Foster Speaks Of The New Paradigm

I have always appreciated Foster and Kimberly.  My own research over many decades has in many ways paralleled theirs.  That’s what drew me to Thrive in the first place.

I think the thing which makes their sharing palatable and easily entreated is the calmness of focus which they bring to their sharing and their totally optimistic understanding of the situation while others have become so fearful, negative and cynical — including myself at times.  So many folks now days are continually pulling their hair out in a near panic.  “Run for yer very lives!” many are screaming.  But, the fact is, there is absolutely no place to run to.

It is refreshing to hear a balanced approach about matters which flow directly against the present despair, panic and mindless terror machine of the status-quo.   At this late date, there are still some hapless souls who buy into the insidious lies of the controlling 24/7 propaganda network — which has inundated us from every direction for our entire lives.  Many absolutely refuse to hear any good news, having become so jaded.

Some of us, however, prefer the flourishing perspective and the goal of genuine peace on earth and goodwill toward men — rather than to become completely entrenched in the downward spiral of total self-destruction or the supposition of prophetic doom.

I believe, as does Foster and Kimberly, that it is much better for everyone concerned to continually choose, as best we can, to ride the high country.

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