The Shift

Today I offer you a unique gift.  Take your time and enjoy this wonderful presentation.


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  1. Nestingwave….anyone who says “I don’t have 2 hrs to watch this video”….is missing the boat, never even got on the boarding ramp…frankly never made it to the harbor. I urge anyone who has ever considered MORE in their life to watch this lesson of Less.

    Thank you for considering the lessons we all need Rob.

    Blessings of Peace,

    • Hi brother,

      I saw myself in ALL these characters. What a wonderful resolution. I started to watch this several months ago but got interrupted early into the flick and never got back to it until tonight when Ginny and I enjoyed it together. So — I just had to share it with anyone who might take the two hours to receive this tremendous blessing.

      This is definitely not a fast-food item — but — something that deserves savoring indeed.


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