Into The Field

9-visionary-artwork_CropThere is an all-inclusive field.  It has been called the Source-Field by David Wilcock and others who have dedicated their lives to discovering it, experiencing it, groking it and awesomely appreciating all that it is. (See David’s book entitled The Source Field Investigations.)

This ‘field’ is known by many names because it is ubiquitous and endemic to all things within and without. It’s very essence is infinite energy and intelligence and it is the very fabric of the Universe itself. All-That-Is moves, oscillates and lives – and has its very being within this Source-Field. It is consciousness. It is being itself.


This is the fundamental substance out of which the entire Great Creation emerges and transforms continually. It is a huge hologram with countless holograms enmeshed within it. Every portion of every hologram contains the whole. Fractal mathematics is very important in this structure, but it goes far beyond that.  Vortices spiraling in and out of all dimensions are endemic to the very substance of the Omniverse.

The discovery of this and the presentation of its indisputable evidence by many researchers is by far the closest that our highly limited ‘science’ has yet come to ‘proving’ that there is indeed an Almighty Creator.

But that Almighty Creator never has and never will need any kind of ‘proof’ because that very presence is everywhere always. Recognizing or not recognizing that obvious fact is entirely dependent upon our own individual conscious awareness of what is – and/or the lack of that understanding.  At present, all of us see in a mirror dimly.

Everyone is living according to their personal life’s unfolding – nor could it be otherwise. Like snowflakes, all individuals are individually unique from all others – and yet, at the core of their being, they all partake of the very same Life Source-Field which sustains them, empowers them and enlightens them according to how much they choose to let go, release, and allow their inner light to blaze forth.

This surrender is not ‘giving up’ by any means. It is just the opposite from that. It means aligning oneself with the natural flow instead of opposing it. It means choosing love and trust rather than fear. That is always up to us.

Yes – it is and always has been a matter of our choice. God never forces anything upon any of the children but instead, allows them to discover meaningful truth for themselves – and each one of these precious snowflakes sees things from their own personal perspective according to their own life plan (destiny) and their personal one of a kind experiences.  What this amounts to is the potential creative expression of their one-of-a-kind individual gift for the benefit and upliftment of the entire collective consciousness.

Now a question arises. Is this vast field of which I speak Almighty God?

The answer to that question is both ‘yes’ and ‘no.’

‘Yes’ in that this monumental ‘scientific’ discovery superficially touches the outermost perceivable body of God, but ‘no’ in that Almighty God is infinitely more than what our present perceptions allow for. We are presently 3D beings existing within a vast infinite and multidimensional Universe. Is our outward physical appearance all there is of us?  Hardly.

A few bold, courageous and pioneering scientists have finally taken the first baby steps in merging with what metaphysics and spirituality all across our world has already known for countless ages: there is only one mind, one consciousness, one Universal Intention behind the entire Great Creation – and our one-of-a kind life’s journey is a meaningful and eventful sojourn back home into the full consciousness as we gather and affirm evidence of that sublime union and oneness completely beyond duality – toward the full realization of this oneness coupled with the greatest appreciation and the impelling inner desire for the thriving, flourishing and uplifting of all beings with whom we interact along the way.

Many of the Galactic Worlds of Time and space have already been experiencing this reality for a very long time and from a multidimensional perspective.

We are now in the process of entering that sublime realm of rapid unfoldment and we have some wise advice from the company of heaven – and by no means is that advice confined to any one people, culture, religion or perspective.

I know that everything taking place in our world right now outwardly appears to be very negative indeed.

All of that negativity is a poison – a terminal cancer – which now demands to be brought out fully into the light, so that it can undergo full exposure, resolution and transmutation.

It should be very obvious to everyone by now that a great part of the information we all receive through our real-time corporate media is 1) spun and flavored, 2) purposeful disinformation, 3) fear porn, and 4) out and out lies.

This outrages some people and highly frustrates others – but some still simply ‘go along to get along’ and readily believe whatever their media tells them to believe – even though mixed messages and cognitive dissonances are indeed the rule rather than the exception.

Edward_BernaysBack in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s much research was done on the rapidly growing mass media communications system. It was well confirmed by Edward Bernays (Sigmund Freud’s nephew), and others, that how the media covers any story can easily manipulate society as a whole. This, of course, is one of the most useful ‘tools’ of Tyranny and Empire.

That is the so-called ‘power’ of the press.

Edward Bernays (an American Jew) wrote a book entitled Propaganda.

It became the bible of Nazi Germany’s Third Reich – who desired any and all means of ascending to power.

Mr. Bernays later said that he was very sorry that Geobbles had so misused his work, especially in his virulent hatred of the Jews and their subsequent merciless persecution and slaughter.

Edward said that to do the horrible atrocities which the Nazi regime had carried out during the war had put the word Propaganda in a very bad light. So – from then on he changed the name to Public Relations – a far more ‘acceptable’ term to the American public after Word War 2.

This is a perfect example of how propaganda has worked (and in most cases is still working) under an assumed name ever since Word War 2. Throughout America, Britain and Europe, Edward Bernays became known as ‘the Father of Public Relations.

Indeed, the name Propaganda has been changed to Public Relations in order to deceive the gullible and entice them through panic and fear and manufactured suppositions and false promises into buying lies and sending their sons and daughters off to wage brutal and totally unnecessary wars on behalf of Corporations and Elite Oligarchs who clearly show that they do not have the best interest of the people (any people) at heart.

But – if we can pause and shift gears now – there is a positive side to this open can of worms which has so plagued our land and threatened to send its people off on a downward spiral towards oblivion.

Unbeknownst to the manipulating Tyrants, their lies, false promises, lootings, racketeering, mass murders and fear mongering has acted (instead) as a strong catalyst which has produced a mirrored bommerang effect.

They now find themselves ‘hoisted upon their own petard’ so to speak. Liars eventually destroy their own credibility. And when they can no longer trick, cajole, bully or threaten the masses into being panicked and mindlessly running off to fight despotic insane wars of aggression, looting one country after another – the Tyrants undoubtedly know that their days are numbered. Yes they do.

And that is exactly why world tensions have recently been ratcheted up.

The collective will of the greater part of humanity (those not deeply entangled with bitterness, revenge, violence and hatred) focuses as one insistent (and powerful) demand on righting the wrong and establishing peace and balance – and this collective will projects outwardly with the strong vectored intention for restorative justice, reconciliation, comfort to the afflicted, correction and healing.

Those who pray do so ever more fervently. Tens of thousands of people gather at the same time all around the globe to meditate – each using their own chosen technique.

Many more simply choose love rather than fear.

No one wants their children to grow up in a world of total madness, dissimulation, trickery, hatred, fear, depression, despair and mindless violence – regardless of how or why these completely unacceptable conditions are being brought about.

People all across our world are collectively thinking, feeling, knowing in that moment in which they hear and become aware of these shrill, hysterical and highly negative ‘news’ reports (whether they are true or not) that these things ought not to be and true justice, veracity and human decency and mercy must be applied and must prevail – for the sake of our progeny and for the sake of all human creativity and the new world to come. It is the unexpected boomerang effect.

This is to take a plunge into the all-inclusive field of infinite energy and intelligence. It is just to acknowledge the truth of how the Universe really works and to align ourselves with it, as best we can, instead of placidly allowing ourselves to be bullied and herded about by those only interested in power, money, control and Empire – as if we were mindless mechanical automatons without will.

6-spaceship-earth_CropUltimately, these experiences are actually preparing all of humankind for the greatest and most significant event in the entire history of our planet. We are about to complete an already ongoing shift into a hitherto completely unknown dimension – [well, perhaps not completely unknown – we have had numerous ‘hints’.] We will directly meet and interface with our Galactic neighbors and families and take up our original responsibilities and gradually once again become the wise stewards and caregivers of our planet and this time three other water planets within our solar system.

One way of expressing it is that it is a shift from 3D to 5D.

Our Galactic Neighbors are already assisting us through this transition in which all the beings upon this planet are experiencing very powerful incoming cosmic energies of many different frequencies. These incoming energies are serving to gradually raise the vibrations of our biomorphic fields. These incoming energies are also causing a rapid unfolding and activation of our DNA.

For example: in England, children have been born with 3 strands of DNA instead of 2. This is a strong visible sign of what is to come.

All of these things indicate a completely new world now emerging – and along with that – a brand New Paradigm of thought itself.  Our Galactic neighbors are already mentoring many of us about that.

Although this shift (this transition or transformation) has been called throughout history by many different names – it has been prophesied in every culture upon earth.

That event is imminent. Yet – no man nor angel nor even the Christ knows exactly when.

It will be whenever the Divine moment arrives. The signs are now all around us that it is very close indeed. But the first stage of changes are already upon us.

Meanwhile, we see this vision, live for it in this now present moment and continue to discover who and what we really are.

I AM my I AM presence, and I AM ONE with the I AM presence of ALL humanity, every being – and ALL CREATION!


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  1. Why yes indeed, I AM very familiar with David Wilcock’s work and appreciate his many contributions to numerous current topic shows. He is one of the few credible researchers we follow and believe is doing their best to actively inform all peoples of new revelations in science, medicine benefits as well as paranormal and supernatural phenomenon.

    As always, thanks for sharing and I look forward to witnessing these events unfolding.

    Blessings of Peace,

  2. Me too reverend, me too.

    Yesterday would have been fine in my impatience but there are many important factors to consider. And all these changes will not occur apart from exact divine synchronicity and no man nor angel knows ahead of time when that will be. It is apparently a spontaneous event (and series of events) that has already undergone years and years of careful preparation.

    As I understand it, everything is already ready to go, however, very subtle energetic adjustments are being made for the sake of reducing the chaos and the resulting loss of life to the very bare minimum.

    This post (Into The Field) was one of the most carefully thought out and edited that I ever released.

    I do think it is important for people to finally get a handle on the insidious mass manipulations which we have all undergone (literally for thousands and thousands of years) in order to keep Oligarchical criminal despots in control of our world.

    However, they could ONLY maintain that control via the ASSENT of the people.

    Everytime we point our forefinger in the rage of vanity — three more fingers that we don’t see are pointing right back at us.

    So — in typical traditional black-magic form, the various controlling Tyrants used trickery, lies, false flags, deception upon deception, false promises, obfuscations, propaganda — and — when that didn’t work, they had no moral qualms about using threats, blackmail, fear, terror, torture and brutal murder.

    Of course, this is the typical story of all the Empires throughout history.

    In these deceptive practices they believed, as most black-magicians do, that to lessen or alleviate their own personal karma for their evil actions, they had to always give a clear indication, sign or obvious symbol that they were 1) lying, 2) hoaxing, 3) scamming, 4) making up false history or . . . ? That way (to their twisted way of thinking) you willingly participated in their lies — you were a sucker and bought the faulty merchandise even though they gave indication that it was faulty from the beginning and you were too muddled to see what was presented subtly (but openly) right in front of you.

    When you look back on the major events of our time, such as the Kennedy assassination, or Oklahoma City bombing or the 911 World Trade Center false flag intelligence operation, it is very clear to anyone who is not brain-dead from having become a programmed automaton through constant media propaganda, that, indeed, in all those incidents there were many anomalies, strange correlations, misfitting cover-ups, fantastic proclamations from authorities, etc.

    They thought that the masses were just too dense to ever catch onto their tricks and they loved to mock “those silly fools” who believed the lies and mindlessly jumped through the hoops which their powerful keepers had provided.

    However — in their inbred arrogance — they were all dead wrong.

    You see, these controllers (like most who incarnate here) have no idea who they are. They (like most of us) forgot that they originally volunteered to come here and play the role (in their case) of tyrant in order to keep a restraining cap on the consciousness of humanity — but it was only to be until the time that the Great Investigation was completed. That was the original agreement in their participation as ‘the villian.’

    Now, this ‘investigation’ (‘experiment’ or whatever one wishes to call it) has come to its final completion and the cap upon human consciousness is now finally to be lifted. Along with that, the quanrantine against ET contact will also be terminated.

    This dulled-down state of human consciousness is NOT normal by any means but we are now about to return to our true state of FULL consciousness.

    The ‘overseerers’ of this Great Investigation (who are highly advanced interdimensional Galactic beings) are showing patience with these ‘bad’ guys stuck in third density in order to allow them a little more time to wake up from their long amnesia.

    However, that period of allowance is rapidly drawing to a close according to the Galactics themselves.

    The result? Many of those ‘bad’ guys have finally begun to wake up and remember who they are. When they do, they often repent in tears of their evil deeds and begin to move toward the light.

    Many of them are doing that right now at this moment.

    Since time is rapidly running out for the completion of the main event, those who completely refuse to come to the light will either 1) be removed to another planet where they can continue to live and work through a 3D life to alleviate their long amnesia or 2) in a few rare cases by their own request, will be taken to the Great Central Sun and energetically recycled. That group are few in number.

    So, here we are. We have come to the end — and the beginning — the Omega and the Alpha. The most incredible thing is that we who have suffered under this long tyranny, are finally able to understand what has really been going on all these lifetimes we have lived.

    What this means is simply this: we can now fully forgive even the worst criminal on earth and set ourselves free from those hindering emotions of revenge, hatred, bitterness, sorrow, fear and anger. At the same time — we also set those ‘bad’ guys free by releasing them from our strong magnetic personal hold over them due to our furious anger and sense of injustice. Our bitterness can now be healed and dispersed.

    This is a win win situation for Gaia and for all of her precious children. And — that is as it should be for the new heaven and the new earth and the golden age of peace and joy unspeakable and full of light, unconditional love, life itself — and — exciting adventure beyond all imagination as together we undertake our service and the wise stewardship of our world and all life-forms upon her.

    Peace be unto you dear brother and sister.


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