Communicating Advanced Multidimensional Concepts

by nestingwave

crocusI speak here of a very important all-inclusive art form that can uplift the spirit and expand the consciousness of a hearer who finds resonance with the message. Recently on this blog I have been including channeled material from different sources whenever I find particular individual resonance with what is shared. I do hope some of these messages resonate with you also. However — I find that the process of channeling is not too well understood. I wish to present to you here my own perspective about what the material called ‘channeling’ is really all about.

First of all — these kind of sharings are very much like jazz improvisation or poetry or zen painting or horse whispering or communicating with dolphins. They are a right brain (and enteric brain) activity — at both ends of the transmission. By that I mean the listener as well as the one who channels have a personal participation with the message. These messages involve interconnectivity and direct energetic interface.

The art of channeling has been practiced continually on our Mother Earth for thousands upon thousands of years — or more. It is not (as many people suppose) a new phenomena.

The Bible is a channeled work. So is the book of Mormon. Likewise — the Sumerian Tablets were channeled. So were the Buddhist Sutras — the Mayan and Hopi Prophesies as well as the Ancient Upanishads — the Bagavad Gita — and all the Vedas.

Every inspired spiritual work on planet earth (without exception) was originally a channeled work — before the editing and manipulation by Priestcraft that is.

These spiritual works are braided and intertwined with poetry — mythology — shamanic perceptions — paranormal phenomena — remote viewing — telepathy — ancient histories — remembrances — stories — testimonies — cosmic events — parables — allegories — analogies — metaphors — symbols — and many other factors which occur on spontaneous overlapping levels in creativity during their unfolding communication.

In their artistic expression — they touch upon a synthesis of many levels and express multiple layers. Some are obvious but others more subtle. They interact with our physical body — our etheric body — our emotional body — and our mental body.

A truly skillfully channeled work directly invokes and interfaces with the intuitional and spiritual realms (including the inhabitants thereof) existing on many frequencies of vibration.

Channeled works fall into a heap of collapse when they are received only to glean linear ‘factual’ information — as if they were a New York Time or a National Enquirer. They are neither.

In order to truly understand these communications — in order to gain comprehension and wisdom from them — they must be groked.

This only means that they are intended — exactly as all great art is intended — to go well beyond the surface level of linear occurrences — which some mistake as the only genuine reality.

This opinion has metastasized with our cultural deification of materialism.

This is the reason why the word ‘myth’ and the word ‘lie’ are too often thought of as synonymous although they are not the same.

A myth is a systematic (and metaphorical) story which is purposefully told to facilitate the meaningful communication of a higher principle.

To misunderstand this fact and call a mythology a ‘lie’ indicates ignorance. This condition is brought on by lack of critical and creative thinking and a narrow survivalist belief system built upon an unbalanced focus upon fear — scarcity — and lack.

This is a belief system which fails to recognize the massive Universal Abundance all around us and the many dimensional aspects of what we refer to as ‘reality.’

All of the prophesies — hymns — predictions — and scriptures from every culture on earth were channeled works — without exception. How valuable they are depends upon two factors: 1) the hearers cultural mind-set and openness and 2) the channels personal intention along with his/her personal purity and alignment with the Universal Purpose.

In the ideal situation — an AHA occurs as heart resonance is activated. This occurs not because of the words spoken but because of the vibratory resonance due to the activated alignment with the Divine Universal Purpose.

The person who brings the information — whether it is spiritual or otherwise — is a ‘channeler.’

Sometimes they are called a ‘prophet’ — sometimes a ‘demon’ — sometimes a ‘healer’ — sometimes an ‘oracle’ — sometimes a ‘witch’ — sometimes a ‘visionary’ — and sometimes a complete charlatan thought to be perpetrating a fraudulent racket for filthy lucre. How they are labeled by the individual hearers depends upon how touched those listeners are — and to what extent their inner being is stirred up and activated by the communication. In general — all ‘channelers’ are controversial.

All these controversial labels (and many more) are descriptive of the various personalities considered to be telling a story which contains spiritual — scientific — or moral teaching which might (or might not) correspond to some aspect of Universal Truth. The discernment and understanding of this is always up to each individual hearer of the message. In this way — every hearer of a channeled message becomes a participant.

Channeling has formed all the belief systems of humankind — for better or for worse.

What (or who) is being channeled?

Ideally — the “entity” being channeled is information flowing out from ones higher self. It is received through a specific vectored intention which is in alignment with the innermost core — the I AM presence of every being.

It is that innermost aspect which is fully interconnected with the most primal dynamic and energetic truth being the fundamental Source Field out of which the entire Creation arises — continually transmutes — changes and transforms.

Briefly put — the ‘First Source’ is none other than the Divine Creator — eternally creating all aspects of itself — Creation

Is channeling logically and factually accurate?

Sometimes ‘yes’ and sometimes ‘no.’ But — it should be pointed out that linear ‘facts’ and mental ‘logic’ are no final authority. Think of the dynamics of poetry.

‘Accuracy’ depends upon what one’s search is focused upon. What does one wish to discover? This factor will determine ones individual concept of the veracity of the information.

For example — a parable may convey Universal Truth even though it is not — and was never intended to be — ‘historically’ accurate.

It is the dedication — wisdom — and the purity of intention belonging to the channeler which is the only real validation of a channeling — and this is something which no one can cognitively know for sure. So all those who hear and interpret the channeling must always use their own inner spiritual — emotional — and mental discernment.

One must use all of their facilities and resources in order to get the most out of any channeling. These include the cognitive knowledge of their left brain — but they must not ignore the deep intuition which resides at the core of their heart. This is called our ‘enteric’ system. The enteric system is empowered by a well honed emotional intention which eventually becomes laser-like.

The natural spontaneity which is inherent in the right brain must not be forgotten while deciphering and interpreting any channeled communication.

The extent that such skills are able to manifest in the channeler — who ideally is a long dedicated adept — is reflected in the scope and excellency of his artisanship.

Therefore — some channelers are highly skillful — but others have not yet fully learned how to completely free their minds in order to allow the unhindered flowing transmission of information by putting their ego (containing their many concepts and opinions) on hold long enough to not interfere with what they have interfaced.

This — after having attuned to a specific vibrational information cloud with the intention to download it as accurately as possible. But this process of personal downloading of information will always be according to the wisdom (and limitation) of their own personal understanding and their own interpretation from their individual perspective of their own understanding and awareness.

This simply means that how accurately and how skillfully one is able to lucidly communicate channeled ideas depends entirely upon how much self-control any individual has over their wild mind (to use a Buddhist term.)

Our present dysfunctional culture on planet earth is highly imbalanced in favor of the cognitive knowledge of the left brain. If intuition is clouded with egoism — it becomes the biased guesswork of individual opinion.

That is exactly why the purity of the channeler is of the utmost importance.

It is important that a messenger of information from the spiritual realms has purified their own emotions and thought forms which express only light — love — life — compassion — appreciation — forgiveness — understanding — humility — and valor.

Imagination Is More Important

Than Knowledge ~ Albert Einstein

I think it has a very important meaning.


Because ‘knowledge’ (gnosis) separated from imagination often expresses things in a static and therefore restrictive and unchanging formulation — an algorithm — a recipe — an equation.

‘Imagination’ — on the other hand — is always open ended and it can travel much further and wider than any formula or algorithm. It can travel within and amongst the overlapping and braided layers of many worlds. It is highly multi-dimensional.

Imagination can expand — change or ignore a recipe — or — it can place a new and energetic element into the context and environment of space-time continuums creating an entirely new dynamic.

‘Gnosis’ (or ‘knowledge’) as it is commonly used in our materialistic culture cannot accomplish that expansion because it demands continuous repeatability. It’s nature becomes static without a healthy infusion of imagination.

Imagination is fluid and creatively dynamic.

Those who choose to remain focused upon algorithms and formulas and systematic equations have self-restricted their creative potential. They often become stuck there.

Without imagination no creative invention would ever get off the ground. Imagination insures the expansion of fluid and transforming knowledge — for without it knowledge becomes petrified and dead.

Most people in our culture literally worship the linear cognitive knowledge of the left brain and have been carefully taught through many years of dumbed-down ‘education’ to disdain the holonomic and timeless intuition of the right brain along with the enteric system of the heart — having been told by their left-brain-only teachers that such intuition is nothing but ‘unscientific’ inaccurate ‘fantasy.’

This point of view misses the analogical depths of multi-dimensional reality and can easily become a huge lie — as it often does.

Those who choose to reside in this state of tunnel vision are highly disturbed by intuition and imagination.

Why is that?

It is because they cannot pin the accuracy of anything down to a 2 plus 2 equals 4 linear formula. It leaves the cage they have chosen to reside in and is therefore frightening for them to pursue.

That is the whole story of today’s materialist/realists/reductionist (falsely) so-called “science” which vainly attempts (and I should add recklessly attempts) to discover exactly how the Universe works by using violent force to smash parts of it into tiny pieces — and then — for the sake of continual grants and profits — draw impatient quick false conclusions about how all those dissociated smashed parts must (according to their very partial ‘educated’ opinions) fit together and interact.

It is really an absurd exercise in complete ignorance — to the tune of billions — with which nearly all of us were totally inundated and rigorously programmed into our societal meme ever since birth.

True — it is very difficult to overcome highly entrenched false concepts. Most people just blindly accept whatever they are told — especially if it is by a well tenured and socially vetted famous (or popular) authority figure — especially if they have a long list of impressive initials after their name.

However — a significant portion of the earth’s population all over the planet has now broken out of the social consensus cage having experienced direct contact — both physical and telepathic — with the ETI.

We are now being taught through meditation — downloading — contemplating — decoding — deciphering and interpreting a completely different science which is not only physical and material — but is also spiritual and energetic and acknowledges the power of mind and the multidimensional aspects of our I Am Presence.

Physics and Metaphysics now fully merge. This is now happening spontaneously.

You see — the ETIs view the physical realm and the spiritual realm as one and the same thing — both of those realms emerged out of the very same First Source and in reality are not two opposing things — but ONE.

That which is above — is like that which is below.

All is energy. Everything in Creation — including consciousness — is energy which is vibrating at its own unique frequency. And the number of those frequencies is infinite.

There is only One Mind in the Omniverse and out of it emerges all-that-is from the Ultimate Thought at the root of (and totally embodying) the entire Great Creation.

This primordial energy is not only spinning at infinitely different oscillations — but as the fine documentary Thrive points out — energy in our 3D world configures into countless energy fields taking the shape of a torus which enfolds by diving into its own center and then emerging out the other side into a return loop.

This is the beginning of all that has been called ‘sacred geometry’ for countless millenia. The phenomena of crop circles stimulates our understanding of energetic interconnectivity.

Science on planet earth has been imprisoned within the materialistic and reductionistic cage of the so-called ‘standard model’ of materialist/realist/reductionist ‘science’ which often tends to deny the reality of spirit and consciousness.

Historically — they labeled these very important aspects as a strange (unknown) ‘artifact’ of physical matter. But in recent times there has been the serious undertaking of a real effort to further understand human consciousness.

Mainstream ‘science’ seeks what they call the Higgs Boson or ‘God particle.’ They will soon find what our Galactic neighbors clearly understand — everything which exists in the entire Universe is a ‘God particle.’

Our space relatives who have selected and recruited a variety of earth humans to become information conduits — channel information through conduits which they themselves have selected and trained. These information clouds of beneficial information have been carefully designed by very advanced minds to activate and awaken humankind’s lost memories concerning who and what we are — where we come from — and why we have incarnated here at this time.



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