Summon Peace On Earth

The Cascade of Life

It is said that God (the First Source — our Creator) calls things which are NOT as though they WERE. No — that does not make Almighty God a liar. It is the very method of CREATION.

In other words, Creator creates by CALLING things into being. The Creator summons — beckons — speaks and all the summoned things manifest into vibrational existence. And this takes place on every frequency and in every dimension of time and space — and it goes on CONTINUALLY.

As co-creators, can we do likewise?

I think the answer to that is “yes.”


Well … in my experience so far it appears to be a matter of becoming aligned with the Eternal Purpose — it is a matter of personally resonating with the most basic Divine Plan.

And — what is that?

I am learning that the Universe at its most basic and fundamental level has an Intention — a powerful thought / emotion / will — which propels all Creation from the quantum and sub-quantum levels both outward and inward.

It is somewhat like the “torus” shape that Forster Gamble describes in his movie “THRIVE.”

What is that Universal intention / purpose / will / insistence?

It is the booming CALL of our Source — the First Source of All-That-Is — and that all-inclusive and totally innundating booming CALL is focused and vectored on behalf of the UPLIFTMENT and the REFINEMENT and the PERFECTION of ALL LIFE.

As one biophysicist (A.R. Borden) explained it to me, “IT’S ALL A GIGANTIC INTERTWINED CONSPIRACY ON BEHALF OF LIFE.”

I had to agree with him.

This is the bottom line of the Universal Intention. And when we “get it” and consciously ALIGN our own being with it — to the very best of our ability — we are passionately and forever in love with the entire Creation.

We have recognized what “love” is.

Then — we too can CALL things which are NOT — as though they WERE?

Yep! You see — there is a parallel world — one of an infinite number — just a step away where our righteous desires — which are fully lined up with the Universal Intention — ARE ALREADY MANIFESTING. So — when I hear from the channeled messages about things for which there does not appear to be any outward visible evidence — I fall right back to this most basic principle and check my own personal alignment with the Divine Purpose.

Why is the evil cabal arrested and ALREADY been put behind bars? Why are the suppressed technologies already here and emerging? Why has our Mother Earth already been healed? Why is this entirely New Paradigm already sweeping over us?

Simply because it is RIGHT and it is in full alignment with the long promised manifestation of the Divine Purpose for peace on earth and goodwill toward men — our long prophesied “Golden Age.”

I so look forward to the face to face meeting with my cosmic brothers and sisters — and yet by the principle already mentioned — this ALREADY IS.


marrroow? … hmmm … I’ll have to think about that a bit.

me too.

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  1. Interesting exchange. Everything spoken of above is what is taught through the Runic Divination process as “Becoming”…making manifest what is not yet a reality. A misconception by many who follow or study this area is this process can be ethereal, (Spirit) physical (Body) or conceptual (Mind)…too many folks believe things made “manifest” are always physical things….which as we are Aware, is not the case.

    This is one of the fundamental things I find most invigorating about cross cultural exchanges. That the same basic ideas and concepts are learned throughout Humanity though different names/titles have been given to these Spiritual and/or Physical issues.

    Always enjoy the posts and reading,

    Blessings of Peace,

    • Greetings brother Al,

      Thank you so much for your comment. Your thoughtful perspective always adds a further dimension to whatever you are discussing.

      This post is actually a repost of one which I made a year or so ago. In looking through my archives I ran across it and realized that presently it was also very pertinent to what is going on. I like using the emoticon characters to make a conversation — hmmm . . . it could even be a piece of . . . uh . . . drama? Or — more likely MELODRAMA. heheheh. I always wanted to be a playwright anyway.


  2. Thank’s 4 the filling, M & P’s didn’t cut it (was just a slang term,) but, thanks 4 the Oranges, good 2 the marrow Roy, mmmmmmmmm !

  3. And a big separate “Namaste” 2 you my good brother…

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