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The Adversary Of All Life Obfuscates Truth By Suspicious Accusation And Creating Division Through Manufactured Controversy

Insane Ravings Over Babylon

The Confusion Of Energies Produces A Stupor of Frustration And Rage

The Confusion Of Energies
Produces A Stupor of
Frustration And Rage

We are presently going through such a time as described above.  What is called for is meditation, prayer, collective vector intention, allowance and . . . most importantly . . . the biting of ones own tongue with careful intention as to what our thoughts and words are manifesting — along with a readiness to admit that we do not and cannot know anything but our  own highly limited interpretation of all activities which occur concerning others and the admission and realization that all our perceptions are filtered through the lens of our own unique vantage point and our own created point-of-view. And finally, there is a great need for the self-admission that things may not be the way in which I perceive them.

There are highly damaging controversies presently unfolding concerning Light Workers who have been working together for the same goals and outcomes while functioning together in cooperative attunement.

Suddenly, a severe rift separated them into competitive factions each accusing the other.

What are the consequences of this? Read the rest of this entry

Offworld Transmissions


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

IS:IS Portal Activation Part II Report

Although the critical mass among the surface population was not reached, the activation was a significant success. Besides our strong, dedicated core group many tens of thousands Lightworkers and Lightwarrios across the globe were participating. Read the rest of this entry

Project 10:10:10 Pill or Perception?

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