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Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

The World Showdown Is Now Upon Us Bigtime

Get ready.  First you need to know and understand exactly what is happening and why.  The following video gives the clearest and most precise information to date.

I have been deeply involved in investigating this issue ever since the huge False-Flag operation of 911.

One point I wish to emphasize strongly before you watch this video — There Will Be NO Global Nuclear Holocaust, even though the criminals would (if they could) destroy all of mankind rather than answer for their years upon years of despotic criminality and lying fraud.  They well know that their arrests are now imminent.  Even the gentlemen presenting this important newscast know about the historical facts presented in the link above, but the general public, who has not looked into this issue, is completely unaware of it — and our criminal government still does not admit the existence of the presence of extraterrestrial intelligences.  That too is about to change.

So, LarouchPAC is not about to bring up that controversial issue at this critical point.  Instead, they are and have been offering creative and constructive ideas to accelerate and help solidify the vision for the rapidly emerging New Paradigm using current mainstream scientific knowledge.


Khusugtun Batzorig Chinggis khaan — Mongolian Throat Singing

Unpacking Recent Economic Moves — Gold, Cashless Currencies, Brics And More

For more information and further discussion, go to the SOURCE.

I present here the sane alternative to war, poverty and tyranny.  It is already well into development.  The fact is, for centuries the entire Transatlantic Financial System, which is centered in The City of London and Wall Street has been nothing but a huge metastacising Organized Criminal Cartel.  

It has now been fully exposed and those involved will have to face the consequences of their many deceptions, swindles, robberies, murders and tragedies and there must be  imminent mass arrests which will bring them to true justice before the people whom they have assaulted.  

This criminal take-down is for the highest good of all mankind who has been yoked, tormented and fully enslaved by the sick and perverted agendas of these thugs who have been under the employ of merciless tyranny — some willingly and some by means of threat, terror and blackmail.

The time has now come for Financial Tyranny to end forever.

The Answer Is Already Here

The Universe Calls for the Readjustment of Our Intention

Flowering Life

Let us now become the loving caregivers of our Mother Earth and all her children.

This is to acknowlege our life’s purpose, happiness and fulfillment. This Core purpose and delight, which can be found even at the quantum and sub-quantum levels of space and time, is of an energetic quality and organic complicity which cannot be duplicated. It is the very thrust and purpose of the Universe. 

To align our highly limited bio-forms with this fundamental activation is not only joy beyond words but opens ones gills to the super-oxygenated flow of Living Water.

For the human bioforms who are presently here on this matrix of coordinates, this refocus of intention and motivation represents an entirely new way of thinking completely outside the present traditional social consensus reality.  And, what is even more astounding, such a refocus of our basic intention brings about an interface which is an entirely new way of preceiving and it is both non-local and simultaneous.

As it turns out, telepathy is not nearly as strange as we always assumed it to be — or it may be much stranger than we ever imagined.  It depends entirely upon our perspective.

We are completely interconnected beings who are suddenly and unexpectedly awakening to that fact. This represents nothing less than the shattering of our entire old world view.

And, of course, it even makes perfect logical sense to hold the highest respect for the entire Web of Life (and its process)  and to do whatever one can do to encourage and bless it.

And when these matters are seriously contemplated, ones very inner biological  processes present the inquirer with one huge affirmation after another.

It has now become obvious.

Human beings living on planet earth have now reached a point in their development which requires a totally different environment for their continued survival, happiness and progress.

Totalitarian Control cannot produce any such thing.

False science and dogmatic religions cannot do it either.  Both have proven themselves to be totally impotent and counterproductive.  They have actively contributed to our civilizations self-destructive behaviors.

A refocusing of ones most basic intention is now called for — and nothing less than this will do.

We are very fortunate in that some  have already known for a long time that, not only are we not alone in the Universe, but have been in regular contact with extraterrestrial intelligence of many varieties from our very conception and all the way on through our known and unknown histories.

The time has now come for this to become well known to us.

The ETs themselves have been carrying forth a disclosure movement now for many decades. Human beings discovered at the peak of their dark ignorance (and their suicidal reductionistic thinking) how to forcibly obliterate an atom in order to release vast amounts of destructive energy for the stated  immoral intention of murdering their fellow human beings.  

They did so to empower a few very wealthy raving psychotic bullies who were on their way to exercise political manipulation and totalitarian power over the lives of their fellow  human beings which, in their arrogance, they considered to be “subhuman” — while at the same time committing violent exploitation and brutal rape against our Mother Earth through the mindless Corporate clenched fist of I, Me, Mine self-gratification and the gradual systemic poisoning of all life on our Mother Earth.

It’s easy to point the finger of blame, but the fact still remains — in our dulled and hypnotized state of sleep we fully allowed this situation to perpetuate itself — but the natural fruit of its outcome was really obvious from the very beginning.  There was little attention paid to those who tried to sound the warning.

It is now becoming very clear to many that this mode of behavior will end forever — one way or the other.

The Government perspective on the UFO/ETI issue is now becoming known.  It has become obvious that the extraterrestrial beings do not look upon our government authority figures any differently than they look upon any other human being.

The off world beings are able to see the genuine intent of any individual human heart.  There are no more secrets. This is a nightmare of terror to those with something to hide.

And,  there are those who fear revenge after having led childishly selfish lifestyles which have been far less than genuine before the people — who they had sworn to serve, but instead deceived.

These criminals need to be behind bars because they are far too dangerous to be allowed to continue their destruction of the planet and their wanton murder of  life through their ignorance and utter stupidity.

This situation is now about to end forever.

It is happening right now.  Fear not — it is the end of tyranny.

The ETs now interacting with earthlings are present among us to gradually educate us and prepare us for new concepts which must be incrementally accessed in order for us to have any understanding of them. This is all about preparing us as we become Galactic Citizens who are more fully cognizant of our responsibilities and our innermost purpose for participating in this specific incarnation.

Since the new concepts are often so far outside the rapidly evolving social consensus realities — they have been presented to us through various media as fictions and speculations as well as controversial stories.

Thus, there now exists on planet earth a human culture where over half of the population believes fully in the possibility of advanced intelligent extraterrestrial visitors contacting and interacting with earthlings. And this is not only because of what earth societies have been told, or gleaned from ancient myths or popularize thought memes, but also from thousands of years of direct interfacing experiences between earth humans and extraterrestrial biominds who exist on many different levels.

The extraterrestrial visitors are not only extraterrestrial, but are trans-dimensional as well.

Right at this moment, we are on the cusp of the greatest event in human history.  It is the Apocalypse, the Revelation — and central to it is the understanding that the peoples of our world have already been interacting with off-world entities for millenia.

Why are people of other worlds interested in earthlings becoming Galactic Citizens and this planet becoming a fledgling space-faring civilization?

As interconnected links in the vast web of life we are you… and you are us. You assign evolution to linear time because you have not yet learned that time does not exist in the limited way you have assumed.