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The Galactic Plasma Waves Are Incoming

You might enjoy this.  The information contained here is well confirmed by the work of physicist Dr. Paul LaViolette and many others as well. 

The massive energies incoming from these cosmic pulses are being intelligently and purposefully directed and focused for our transmutation into full consciousness by our Galactic families — who are fully aligned with the Divine Intention of our Creator Source and the basic motivating drive of the entire Great Creation.

Alfred Weber Interviews Cobra

The perspective  of this interview — and the new information being given — will be found enlightening by those who have been trying to keep abreast of this rapidly escalating situation as the shift of the ages unfolds.  Of course — there are still major questions and always will be until the “Event” is triggered.

For me — this interview presents additional pieces of the puzzle regarding the soon coming liberation of our dear Mother Earth — and so — I continue to listen and ponder and contemplate.

UPDATE 12/15/2013 

Please go over and look at Cobra’s latest offering. 


Humanity Has Collectively Made the Choice to Open to The Light


12/08/2013 by John Smallman


New Earth


As the Christmas and New Year holiday season approaches really focus on being peaceful, being compassionate, and being loving, as Jesus always was. He is your guiding Light, the Way, and the Path, and he demonstrated to you by his attitude and behavior how to follow It. Yes, all paths are individualized because you all have your own lessons to learn, no two are the same. Nevertheless, when you intend to live lovingly as Jesus did, and as you focus your attention on being loving like him much of the energy that you channel and share will be similar to his, and that is what is healing humanity and preparing it for the great shift in awareness, in consciousness, and in intent. That is why you are on Earth at this time, to enable humanity to shift away from conflict and mistrust and move towards Love. Remember every single one of you without exception channels energy constantly because you are all, always, conduits directly connected to the Source! Make it positive loving energy by holding only that intent.

Do not forget that spiritual energy is like electricity, it is abundantly available and powerful, but what you do with it, what you use it for is up to you. When you are unaware of your origins, of your spiritual heritage, it is very easy to choose to use it to serve your own egoic agendas. However, as all your egoic agendas are self-serving, its power becomes very diffused and misaligned when you do this, and it loses its effectiveness.

You have all forgotten or have lost access to the knowledge of the immense power that is yours, given to you by your Father so that, like Him, you can create, beautifully, wisely, intelligently, and perfectly! You are in the process of re-discovering your power and the knowledge of who You really are as you move towards the moment of your shift into Love. You are, as you have so often been told, Love incarnate. You cannot and could not be anything other than That because It is the ground of your being, the Essence from which you were created, It is your real Identity as sons and daughters of God, One with Him always. You are each individual aspects of His divine Perfection. To know and experience this is your destiny, your inescapable destiny, and that alone is reason for you to spend your lives rejoicing.

But of course, within the illusion, where that knowledge remains temporarily hidden from you, it is very difficult for you be aware of and accept the truth that your origin, that from which you were created is God Himself, and nothing less. You are of God, you are Aspects of His divine and indivisible Self, eternally One with Him, even though it seems to you that this could not be the case. While your awareness, your ability to understand and experience your existence as divine beings remains severely restricted by your human embodiment, it also remains practically impossible for you to accept emotionally or intellectually the reality of this eternal truth.

When you go within, to that quiet inner space from which you can access the spiritual realms, you do find some peace, some relief from the constant ongoing struggles with which the illusion seems to present you at all times. All those struggles are egoic delusions as you imagine yourselves individuated beings, separated from your divine Source, and in need of protection from the dangers that you believe threaten your very existence. Your egos encourage this belief, and then encourage you to defend yourselves by attacking others. You have been doing this for eons, but finally the truth has dawned, “defense and attack do not bring peace and safety,” they just escalate the sense of insecurity that envelops so many of you.

More and more of you are learning this daily, either by operating in war zones, or through dealing with police forces, security organizations, and even prison authorities. Whether you are on the side of authority or subjected to that authority it has become apparent that taking sides is divisive, and either leads to distrust or reinforces the distrust that is already present, and prevents peace from being established. It has become impossible to honestly deny the truth of that, and consequently many are now moving to change the rules so that opposing sides in disputes whether political, law enforcement, or even religious are being brought together in neutral environments where neither feels threatened so that new rules of engagement or disengagement can be formulated, tried, and, if found to be effective, be put into practice. Until you cease to deal violently with violence, violence will always remain an insoluble issue for you.

Amazing progress has been made in the last few decades of Earth time as growing numbers of intelligent people have come to the conclusion that for your continued survival on Earth new rules are essential. Their desire to bring peace and abundance to all on Earth has been welcomed in the spiritual realms, and we are “pulling out all the stops” to ensure that this developing wisdom is neither bypassed nor discarded.

Humanity has collectively made the choice and the decision to open to the Light that surrounds you, and to be guided by It instead of attempting to argue, by reason and logic of a very egoic nature, that to go with the Light will leave you open to destruction by those who would take your freedom from you. Non resistance has been tried many times on Earth in the last few decades to overcome oppression, and each time it has become even more successful. It is apparent to all that it works and that there is indeed no satisfactory alternative as all other methods to bring in essential change have failed because forcible enforcement always leads to violence and suffering that then demands restitution.

In spite of the violence that is being reported by your main stream media I can honestly tell you that across the world violence, that for eons has been endemic, is no longer the first choice of those who seek change and release from oppression. Change is occurring peacefully in many areas because the power of the field of Love enveloping you all is intensifying. Keep holding the intent for Love to enter all hearts, and keep intending that you yourselves always offer love regardless of the situations in which you find yourselves. By doing so you are most effectively creating Peace on Earth, and this is the season in which many of you intend to offer peace to your friends and loved ones – now make a point of including any enemies you may have in that intent, and change them into beloved friends.

With so very much love, Saul.

Dr. Bruce Lipton on Evolutionary Change

(click the above link for the full article)


Dr. Bruce Lipton is a wonderful fellow explorer.  I have come to admire him ever since I read his book “The Biology of Belief” a few years back.  I highly recommend it.

A basic principal — of which many scientists were highly skeptical at first has now been fully confirmed by several methods — including direct experiment.

It is this:

OUR THOUGHT directly effects and transmutes our RNA/DNA structure.  This is an ongoing process which happens continually.

The DNA molecule (within ALL of us) is the most sensitive — pliable — flexible — responsive — and changeable geometric code ever discovered.  EVERYTHING instantly and directly influences it.  This has (of course) led to an entirely NEW (and now fully recognized) scientific field — EPIGENETICS. 

There was a time where the accepted belief was that genetics were an unchanging fundamental that all biological beings were locked into.  But — now that is proven  not to be the case.

Literally EVERYTHING continually effects our genetics.  The food we eat — the sounds we hear — the chemicals we encounter — the textures we feel — the air we breathe — the water we drink — AND — EVERY THOUGHT WHICH TRAVERSES OUR MIND. 

So — we best serve ourselves and others by learning how  to live in a healthy environment — and that necessitates  paying close attention to the thought forms which we choose to focus upon.  We give energy and substance to whatever thoughts we focus upon.  The greater the attention upon them — the more influence they have over us — including our own biology.  So — it behoves us to exercise discernment over the thought patterns which we choose to entertain.  Are they really in our interest?  Are they in the interest of other beings also?

Like the Bible says in the book of Proverbs:  “As a man thinks in his heart — so is he.”  Truer words were never uttered.


Unfortunately — some may misinterpret  this to mean TRANSHUMANISM because of the present media hype pushing that  sick (and robotic) totalitarian agenda of FASCIST CONTROL — also known as the “New World Order”.

Actually — when Bruce is talking about “Create a new humanity” he means that we (you and I) innately have the personal responsibility to maintain — uphold — and perfect our own unique  sovereign human individual creative gift — in order to freely supply our one-of-a-kind individual piece of the vast societal mosaic for the upliftment of  our soon-coming multidimensional galactic civilization — that we might help to unfold and further the highest good of all concerned.

The term “create a new humanity” would better be put as “create a genuine humanity” (to avoid confusion with the false NWO agenda of “Transhumanism”) — create a genuine humanity where the qualities of our heart-mind — such as appreciation — compassion — forgiveness — mercy — understanding — humility — valor — allowance — distributive justice — common (Universal) law — light — love — peace — prosperity — and life itself — are nourished and given the opportunity  to thrive as never before.

This — of course — is to align ourselves with the Universal Purpose — already enjoyed by our Galactic families throughout the multi-verse.


Your Collective Ability To Hold The Intent To Awaken Is Strengthening

A Helping Hand To Remember

A Helping Hand To Remember

11/28/2013 by John Smallman

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States of America, but wherever you are on planet Earth there is good reason for giving thanks – you are alive and conscious, therefore you are a divine child of God, eternally loved and secure within Him, the One Source from which all that exists is created for everlasting joy.  You are dreaming now, as you continue to engage with the illusory realm that you built, but you are on the path to awakening, and when you do awaken your joy will overwhelm you.

Your awakening is guaranteed, it is inevitable, there is no other option because, as divine beings created by God for eternal joy, your will and His are One, and His Will is that you shall awaken.  You decided, briefly, to experience separation – a state that cannot exist simply because God created all as One with Him and within Him, and He is Reality, all that exists, there is nowhere to be separate – and so the illusion was born and you entered within it and closed off your awareness of God and of who You truly are, temporarily.  It does seem that you have been enveloped within it for eons, and that is part of its illusory nature, but in truth your presence there has only been momentary, a brief moment of intense fantasy, as you will realize when you awaken.

God is Love, and because He created you, you too are Love.  Love is undiscriminating, utterly inclusive, accepting and embracing of all that exists, and separation from It is utterly impossible!  Nothing that God creates is ever separate from Him, and He is the only Creator.  What you have been apparently experiencing for eons, a state of existence separate from Him and from one another, truly is an illusion no matter how real it seems to you while you are experiencing it – you have a term for a modern computer application “virtual reality,” which is like a very much scaled down version of the illusion that you constructed for yourselves.  You could perhaps say “What goes around comes around.”  It seems that you wanted an even more illusory illusion as an escape from the one that has seemingly contained you for so long!

Well you will escape by awakening into Reality, not by building another illusion!  We in the spiritual realms are here to assist you in that process, and we are available to you 24/7, so do not hesitate to call on us.  Humanity has made the collective decision to awaken, but many of you keep forgetting to hold the intent, and our job is to remind you to do so whenever you meditate or pray, or call on us for help.

Your collective ability to hold the intent to awaken is strengthening and intensifying as the Light bearers, wayshowers, and starseeds among you become ever more competent at sharing and extending the fields of Love that surround and envelop each one of you.  You are all, all of humanity, enveloped in the divine field of Love in every moment of your eternal existence, but due to the decision to experience separation your awareness of this became very indistinct, unfocused, almost lost. Now that awareness is being restored, and as that happens you are reconnecting and weaving together your individual energy fields in a beautifully harmonious expression or reflection, in fact an exact mirror image of God’s Love for all of you, and it is drawing you together in recognition of your inseparable Oneness.

What is occurring is absolutely magnificent, and you are observing signs of this everywhere as more and more of you come together in prayer and meditation all across the world with the intent to promote peace and harmony among all peoples. New groups are forming daily for this divine purpose which further increases the strength and intensity of Love that you are now willingly and enthusiastically offering to all.  The Light of human Love, an extension of God’s Love, is becoming ever brighter as you clean up your “mirrors” by removing all the smuts and congealed dirt that has dulled them – the unloving attitudes, mistrust, exclusivity, rejection, and judgments that have plagued humanity for so long – thus making them shine quite brilliantly as they also reflect the brightness of His Love for all of you.

The apparent eons that you have spent separated from God and from each other has left you feeling unworthy because the only reason you can conceive of for being separated from Him is because you are unworthy.  But, of course, you are not!  You were created perfect and nothing can ever change that, and you are now coming to understand the truth of that.  Just as in the biblical story of “The Prodigal Son” you are loved by your Father, and there is nothing you can do to alter that, His Love for you is eternal.

Make a point of relaxing at least once daily, and preferably more often (3 or 4 times would be good) into your quiet inner space to commune with your guides and mentors and allow them to reassure you of your Father’s Love for you by embracing you in an intense and powerful energy hug.  And allow yourselves to feel it instead of doubting it, because then you most certainly will.  You are not alone, you have never been alone, and you never will be alone, Oneness with your Father and one another is forever.  And you are now moving steadily into the awareness of this as you approach the moment of your awakening.

With so very much love, Saul.