a massive scale is an insane sadistic act of total ignorance  because it would destroy  the great Divine destiny for our Mother Earth and her children to express their powerful inner creative potential and contribution to the Cosmos.  So — this kind of suicidal self-destruction is not allowed when it is an artificially and externally imposed program which is actually far from the inner heart-mind of the population. Such is the situation here.

Also — nuclear war  murders life-forms visiting planet earth from other worlds — and this madness is not of the general population but of the sociopaths and psychopaths who manipulate and control the people by means of an organized criminal cabal of deceptive and evil thugs — who dare to arrogantly call themselves “world leaders” — the power – brokers that be — and have been controlling planet earth for thousands of years now.

Their allotted window of time has now expired.  Now comes  the final and complete liberation of planet earth.

Because of the dumbed down — weakened — and highly brain-washed state that the peoples of our world are now in (due to their long psychological programming) — we need some outside help with highly advanced technology to help us liberate the planet.

We called out from the depths of our anguish — and they came in their ships to lend us a helping hand that we might recover our full consciousness — take up the duties of our responsibility — and build a Galactic civilization here which interacts with all the others.

They are more than willing to share their technology and all their knowledge about the Universe with us — but they can only do this after the planet has been liberated.

Peace on earth and goodwill toward men is  established forever.

The Universe — the very Cosmos — is fully on our side in this endeavor because it aligns with the Universal Purpose.   The Universe flows with the fundamental intention of its Creator.

At this time our Mother Earth and all beings upon her are being bombarded by intense energy pulses radiating outward from the Galactic center.  Our entire solar system has recently entered a space-zone of extremely high energy on all frequencies.  Some call this area a “photon belt.”

Its effect upon us is to activate and wake-up all the dormant parts of our DNA/RNA.   This means a very rapid expansion of consciousness on planet earth.

Many people on our Mother Earth do fully recognize this present great shift.  It is a shift into a higher dimension — a more rapidly oscillating (higher) frequency.   Our 3D world is moving up into 5D and we are moving (with a little help from our friends) into full consciousness.  It is a remembrance of our original state but it was so long ago — so many lifetimes ago — that we now need some assistance to readjust and re-acclimate to the totally new environment and a whole new focus — intention — and vision.

I said earlier — “At this time our Mother Earth and all beings upon her are being bombarded by intense energy pulses radiating outward from the Galactic center.”  This is not speculation but a known scientific fact — and it is being measured — at least the part of it that can be measured with our crude instruments.  Please take a look at the work of this physicist:

Dr. Paul LaViolette

This particular part of his website is his biography — but the entire website can be accessed from here.

If you scroll down to the very bottom portion of the page and click on “Galactic Superwaves” you will get the present scientific understanding of these Galactic pulses.

Dr. LaViolette and the other scientists are very concerned about these powerful energy pulses.

The prevailing fear is that they might trigger the sun to produce a huge flare that would in turn bombard the earth with a massive EMP that would completely and permanently annihilate the entire electrical grid on earth — or — cause a sudden mass-extinction event — or — ?

The necessary factor to understand — which is often missed — is that our dear Mother Earth is being carefully watched over and nurtured continually by Cosmic intelligences who are fully dedicated to their mission — and possess the high technology to make any necessary energetic adjustments that align with the basic plan  which is to finally conclude this long inquiry into the nature of human consciousness and our innermost connection with the Universal I AM presence — no matter how seemingly far and removed from that connection any being may be in their present state of conscious awareness.This vast inquiry — this investigation — this great cosmic “experiment” (as some refer to it) is a glorious success beyond all expectations!

In other words — Paul LaViolette and the other “scientific” minds studying this issue —  really can only speculate as to what our encounter with these Galactic Superwaves might do — according to their very very limited knowledge — and their present state of individual consciousness.  So — the governments (whom these scientists report to) naturally  look upon this great Cosmic unknown as a “National Security Issue” and our government and the PTB are utterly terrified (and very nervous) because all they can see is the sudden end of their long control paradigm over the bodies — minds — and souls of the earth’s population.  So — they feel highly threatened by that — and also because their entire system of debt — deception — war — exploitation — and greed is now crumbling all around them — as it is loudly challenged by a rapidly  awakening population.

A lot of the positive  activity is being done covertly behind the scenes by humans in direct coordination with the Galactics in order to facilitate this huge dimensional shift.

In short — the ruling criminal cabal is  now finished — and they know it.   But — it will not be because of the Galactic pulses as they fear — but because of the energetic cleansing of the physical — etheric — emotional — and mental bodies of Mother Earth herself and of all her children — great and small.  

This ends all deception and crookedness and selfishness and violence and greed — forever.  Our dear Mother Earth — and all of her children — are completely transformed from the inside out.

This is wonderful and joyous beyond words.  Indeed — it is heaven upon the earth!

Our planet is undergoing an intense scouring and her vibrations are now going up up up.

It has been prophesied by the prophets of all nations for many thousands of years.  It will be a “golden age.”  Christians call it “heaven on earth.”   Yes — Christ will visibly return — but Christ will not be alone — and there will be joy unspeakable and full of wonder and light.  It is way beyond our present comprehension but it will unfold in an ever accelerating manner until the shift is fully complete.  It will start with a massive “quantum moment” and will unfold as it accelerates.

This “quantum moment” is what many of us are referring to as “The Event.”  It begins a rapid series of unfolding revelations leading us into full consciousness.

The energies we are already experiencing are  building up into a great and unprecedented energy pulse  coming from what Dr. LaViolette calls a “Galactic Superwave.”  It will be sudden and it will be unexpected because it is mega-energy traveling much much faster than the speed of light — according to my Arcturian mentors.  In fact — it does not travel across space at all but shifts into our dimension as it collides with earth.  You see — it is not just some kind of mindless energy — but — it is purposeful  Divine Intervention and is accompanied by the Christ — the Galactic Federation of Light — the 5D Agarthans from inner earth — and the Ascended Masters who lived many lives on  planet earth and then ascended into the fifth dimension.

And that is exactly where we too are headed but — unlike the former Ascended Masters — we will do it much faster because we will have direct help — guidance — and mentorship.  You see — the goal of all this is — ascension — of our Mother Earth — and — all of her children.

And so — all of this begins to unfold with the “Event.”

Now — in the interest of better defining the “Event” and to demonstrate that actually every person will see the Event from their own vantage point — from their own perspective — from their own belief system — from their own point-of-view.   Every person will have their own interpretation of this tremendous catalyst of the New Paradigm — but — each one of those interpretations will only broaden the scope of the Event and further enrich its meaning.

I have already given you my present understanding about it.  Now — here are two additional offerings.  Keep in mind that everyone will see this from the viewpoint of their own present level of consciousness — and so — there will be discrepancies in linear information.That is to be expected. 

This triggering Event is not a linear New York Times article — but an entirely new and different way of thinking which is being shared with us by our telepathic  ET mentors.


Veritas Galactic Sweden — The Event

Another Perspective About The Event

Summon Peace On Earth

The Cascade of Life

It is said that God (the First Source — our Creator) calls things which are NOT as though they WERE. No — that does not make Almighty God a liar. It is the very method of CREATION.

In other words, Creator creates by CALLING things into being. The Creator summons — beckons — speaks and all the summoned things manifest into vibrational existence. And this takes place on every frequency and in every dimension of time and space — and it goes on CONTINUALLY.

As co-creators, can we do likewise?

I think the answer to that is “yes.”


Well … in my experience so far it appears to be a matter of becoming aligned with the Eternal Purpose — it is a matter of personally resonating with the most basic Divine Plan.

And — what is that?

I am learning that the Universe at its most basic and fundamental level has an Intention — a powerful thought / emotion / will — which propels all Creation from the quantum and sub-quantum levels both outward and inward.

It is somewhat like the “torus” shape that Forster Gamble describes in his movie “THRIVE.”

What is that Universal intention / purpose / will / insistence?

It is the booming CALL of our Source — the First Source of All-That-Is — and that all-inclusive and totally innundating booming CALL is focused and vectored on behalf of the UPLIFTMENT and the REFINEMENT and the PERFECTION of ALL LIFE.

As one biophysicist (A.R. Borden) explained it to me, “IT’S ALL A GIGANTIC INTERTWINED CONSPIRACY ON BEHALF OF LIFE.”

I had to agree with him.

This is the bottom line of the Universal Intention. And when we “get it” and consciously ALIGN our own being with it — to the very best of our ability — we are passionately and forever in love with the entire Creation.

We have recognized what “love” is.

Then — we too can CALL things which are NOT — as though they WERE?

Yep! You see — there is a parallel world — one of an infinite number — just a step away where our righteous desires — which are fully lined up with the Universal Intention — ARE ALREADY MANIFESTING. So — when I hear from the channeled messages about things for which there does not appear to be any outward visible evidence — I fall right back to this most basic principle and check my own personal alignment with the Divine Purpose.

Why is the evil cabal arrested and ALREADY been put behind bars? Why are the suppressed technologies already here and emerging? Why has our Mother Earth already been healed? Why is this entirely New Paradigm already sweeping over us?

Simply because it is RIGHT and it is in full alignment with the long promised manifestation of the Divine Purpose for peace on earth and goodwill toward men — our long prophesied “Golden Age.”

I so look forward to the face to face meeting with my cosmic brothers and sisters — and yet by the principle already mentioned — this ALREADY IS.


marrroow? … hmmm … I’ll have to think about that a bit.

me too.

Opening of the Aion Portal Report

I participated at home in this wonderful world-wide event last Saturday, November 23, 2013.  When the Aion Portal opened I felt what I can only describe as a tremendous  upsurge of sheer joy — love — and determination unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. 

Just click on this portal to find out about the results.

Aion Vortex Analogy

Aion Vortex Analogy

Anyone who chooses to participate in these meaningful exercises of our global collective consciousness will experience directly the incredible power of our oneness — and the strong world-wide desire and innermost vision for peace on earth and goodwill toward men — which is being held right now in the inner heart-minds of  the vast majority of the humans on planet earth.

It is already a fact and is now becoming fully manifested — fully materialized.  Nothing can stop it because it is unfolding into full alignment  with the Universal Purpose — which is continually expressing itself outward from the sub-quantum level of All-That-Is.  It is the basic forward and outgoing thrust of our Creator.  When our inner motivation  becomes consciously aligned with the Universal Intention for the perfecting upliftment and the natural expansion of all LIFE and all LIFE FORMS — and — this inner motivation is truly expressed for the highest good of all  concerned — then — we on planet earth have entered into an entirely new dimension — a completely New Paradigm — our Golden Age — and the development and creation of our new Galactic Civilization and our new status as Galactic Citizens.

To further this vision — I am asking everyone who reads this to participate (to whatever degree you so desire) along with this unfoldment.

To do this is simple.

Please click on the following link and read what is written.

Opening of the Aion Portal

Also engage the information found on the various links offered there.  Then — please look over to the right of the article and you will see “Weekly Liberation Meditation.”  Familiarize yourself also with the links offered there and let us participate together (wherever you may be) at the given time on Sunday afternoons to exercise our oneness of intention through this simple meditation.  Just do it as best you are able and understand that everyone will engage this from their own individual perspective.


P.S. — Also check out the following information:

Conversations with Cobra

The Shift

Today I offer you a unique gift.  Take your time and enjoy this wonderful presentation.


Conversations With Cobra — Chapter One (Elizabeth Whitney)

Cosmic Rainbow Pulse

Cosmic Rainbow Pulse

[Note: This is a transcript of an audio Skype interview that took place on November 16, 2013, in Point Reyes Station, California. Cobra is the code name of a member of the Planetary Resistance Movement dedicated to ridding the planet of the ET-influenced Cabal in cooperation with positive ET forces. He began releasing information nearly two years ago through a blog––and a subsequent website, He identifies himself as a Pleiadian and is not a “channel.” His messages and interviews have circulated widely in the “galactic” community where he commands respect for his clarity and integrity. Many of these are archived at He graciously agreed to this interview and subsequent updates as his information continues to focus on “the Event,” a turning point for the planet and humanity in the near future.]

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