The Dragon Family Ambassador Speaks To Humanity For The First Time

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing Nestingwave, the Dragon family ambassador spoke much truth. I hope he is able to complete his “mission” of removing the real evils from the world. His message of our individual part, no matter how small or large, being equally important in the larger picture was well accepted by my Spirit…settling, easy to absorb into my Self.

    As always,

    Blessings of Peace,

    • Hi brother At-The-Water. What this gentleman had to say resonates with me completely. It is VERY well balanced. As to the existence of the “Collateral Accounts,” I have done enough research into this matter that proves to me that indeed they DO exist. And their monetary worth is many quadrillions of dollars. The Ambassador represents not only the Dragon Families but a huge global group of what Sheldon Nidle and others refer to as the “Allies of Humanity.” They are the human “ground-crew” of direct activism (so to speak) that are working in direct coordination with the Galactic Federation to unfold (in the proper Divine timing) the New Paradigm of human consciousness and experiece. This represents the total liberation of Gaia from our long decent into forgetfulness and dysfunction. Our part in this is exactly what the Ambassador outlined — quit assenting to and feeding this evil — and we do so by undertaking our personal responsibility to resist the tyranny and flow in alignment with this unfolding of consciousness — each of us from our personal perspective.


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