Our Universal Oneness

by nestingwave

When we begin to sense and feel our Universal  Oneness through our energetic interconnectivity — we KNOW beyond any shadow of a doubt — beyond any speculation — beyond any “metaphysical theory” — that this ONENESS is the primary fact of All Creation. 


It is exactly like coming to the  understanding that liquid H2O is WET — and that it is a primary factor of our biological life. 

After this very basic AHA occurs — the rest of our present sojourn  becomes one of learning how to dial up the frequencies which we desire to consciously interface with.  It is not “magic.”  It is how the Universe naturally operates. 

It is our further (and extended) understanding that comes as we learn via experience about  what “groking” is all about.  It leads to expanded consciousness including telepathy and all the “Siddhis”  which the yogis practice — but more important than that — it leads to self-realization and our discovery of who and what we really are — why we came here — the responsibilities innate within our expression as human beings — and thus — an all consuming enthusiasm for the new vision — intention — and solid purpose we have finally acquired.

This leads us to a much deeper appreciation of all other beings because there never was any energetic separation between us. 

Yes — WE ARE ONE.  There is only ONE MIND with ONE INTENTION and that is our Creator — our Source — dwelling at the very core of All That Is.  You and I are discovering that we are Co-creators.  We are presently headed toward a great punctuated equilibrium — an ascension into a whole new and different “reality.” 

As the old disintegrates the new unfolds. 

Let us rejoice! 

War — greed — tyranny — poverty and lawlessness is not only completely insane — but totally counterproductive to the interests of all life.  The time has now come for human beings on Gaia to completely part ways and recycle the useless and destructive energies.  Useless baggage will now be shed.  This long and strenuous investigation (which we all volunteered for) is now over — and the time has come for all of us to remember.

The unfolding of the infinite potential of all Life is the Universal Intention at the prime-root of All That Is. 


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