Let Us Create Peace On Earth

by nestingwave


Yeshua Dawn

Yeshua Dawn

Yes . . . Christ returns and he is not alone . . . and . . . in order for us to simply recognize and acknowledge this, there is a good and effective way to participate.  We begin the process within ourselves to discover ways to create peace around us, i.e. in our environment.  Indeed, if we really desire peace on earth and goodwill toward men,  the very first step, and perhaps the only really effective step, is for us to open our hearts and reach out for the genuine peace deep within ourselves.  Peace begins at home — while quietly sitting before the blazing hearth of our inmost longing.

3-boy-meditating_cropThis eventually requires a very personal reckoning, forgiving of ourselves and purification of our thoughts, words, actions and feelings.  Christ will not miraculously do that for us because it is our own individual responsibility.  Assuming our personal responsibility is a critical part of our healing and transformation.  This eventually leads to a very personal inventory which  includes our forgiving of ourselves and our growing desire to purify our own thoughts, words, actions and feelings by paying close attention.  Christ will not and cannot do that for us because to do so would severely damage us.  That is because those intentions are our own individual responsibility.  We are responsible for our own thoughts and actions and whatsoever a person sows, that shall he also reap.  This is not just a Bible verse.  It is a Universal Maxim and is known and contemplated throughout the entire Universe by all the advanced beings of time and space. 

What we call our exterior world ‘out there’ is  just a mirror image of what is going on within us.  When we try to change something ‘out there’ we often become highly frustrated because we are trying to operate in the wrong arena.

We must look within and purify our own thoughts, words and actions.  The world which we call ‘out there’ will respond accordingly.

 Such sincere reaching out (or calling) is the expression of our intention.  It is our prayer request.   It is our letting go and letting our Mother/Father God manifest and express.  This expression of God is the very meaning of the Christ — the divinely infused and directly annointed.  

fallsThe Prime Source of the entire Universe brings everything back into balance once we release our fearful and stubborn grip because balance is its natural state. 

This ‘letting go and letting God’ — this ‘surrender’ is not ‘giving up’ by any means — but it is just the opposite.  It is us willingly getting out of the way of the pure light and unconditional love so that it can flow forth unhindered (like living water) to where ever it is needed.  This means us allowing the holy blazing fire of the Great Spirit dwelling within the innermost core of our heart — to transmute all of our fears, miscreations and mistakes back into the pure light of unconditional love — which is the Love of our Father/Mother God for us and for the entire Great Creation.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you recognizing that they indeed are you — and you are them — you are truly one — fully interconnected and entangled within the one mind. For all are fully interconnected within the one consciousness.

Many people all across the globe are already pursuing this simple and effective process of self-purification — each in their own way.  Yes there is peace on earth (already) and goodwill toward men and yes there is already Divine Intervention toward that full and complete transformation because that is the cosmic fulfillment and destiny of the specific Divine Plan for Gaia and for all of her precious children. 

It is an “AHA!”  

That awakening arrives in different ways and times for different people.  


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