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The Currency Revaluation — An Imminent First Step

(Saturday May 17,  2014 — the following is a temporary link but it contains very valuable information — CLICK HERE  )


Many have looked forward to this currency RV for many years and been promised again and again about imminent payoffs through “insiders” who supposedly had genuine “intel” about the unfolding of a world-wide currency revaluation which would make their small investments in Iraqi dinars and other currencies pay off big-time and make them rich instantly.

“It will happen tomorrow morning” or “just a few more days” or “its already a done deal” became regular proclamations from the $$$ gurus coming forth on a regular basis for literally years and years now.

Wow — you might say (as I have at times) how could people allow themselves to be so swindled?

Of course — after being strung along for so many years being constantly sold and told that great riches were “just around the corner” many of the disillusioned gamblers finally (although reluctantly)  came to the conclusion that the whole thing must be a total fraud — and just gave up. 

Some became more and more cynical and took on a negative and doomsday view about all aspects of the world situation.  Maybe you are one of those.  Or — perhaps you have had lots of time to contemplate yourself concerning your own motivations about what you would do with a sudden influx of money.

Along with those years and years of  pronouncements from the money gurus who gathered audiences of expectant gamblers there also has been another consistent message coming forth into the human collective consciousness.  It has come through many channelers as well as a few of the genuine researchers bringing RV information.

It is this and I fully agree with it:  the coming RV (which is real and can be proven beyond any shadow of a doubt) is part of an overall Divine Plan.  It is only the first step in creating an unprecedented prosperity for all beings upon earth that they might be alleviated of the anxieties which have plagued mankind for thousands of years.  As this completely new paradigm unfolds — everyone will be afforded the opportunity to be generous as has never before been the case.  This means the end of poverty and it also means the end of all war.  It is a kind of Jublilee — a brand new beginning never before known or experienced in the entire history of our world.

The RV is only the first major visible initial step in our Creator’s  Divine Plan.

It sets the stage (the necessary environment) for a biological punctuated equilibrium to complete the activation (already underway) of  the full spectrum of our already existent DNA.

This allows each of us to begin to access and process greater and greater portions of our Source-field (infinite energy and intelligence) which in turn unfolds the expansion and complete transmutation of our human consciousness — both individually and collectively.

The time has now arrived for all humanity and Gaia (our dear Mother Earth) to ascend into the fifth dimension and begin to manifest an interconnected Galactic Civilization.

The long 3D inquiry of which all of us have been willing volunteers for many life-times is now over — and much wisdom has been gleaned from it.  All of it will be fully available to any and all evolving beings throughout our vast Multiverse.

So — your patience has been put to the test.  And yet — in the depths of your heart a glimmer of the greatest hope still flickers despite the frustration, the stress, the feeling of having been duped, the depression, the anger, the doubt.

WHY???  For very simple reasons:

1) It is RIGHT 2) It is Divine Justice becoming distributive Justice for all humanity3) It is the beginning of unprecendented HEALING 4) It is a portent of ADVENTURE BEYOND IMAGINATION.

Take a deep breath.