The Truth About 911 Finally Reaches Main-Stream-Media

Today I offer to everyone the most important of all news.  We are about to have the thirteenth anniversary of the traitorous controlled demolition of the World Trade Center buildings on Sept. 11, 2001. 

Think about the past 13 years of the worst and most murderous tyranny in the entire history of planet earth that began on that day of deception and despotic lies.  And it was all insidious propaganda pushed down the unsuspecting American people’s throats via the lies of slick salesmanship.

At long last — the veils are now taken away forever and the heinous tyrants must now be brought to justice — or else, America and all she ever stood for is gone forever.

But — you see — some of us knew from the very beginning that this was a classic controlled demolition.

So . . . where does America go from here?

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  1. I still vividly recall that horrific morning, afternoon and night as we sat glued to our monitor watching the moment by moment details spewed out by the propaganda machine…all the while saying to ourselves “what’s wrong with this picture?”.

    The absolute spine tingling chill that went up or spines when the aide bent over to Bush reading to young students and whispered “The FIRST plane has hit WTC!”….it took a few minutes but then it cycled and hit home when the SECOND plane hit…

    “How FORTUNATE people were those building came straight down instead of toppling for blocks in any direction”…

    “What a mess our financial markets will be because so much info was destroyed by the top five Wall Street firms being kept in building 7 of WTC plaza”…

    …and then the ensuing months and years when one report or another came out flatly contradicting the “official” media spew…but yet we were commanded to swallow the mainstream media tripe or face serious charges of domestic terrorism.

    Yes, every single American life changed subtly, dramatically or little…depending on who and what we were as individuals that day…but we changed.

    I miss what we WERE as a country, as independent souls, as small and large groups…as Americans.

    Thank you for reminding us and posting this important video.

    As always my friend,

    Blessings of Peace,

    • Hi Al —

      Sooner or later (sooner I hope) this insidious cover-up of the most horrible false-flag operation in history WILL come unraveled completely. When it does, the American people are in for a HUGE shock — as well as some very serious introspection. Everyone already knows within the hidden depths of their heart that everything we were told by the government to believe about 911 was a damn lie. This is nothing new, eh?

      The masses (in general) went into a hypnotic state of full denial. Why? It was simply just too much to process and it meant the total end of the programmed belief system to which they had become so accustomed.

      Many became infected with the political institution’s fatal disease of malignant egophrenia (kill a rag-head fer Chrast.) It was just an updated version of the ancient war-cry of hate to justify their frustration.

      911, however, was a catalyst for our awakening. It shows us that it is not wise to allow injustice and mindless hatred to prevail without challenge. This, of course, is not just true about 911, but every situation where human rights are trampled upon by insane tyrants and control freaks.

      Pay attention to what happens now. Some really big dominoes are poised to topple at any moment — but — our Almighty Source has not given us a spirit of fear — but of unconditional love, of power, and of a sound mind. :O)


  2. It is the unconditional love, of power, and of a sound mind that I think most Awares look forward too.

    The mass has simply been asleep and allowed dain bramaged Captains at the helm for far too long. As the mass becomes conscious, they realize they’re not steering the ship and at light speed, it is intersecting with a government supplied wall. Frankly it scares too many to Become what we know they can become, so they close their eyes once again hope the Captain will turn hard to starboard on the helm of oblivion.

    The only thing that has me spooked is often I feel like a passenger on that ship. OMG!

    Then I realize I got off of it long ago and am merely sympathizing with those who failed to wake up. Po’po’ki’s!

    Blessings of Peace,

    • Greetings once again reverend,

      You said, “Frankly it scares too many to Become what we know they can become, so they close their eyes once again hope the Captain will turn hard to starboard on the helm of oblivion.”

      Here is how I views it.

      True — people are finding it very difficult to take any responsibility. Why? Because they have not the necessary impelling vision. All that is happening right now is moving us toward that brand new AHA.

      The “Captains” (whom the gnostics called Archons) without knowing it have just been carrying out the planned inquiry for which we originally volunteered many many life-times ago.

      Their role is all they know and that was to keep a very tight cap on human consciousness. They were given a certain length of time (an era) for this but that is now over. However, since they know not what else to do, they just keep on behaving as they have always behaved — only now with far more intensity.

      Its sort of as if they are on automatic pilot. Now they see their little fifedoms rapidly crumbling before their eyes and do not have a clue what to do . . . so . . . they just do more of what they have always done, control control control, lie lie lie, steal steal steal, manipulate manipulate manipulate, kill kill kill as many “useless eaters” as they possibly can without completely revealing themselves. And yet — they can no longer hide and their evil machinations are more and more revealed daily. They are trying right now to create total chaos, World War 3, Martial Law, major false flag attacks, biochemical exterminations, weather modifications such as drought, setting off volcanoes, spraying us down with toxins like bugs — however — all of these deceptions that have worked so well in the past no longer work because everything they do is only exposing them more and more. They are hoisted upon their own petard. In many cases they are already beginning to fight among themselves because all they can see in their future is looking out through bars and they are panicked.

      This old paradigm is now over regardless of what “they” might do.

      And . . . exactly WHO is this “they?”

      Don’t be too shocked. The “they” is none other than US going through the process of shedding our old worn-out skin. :O) This “they” is a reflective mirror. Ugly eh? But . . . its much better to see than not to see.

      Yep . . . there is only ONE MIND in this entire huge multi-verse and ALL are potentially fully and completely entangled, mingled, saturated, immersed, and engaged with ALL of it.

      As our consciousness expands toward full consciousness, we become increasingly aware of more and more aspects of this incredible interface. The AHA is to realize that indeed we are really and truly ONE. We then can have 1) no fear, 2) power to create according to the Universal Purpose, 3) and the burning inner desire to see all beings uplifted and healed (including those who have played the role of the villain.)

      This is the true purpose and stewardship and responsibility of every human being and it is fully aligned with the Universal Ultimate Thought and the Divine Intention.

      Let us start creating our Galactic Civilization right now. :O)

      Peace to you.



      P.S. You also said, “The only thing that has me spooked is often I feel like a passenger on that ship. OMG!”

      Yep, I know it seems that way and often feels as if we are on the Titanic headed for an iceberg. The solution is for us to (in every way we can) raise up our own vibrations and those of all those around us. Be at peace — there are some very positive surprises ahead!

  3. And, Roy my good friend, just why are the well known evil perpetrators still laughing, drinking, joking among themselves and what have you, still, yes I said still, still having a good time and figuring out who, and how they are going to embezzle their next million, and who might also possible be a loose cannon that needs to have a mysterious accident, to be taken out. Had this been you or I that even had an inkling about who might be involved in knowing about it, or even a whisper of a possibility, then we would have an accident of some unexplainable kind, or be locked away for eternity. What gives them the right to be God for a day, and then have a too big to bust joking good time afterwards, to be untouchable from any of our laws, or any investigations to the contrary. 13 years later, and they are still business as usual, and still walking around, joking, laughing and planning how to embezzle their next million, and who just might turn or flip on them, like a giant karma wheel…

    • Hi Allen,

      Yep — I know, I know. I have shed many tears over this situation. I have spoken out and been called a “conspiracy freak,” been vilified, ridiculed and mocked — but — as time as gone on more and more and more people have awakened to the insidiousness of this seminal event and the fact that U.S.A. is NOT a “free” country by any means and our de-facto “government” is anything but a government of, by or for the people.

      The good news is that the long ever-tightening grip of the evil Cabal of control and manipulation over the bodies, minds and souls of human beings is now laid bare — exposed — busted. So — their panicked reaction in response to this is to produce a global nuclear holocaust. They are like third graders on a school ground, “if I can’t have what I want, nobody can!” Being totally insane psychotics, the PTB (I call them the Powers that WERE) would rather annihilate the entire planet than loose the very twisted and sick game they have been playing here for many millenia. They well know that the end-game has now arrived — and they have lost. But — some much higher authority than them loudly declares, “NO GLOBAL NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST PERIOD!”

      The angel tells me — and I share it with you — “Fear not — relax and be patient a little longer.” The desire of our hearts IS materializing and as this process unfolds we are also being transformed.

      Much is stirring from many different points-of-view: here is one of them.

      Peace to you dear brother and



      • Thank you Roy but, this info is knowledge that I have known for a few years, now from a different perspective. But still, the thing that I am having a hard time believing is the simple fact that we have a nation of dumb down sheep, who are responsible for the nuts and bolts of our great injured nation, how can these mad (crazy) men of responsibility still be free to run again for terms in our government, I just don’t understand how the deadly crooks are able to plan their next missions with the understanding that all loose cannons have been taken care of (permanently), you or I would be boiled in oil…

      • “. . . how can these mad (crazy) men of responsibility still be free to run again for terms in our government, I just don’t understand how the deadly crooks are able to plan their next missions with the understanding that all loose cannons have been taken care of (permanently), you or I would be boiled in oil. . .”

        heheheh. . . well . . . all I can figure out about this terrible situation is that this bunch of gangsters, mobsters, criminal cabal (or whatever one wants to call total organized despotism) is far more entrenched than any of us can imagine.

        If it was only up to earth human beings alone to set this twisted path straight — we would never succeed and our entire world would be annihilated forever.

        However — fortunately, this is not the case. We do have wise and balanced outside intervention.

        One strong proof of this given to the world was when, during the “cold war” upon several occasions the ICBMs, both in the west and in the east were temporarily SHUT DOWN. These interventions were always accompanied by the phenomena of hovering UFOs.

        NATO commander Bob Dean says that in one instance the warheads on the missiles in the silos were mysteriously melted.

        The message from our extraterrestrial neighbors is . . . NO . . . plain and simple.

        There are have other interventions which were less blatant.



      • Yes Roy, I too know the incident you speak of, I believe you were referring to No Nuke’s during melt down phase, I guess I just cannot come to terms that these evil heads of our country think nothing of what they did or are trying to do to us all, I will get over it Roy, it just pisses me off to no end that business as usual still is the norm. Even though I know, they well get theirs, it just isn’t fast enough…

      • Me too Alan, me too. How long? How long? Well . . . no one knows. To my way of thinking it has already been far too long. But, maybe more need to awaken to produce a critical mass that will push this shift over the edge?

        All I can say is that my innermost being tells me clearly that it is closer today than it was yesterday.

        True Justice will be. Why? because there is no other way in which creativity and flourishing can unfold unhindered upon our beautiful blue world in space.

        Yea, I too am often frustrated and impatient — but then I think, how long did it take for this tyranny to sneak into being? It is so permeating of almost every aspect of our lives. Actually, it appears that the awakening is occurring much faster than that.

        Anyhow, I and others feel that we are now very near a full resolution.

        Peace be unto you brother.



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