The Individual And The Collective — Part 2

(The Individual And The Collective — Part 1)

Part 2 — Galactic Governance

“Where there is no vision

the people perish (or run wild) 

but whosoever keeps the law . . .

 happy is.”  

(Proverbs 29:18)


What will save our precious planet and all of her beautiful children from the utter insanity of suicidal self-destruction?

 The people of every country across the world are tired and upset about being constantly lied to and deceived by a criminal cabal of psychotic out-of-control megalomaniacs who dare to call themselves world leaders — yet continually demonstrate that they are totally consumed with egoism — greed — fanaticism — and arrogance.

Of course — the world’s people themselves originally willingly assented to this outrageous tyranny which they are now finally awakening to. 

Unfortunately — the people of the world — were highly entrained for thousands of years to expect lying salesman — posing as “authority figures” — dictate to them how they should think — act — and feel. 

As a result of this long-time brain-washing — they allowed human indecency — torture — violence  and depravity to prevail — while they focused upon the ever increasing difficulties of simply trying to survive. 

Any bit of spare time after that was/is  spent trying to find a moment of stress relief through the public “entertainment.”  This was/is engineered and designed by expert government-bought psychologists to keep them distracted — dumbed down — drugged — forever competitive to the point of fanaticism — conformed without question to the status quo —  and numb to the point that they are unable to feel or see (much less do anything about) their painful daily condition of abject slavery — which in many cases had been sold to them as “freedom” and “democracy.”  The price of not being compliant with this was/is just too much to bear for most.

In other words — the majority of them think there only choice was/is to just shut up and do as they are told — or else. 

However — indeed there are exceptions — and now finally in 2014 a mass awakening and general outrage is starting to unfold — and it is accelerating.

For example — some remember that ancient maxim from Proverbs: “Without a vision — the people perish.” 

They stop — look — and listen for a moment.  And — what do they see?

Our people — our world — the planetary civilization here on Gaia has been in a state of growing chaotic confusion ever since the event which has often been referred to as “the fall of man.”

Throughout our lives — many of us were highly indoctrinated through religion that this “fall” happened because of “sin.”

But — is planet earth really a Cosmic Penal Colony for Almighty God to inflict excruciating punishment upon miscreant souls?

In my view — there is a far more reasonable explanation which I will now gradually unfold.   

Many of us were carefully programmed from early childhood that we must always take the Bible literally as if it were a New York Times.  Some of us were told emphatically that we must accept it as a  factual and historical account — and to question this was tantamount to damnable “heresy.” 

This view of reality was enforced by the continual dire threats of eternal damnation pronounced through the grave warnings of pious authority figures whose veracity — years of focused research — and wisdom was reportedly impeccable. 

Of course — later we discovered that such was definitely not the case and that those reported “holy” authority figures were merely parroting mindlessly their own indoctrination which had been drilled into them through the traditional religious mind control. 

This type of religious indoctrination was passed down generation after generation and its perpetuation became habitual mindless “tradition.” I call it “monkey see — monkey do” religion but I am not bitter about it.  I do understand how and why this heavy mind control came about in the first place — but perhaps that is the subject of a future essay.

When I first began to question this engrained thought meme — several questions arose. Was there really a “fall” of man at all?  If so — from where did he fall?  Why?  Could it really be that all of humankind was being continually punished and tortured by their “loving” Divine Parent because — after being created by our Divine Parent with a free will — they made a wrong choice — they made a mistake and therefore infected all the generations that were to come with the disease of original sin causing a schism (a separation) from their Divine Source which could only be repaired (healed) by making a “correct” choice of which the Divine Parent fully approved?

The more I contemplated this — the more absurd it appeared.  Then I asked myself the most important question of all.

Should this story be read like a New York Times and taken literally as my indoctrinators had always insisted?

Once I realized that this story — just like many many stories in the Bible —  was a parable not a piece of historical journalism — I began to look into just what the true meaning might be. 

I remembered something which might be relevant.  There have been lights of love and wisdom occasionally shine throughout humankind’s history on planet earth — including the many spiritual beings who have incarnated here to demonstrate the way of Life up-lift-ment and caregiving which is in full resonance — harmony — and alignment with the Universal Intention.

Although most of them were persecuted or murdered — their direct living demonstrations of healing and compassion made a deep impression upon the hearts of many human beings throughout the ages.

In spite of the outward tyrannies — lies — obfuscations — threats — slavery — and violence pouring forth from the controlling tyrants ever pursuing more wealth and power — the overall Collective Consciousness of humankind continued to grow and mature.

And — why is that?

We gradually learned by overcoming the suffering and adversity brought about not by a “fall” due to sin — but rather by our willing plunge into forgetfulness concerning who and what we really are — and now we are at last awakening to see that the tyranny over our bodies — minds — and souls which is being perpetrated by selfish lawless criminals is not only completely unacceptable — but totally unnecessary as well.

Those selfish beings who have been perpetrating this hoax for thousands of years act only out of their psychotic egoism — but — they are blind to the fact that all the violent control and tyranny which they have been carrying out for the sake of their own agenda of power and greed was actually producing an opposite effect. 

All of their assaults upon Life itself were actually acting as a catalyst to awaken the sleepers to begin to think for themselves and discover the tremendous incredible power which they actually possess both as individuals and as a Collective Consciousness. This is the real factor of genuine liberty which the PTB fear the most.

Many of us have now realized that what is presently occurring here globally is completely unsustainable. 

It has revealed itself to be an insidious Oligarchy of tyranny — deception — and human slavery which is nothing but a rapidly deteriorating downward spiral leading only to the complete extinction of all life on this world and the total destruction of the planet herself.

This is not allowed. 

Other entities in our Galaxy well know and fully serve the Divine Intention of all Creation.  And — our planet (Gaia) is destined — according to this Divine Intention of all Creation — to become a thriving and flourishing Galactic Civilization — and so it is.

Something very special and unique has been unfolding here from the very beginning which is now finally being clarified to us by our Galactic friends and relatives who — up until now — have been strictly in observation mode and only very rarely letting themselves be known — and then only under certain very special circumstances which leave almost zero evidence of their contact or intervention.  However — those who have experienced direct contact well know it — although they are often ridiculed and dismissed by those who have not.  For many years — (especially since the 1950s) there has existed a huge gap — but that gap is now quickly narrowing. 

Anyone who has seriously been researching this matter of the ET presence on our planet has clearly seen more and more of their ships in our skies all across Gaia.  Our extraterrestrial friends have been gradually revealing their presence more and more. 

In addition — several of the world’s governments — including the United States — have produced whistle-blowers who are revealing much information concerning these.

This information has often been purposefully obfuscated by some governments — especially the United States.  Therefore — considerable discernment must be applied.

Anyone who really wishes to find out the facts concerning this can do so — however — it takes quite a bit of wading through the piles of disinformation mixed with Hollywood terror propaganda to frighten people away from finding out any genuine information about the ETs.

Then the question arises:  why would the controlling Powers-That-Be do everything in their power to prevent genuine knowledge about our Galactic neighbors from spreading among the public?

It is because they are very terrified of losing their power and death-grip over the people whom they look upon as their slaves.  And — yes — indeed they should be concerned about the loss of their power and control because that is precisely what is about to happen.

The total liberation of Planet Earth is imminent.

And now — here are some very important links which further explain all that I have been saying:

Alfred Lambremont Weber’s Articles About Galactic Governance

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