Three Healing Mantras

Yes — magical in effect — but — in no way super-natural. 

This is the very way Mother Nature operates — and has always operated. 

Knowing about this stretches ones learned concepts concerning  how far dear Mother Nature actually extends.  Live and learn.

Our thoughts become empowered and driven by us through the well-directed emotions sent from our deepest well of desire

Now — we have finally reached the goal of resonating directly with that huge natural operation of transmutation and ascension into another dimension. 

We all choose the frequency upon which we desire to live — and — indeed there is a simple and effective way to shift our vibrations upward — completely outside the range of all poisons — whether they be self-induced negative thoughts and precepts — or — your  own curious magnetic captures from the outside environment. 

Either way — you choose.

This has always been the case . . . but you did have the opportunity to fully realize it . . . that is . . . until now.

So — here you will discover  a sure method  of focusing the incredible power of your energy field’s output. 

This manifests simply by choosing to think and speak something different — something that is entirely according to your greatest up-lift-ment — and this new joyous song replaces your old painful bondage of helplessness and distress — and accomplishes that through the vehicle  of emotionally charged positive affirmations — which are repeated vocally — as a mantra.

oldmanMost simply say — “IT WORKS!


alien1See you in the New Paradigm.

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