Dr. Bruce Lipton on Evolutionary Change

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Dr. Bruce Lipton is a wonderful fellow explorer.  I have come to admire him ever since I read his book “The Biology of Belief” a few years back.  I highly recommend it.

A basic principal — of which many scientists were highly skeptical at first has now been fully confirmed by several methods — including direct experiment.

It is this:

OUR THOUGHT directly effects and transmutes our RNA/DNA structure.  This is an ongoing process which happens continually.

The DNA molecule (within ALL of us) is the most sensitive — pliable — flexible — responsive — and changeable geometric code ever discovered.  EVERYTHING instantly and directly influences it.  This has (of course) led to an entirely NEW (and now fully recognized) scientific field — EPIGENETICS. 

There was a time where the accepted belief was that genetics were an unchanging fundamental that all biological beings were locked into.  But — now that is proven  not to be the case.

Literally EVERYTHING continually effects our genetics.  The food we eat — the sounds we hear — the chemicals we encounter — the textures we feel — the air we breathe — the water we drink — AND — EVERY THOUGHT WHICH TRAVERSES OUR MIND. 

So — we best serve ourselves and others by learning how  to live in a healthy environment — and that necessitates  paying close attention to the thought forms which we choose to focus upon.  We give energy and substance to whatever thoughts we focus upon.  The greater the attention upon them — the more influence they have over us — including our own biology.  So — it behoves us to exercise discernment over the thought patterns which we choose to entertain.  Are they really in our interest?  Are they in the interest of other beings also?

Like the Bible says in the book of Proverbs:  “As a man thinks in his heart — so is he.”  Truer words were never uttered.


Unfortunately — some may misinterpret  this to mean TRANSHUMANISM because of the present media hype pushing that  sick (and robotic) totalitarian agenda of FASCIST CONTROL — also known as the “New World Order”.

Actually — when Bruce is talking about “Create a new humanity” he means that we (you and I) innately have the personal responsibility to maintain — uphold — and perfect our own unique  sovereign human individual creative gift — in order to freely supply our one-of-a-kind individual piece of the vast societal mosaic for the upliftment of  our soon-coming multidimensional galactic civilization — that we might help to unfold and further the highest good of all concerned.

The term “create a new humanity” would better be put as “create a genuine humanity” (to avoid confusion with the false NWO agenda of “Transhumanism”) — create a genuine humanity where the qualities of our heart-mind — such as appreciation — compassion — forgiveness — mercy — understanding — humility — valor — allowance — distributive justice — common (Universal) law — light — love — peace — prosperity — and life itself — are nourished and given the opportunity  to thrive as never before.

This — of course — is to align ourselves with the Universal Purpose — already enjoyed by our Galactic families throughout the multi-verse.


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