LPAC Webcast Of 10/31/2014


There is so much more actually taking place in Washington and throughout the world than Americans are being told by their media whores.  Even after exposure after exposure of these insideous lies, unfortunately, most people are still consumers of the constant barrage of 24/7 propaganda which has been carefully designed by psychological operations to keep them asleep and quiet — or else fearful and terrorized while focusing upon carefully manufactured highly spun or even bogus issues.

However, there is a powerful world dynamic emerging which has finally been unveiled and has now fully come to the forefront.  This rapidly emerging New Paradigm can no longer be suppressed by Tyrants interested only in their own selfish and narrow agendas.

There are many different opinions concerning these things but, in general, it all points to an entirely new direction and that is undeniable.  That powerful vector is extremely positive and offers a fresh new vision of hope for all of humankind and our progeny.

There are real activist in positions of influence and power now publicly emerging as mankind nears the bottom of the barrel as the present worn-out ‘business as usual’ slides further down into the suicidal black hole of the old inhuman paradigm of brutal empire and control.

Ultimately, as I have mentioned many times on this blog, we already have Divine Intervention. Without that, our entire planet would have already been turned into a cinder floating in space. This is all about us aligning with the plan and purpose of that Divine Intervention.  It is an AHA, an awakening — and it is now.

The following webcast occurred yesterday evening.  This is just one of those world influencing points-of-view.   The metaphors being used  are as they are for the sake of broad communication.  There is more (much more) going on behind this — such as the already emerging new energy  and the soon coming face-to-face encounter with our extraterrestrial neighbors.



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