The Friendship Case

Genuine disclosure of the interaction between the multifarious extraterrestrial intelligence and ordinary earth human beings will not be coming from your government.

Please click the following link to find out more information concerning the following astounding ET contact case concerning hundreds of people.


This massive contact between ordinary human beings from many walks of life and representatives of many highly advanced extraterrestrial civilizations began to take place during the last half of the 20th century, but this historic series of events is just now being revealed (2013.)

Here it is on You Tube.

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  1. This video is very interesting. I believe.

  2. Yeah, lucille — this seems to be a very early linear 3D downstep of the Galactic Federation’s very early operation of contacting regular everyday civilians. I believe this to have never stopped — only changed in its operational downstep in order to keep in step with our continually growing conscious awareness of this encounter with ETI. A part of the purpose of it seems to be to acquire the assent and collective cooperation of earth humans to open their hearts and minds and to and work with the ETI toward the New Paradigm.

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