Opening of the Aion Portal Report

I participated at home in this wonderful world-wide event last Saturday, November 23, 2013.  When the Aion Portal opened I felt what I can only describe as a tremendous  upsurge of sheer joy — love — and determination unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. 

Just click on this portal to find out about the results.

Aion Vortex Analogy

Aion Vortex Analogy

Anyone who chooses to participate in these meaningful exercises of our global collective consciousness will experience directly the incredible power of our oneness — and the strong world-wide desire and innermost vision for peace on earth and goodwill toward men — which is being held right now in the inner heart-minds of  the vast majority of the humans on planet earth.

It is already a fact and is now becoming fully manifested — fully materialized.  Nothing can stop it because it is unfolding into full alignment  with the Universal Purpose — which is continually expressing itself outward from the sub-quantum level of All-That-Is.  It is the basic forward and outgoing thrust of our Creator.  When our inner motivation  becomes consciously aligned with the Universal Intention for the perfecting upliftment and the natural expansion of all LIFE and all LIFE FORMS — and — this inner motivation is truly expressed for the highest good of all  concerned — then — we on planet earth have entered into an entirely new dimension — a completely New Paradigm — our Golden Age — and the development and creation of our new Galactic Civilization and our new status as Galactic Citizens.

To further this vision — I am asking everyone who reads this to participate (to whatever degree you so desire) along with this unfoldment.

To do this is simple.

Please click on the following link and read what is written.

Opening of the Aion Portal

Also engage the information found on the various links offered there.  Then — please look over to the right of the article and you will see “Weekly Liberation Meditation.”  Familiarize yourself also with the links offered there and let us participate together (wherever you may be) at the given time on Sunday afternoons to exercise our oneness of intention through this simple meditation.  Just do it as best you are able and understand that everyone will engage this from their own individual perspective.


P.S. — Also check out the following information:

Conversations with Cobra


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  1. Yes Roy, that is Sundays for sure TY… Namaste

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